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I lined this a few days ago but was too lazy to shade it so I slapped some textures and colours w/no shading on and called it a day..man I'm just.Starting to get really insecure about my art again.I really want to improve.I admire people who can really keep a consistent posting schedule and consistent looking profile,but to me to this day,these are really hard to do.I do not come up with drawing ideas quickly. I am slow,always at loss what to draw,and don't know what direction I want to take my art.Is this artstyle really worthwhile? Does it represent what I really want? There are a lot of stuff I could learn but where do I start? Art is just a hard journey and it is amplified by social media's need to be consistent otherwise you're pushed below the algorithm.I know popularity doesn't matter but..sometimes it *is* lowkey a proof whether I've improved or not if more and more people start liking my stuff.I don't usually rant like this but man..it is hard..and I'm really just unsatisfied.And sometimes ranting like this makes me feel better...
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I seriously look up to your techniques, hoshi !!

You're doing great work -- whatever feels natural I think is what you should strive for n_n