RWBY - Weiss Maid~

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loyalRelicdusterNew Deviant

I like how she's the only one who's not about to tip over her plate. So gracefull.

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Dimitri100Hobbyist General Artist

I liked Weiss more when she was flat lol

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rnko26Hobbyist General Artist
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i want some weiss cream XD 
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cute maid. I assume she is about to serve Ruby hehe
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*Sees Weiss holding a plate of cookies*

Weiss? Did you lose a bet to Ruby?
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AgentNumbuh227Hobbyist General Artist
Weiss does look lovely in that maid outfit.
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I have to say, Wiess looks cute as a maid.
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Great, now I'm hungry for cookies and tea.
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EnriksD8Hobbyist Writer
Ah, good, it appears that it's tea time. Thank you, Miss Schnee.
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Thank you for the tea, Weiss my dear.
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Weiss looks incredible! So beautiful!
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Mr-AstoundingHobbyist Writer
Weiss: Ugh, why am I doing this again?
Blake: You lost that bet you had with Ruby, remember?
Weiss: (groans) Oh yeah: I STILL can't believe she managed to finish that obstacle course blindfolded: I've seen full grown adults struggle with it WITHOUT being blinded. (gives Ruby her cookies) Seriously, how did you do that?
Ruby: (sternly) Weiss...
Weiss (sighs as she remembers the terms of the bet): (adopts a fake accent) Here is your tea and cookies, madame, and excellent job with the obstacle course earlier, though I DO find myself curious as to how you were able to get through it with such ease: it is my understanding that it is quite challenging to huntresses TWICE your age...and that is without the limitations you placed on yourself today.
Yang: Oh, that's easy: she just ROSE to the occasion.
Ruby: (sing-song voice) Yaaang... (holds out a jar; Yang just sighs as she puts some lien in said jar)
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Hah pun jar that’s hilarious

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Mr-AstoundingHobbyist Writer
:) thanks
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Yaaaaay it’s here!
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I think I know who those cookies are for! ;)
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I could stare at her all day

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Cloud-DreamHobbyist Digital Artist
<3 Oh my I would love for her to serve me <3
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Hello Weiss!
Pyrrah's still better but Weiss is beautiful. I wanna tip her...with 21%
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