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I lined this a few days ago but was too lazy to shade it so I slapped some textures and colours w/no shading on and called it a I'm just.Starting to get really insecure about my art again.I really want to improve.I admire people who can really keep a consistent posting schedule and consistent looking profile,but to me to this day,these are really hard to do.I do not come up with drawing ideas quickly. I am slow,always at loss what to draw,and don't know what direction I want to take my art.Is this artstyle really worthwhile? Does it represent what I really want? There are a lot of stuff I could learn but where do I start? Art is just a hard journey and it is amplified by social media's need to be consistent otherwise you're pushed below the algorithm.I know popularity doesn't matter but..sometimes it *is* lowkey a proof whether I've improved or not if more and more people start liking my stuff.I don't usually rant like this but is hard..and I'm really just unsatisfied.And sometimes ranting like this makes me feel better...
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I seriously look up to your techniques, hoshi !!

You're doing great work -- whatever feels natural I think is what you should strive for n_n

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Great job, I love it! <3

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Very beautiful you did it amazing job

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Hoshi, I think your followers have already made it clear here just how much your art impacts those who are lucky enough to see it. Your artstyle constantly has enthralled and captivated everyone. Doubts are normal to go through and you aren't alone in them! Just realize that your style and your art -is- worth something very much, but if you decide you want to change for one reason or another, you have everyone's support behind you. Be who you want to be, and you will be alright!

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I mean, first off this looks really pretty, even without the shading! I think the way you use textures has always been great, and it really helps your art stand out.

As for your comments, I mean, obviously I love your art right now, but I totally get feeling like it's not where you want it to be. I can't really say how to fix that, but maybe it means now's a good time to try different things. Play around with artstyles, find new techniques, do some studies with color or form or settings, all that kinda stuff. I doubt I'm really saying anything new with that, but still, I hope you can get to a good place with your art ^^

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To me your art style is awesome and beautiful! I immediately recognize your work, cause it's so unique and lovely! Even if you might take some time, I love your concepts. I think, quality is better then quantity.

Some artists seem like robots, producing art each day, but I think this has not to be the main goal. Art should make happy, the ones who look at it, but also the artist who creates it!

If you wanna learn or improve certain things, you could start making a list with them, sorting in order what you think would be most important for your own growth and then... just try! I know, this is the hardest part, being stuck, but... don't give up :3 Not every piece you make needs to be fleshed out or perfect or posted online, just draw something and if it looks bad, draw something else :3

(I am also super slow and sometimes think, I'm stuck, but I think it's ok to have your own pace! ^^)

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I love that! so pretty

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I'm really in the same situation as you. I don't have time to post consistently and I keep feeling insecure that my art is and will never be good enough. But the one thing I keep telling myself is that: no matter how you look at it, you're always improving, even if the change isn't noticeable. I've looked at my old art many times and saw how much I've gotten better over the year. My artstyle is still very inconsistent, but I'm slowly working on it. If I don't have time to make a finished piece, I do sketches of the concepts I have in my mind. This might not work for you, but it's help me keep my motivation.

And your art's always been stunning to me. I love the textures, the stars and galaxy theme and the space-related concepts. Your art has a very aesthetic vibe to it, which is very beautiful to me.

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Hullo Hoshi!! Not gonna lie, sometimes I feel exactly like you do; I’m very slow with my art (I post rarely every 2 weeks) and sometimes I question A LOT about my style- and of course, sometimes I feel like I haven’t improved at all.

But I am certain to say that when I found you and your art, you inspired me to try the whole new world of using textures in art, and trying on new linearts, sharing styles and layer modes. Most of my improvement over the 2 past years has been very linked to you; I absolutely love the way you colour, detail and shade. Even simple works like this one are super pretty and soothing; sometimes simplicity is more beautiful than details!

Every artist goes through these phases, and trust me, it sucks :’D but I believe in you!! Your art is amazing, really <3

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I found your art through a commission piece of yours on th and I'm really glad i did. Your art is astounding and I do hope to be able to own a piece by you one day. Being an artist comes with a good bit of occupational hazzards but i hope that you can remember and find back the passion that you had when you first started drawing.

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hi, i've always watch your youtube speedpaint and i just want to say that your speedpaints helped me alot! i find it relaxing to watch, and i could learn 1 or 2 thing, andd whenever im out of inspiration/ stuck, your arts give me inspiration. kudos

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Amazing atmosphere

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If it helps I admire your art very much, the soft aesthetic makes me happy whenever I see it, and I have comms I want to get from you eventually. Just keep at it, you'll find something you love about your art eventually <3

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