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By hoschie
I don't like eclipse and use the "old deviantart" I stop my payments for the core membership because deviantart will deactivate the old one and 79% of my watchers using the old da:

I missed the old FrontPage System (10 Years ago) so much and when Deviantart will deactivate the old da. I will think about leaving da ;-(

I cant find any sub category like Photo>>nature>>animal>>domesticated animal + and no combination with "most popular" in  8h ; 24h ; 3 days ;  1 week ; 1 month ; 1 year ; alltimes...)
I hate surfing by Hashtags This is deviantart not AdobeStock, Flickr or Instagram :-( !
Deviantart moves more and more from an Internet-side for deviant-artist to an "find" Inspirations side for uncreative artist or artthiefs... It goes to a big stock library for artthiefs....
Not a place to find other artist they work in the same field as you.....

So I will participate to the Sound of Silence movement.

The Sound Of Silence - DA StatementSo Eclipse is Coming

I'd like to organize a proactive event to show DA the possible results of a permanent Eclipse change-over. Instead of deactivating your accounts for good, or indefinitely boycotting the site, I'd like to make a Statement of Silence for those Users against Eclipse. Starting May 1st, I will not be active on Deviantart. I will not submit new deviations, journals or even visit the site for 3 Days time. From 12:00AM CST May 1st to 12:00am May 4th. (3 days) I ask all other Users who wish to keep old Deviantart to join me in this statement of silence. 
Not Only Is Eclipse Difficult to Navigate, It is so close to Plagiarism it isnt funny. How they aren't in a Lawsuit with Artstation is beyond me!
Look at these site comparisons!


There is also a petition going on :…

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Ich bin Ruhr-Pott-ler gnau wie du!

Ich komme aus Duis,

und Ober Hausen ist ein prima Nachbarstädtchen.

Ich bin begeistert von dem Amtsgericht und Park davor.

Ich liebe die Gegend wo Rück ist,

Verbindung nach Bottrop.

Den Hammer finde ich Sterkrade wie Schmachtendorp,

ich liebe es ländlich zurückgezogen.

Auch da von Möbl Boss,

finde ich es schön und laufe von Neumühl 30Min rüber.

Zu deinem Problem:

Nimm nicht allzuernst die Spielchen der Firmen.

Vergleich das Cemntro früher mit dem Centro heute.

Echt grauenhaft:

In Centro waren so süße Geschäfte seid Beginn der 90er.


Ein Mekka für Schlampen,

ich als Mädchen möchte Sa mittags dort nicht hin,

90% nur noch Mode und Aussehen.

Du kannst das schöne 90er Centro vergleichen mit Dev Classic,

(was ich vermiße,

vor dem 20.Mai),

vergleichen mit dem langeweiligen neuen Centro(90%Mode),

wie Deviantart Eclipse.

Noch geiler:

Die alten Gimpversionen hatten die Möglichkeit,

Knöpfe und Logos zu erstellen.

Was machten die unverschämten Arschlöcher!?

Erstellten ne neue Version von Gimp 2.10,

nahmen die Möglichkeit weg,

Logos/Knöpfe zu erstellen,

hatten dafür aber ein armseeliges Darkdesign.

Ich hab das Darkdesign lieber,

möchte aber nicht auf die Logos verzichten.

Dieser Wechsel ist blöder,

als das was Deviantart Eclipse macht.

Zum Thema Eclipse:

Das hasst wohl jeder,

mich eingeschlossen.

Was mich vorallemdingen abfact,

ist die nervige Gallerieschlange,

wer zum Teufel hat diese Leute darum gebeten!?

Scraps zählen nicht mehr vom System als Art,

der Scrapordner ist am Ende der Gallerieschlange.

Die Kategorien wurden auseinandergerissen als Tag-Ziegelsteine,

das nervt dich am meisten.

Mich hat eher genervt,

dass ich zu diesen Kategorien gezwungen wurde,

und die Kategorien auch unvollständig in Classic waren.

Mit Drohungen und Erpressung Core nicht mehr zu zahlen,

erreichst du/andere gar nichts.

blöd waren schon zu Classiczeiten die Journalskins,

denn die Css Codes habe ich nie wirklich verstanden,

statt uns das zu erklären,

haben die es einfach enfernt.

jahrelang warte ich vergebens auf verschiedene Sternfarben

bei den Notes,

oder dass man Notes in Folder kopieren kann.

gut finde ich,

dass die Ordner in der Gallerie nun horizontal statt vertikal sind.

ich hatte nen beschissenen Sonntag,

der mich ganze Nerven gekostet hat.

Machst du Ordner(A-Z),

fange nie mit A an,

denn dann ist Z oben und A ganz unten(160 hast du zur Wahl),

Ich musste die 160 Ordner runterschieben,

das hat den ganzen Sonntag gedauert und mich zur Weißglut gebracht!

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Are there other art sites where people can upload stuff (and keep their creative commons)?
Eclipse is confusing. When they'll stop the old version I might leave DA.
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Totally with you on this. I signed in a few days ago and was automatically put on Eclipse, which I hadn’t experienced before. Hadn’t a clue what I was doing: couldn’t find anything and initially couldn’t find a way back to the dA I know. If dA refuse to listen to our pleas and delete the present version, I will be leaving. I am too old for new tricks! 😢
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There is a way to search by time. Go to the Eclipse search, enter in what you're looking for, then click to bring up those images.

Then click on the tab that says "deviations" where you'll see a drop down arrow that gives you the option to sort by time.

It is a convoluted process but it works.
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Searching by keywords is not the same as searching by category's. 
How to find >>photos>nature>animals>domesticated animals ?
Searching for "domesticated animal" bring sketches, paintings, Photos, 3D work....
Searching for most popular 1 month and the first picture in the list has 0 Favs. Sorry that is not the most popular picture of domesticated animals in the last month.
This system is useless !!!

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I see what you are saying. It also may help to put hashtags before your search terms.

There is also a category tree someone made which may be helpful in figuring out the specific search terms to use:

DeviantArt Entire Classic Category Tree April 2020 by piggies-go-moo

For example the main Category is called "Photography" not "photos".
Change does not always = progress. This is yet another sad example of a service provider fixing something which is not broken, and thus breaking it. 
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It missed the old deviantart (10 years ago) so much ;-(
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I don't think they care that their revenue is about to be cut in 1/2 !
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The german Photo side make the same, some years ago. They removed the category system und works only with hashtags.
They lost half of their old paying users. They bring the category's back, but the old users doesn't come back. Now they using Facebook and Instagram and most of the old time, writing and supporting alltime members gone...
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I don't understand why they don't "ask" the paying users what they want! 
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I think they found a new Software to make the administration of the side more easy and it is one of the first steps to make deviantart to a "Stock - content" side and sell, the complete system.
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Will there be other places to follow you on? I know a lot of people are moving to twitter
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I have accounts on Instagram and Facebook too. I think an artforum is a better place for us as a social media platforms like twitter, Instagram and facebook...
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any recommendation you would suggest for pages to follow you on?  or any places where you would reccoment for other to submit stuff on?
I get irked by the idea of instagram require a phone to submit picture as oppose also using it just on pc
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I search a new artisthome since deviantart change the forontpage system (12-10) years ago and bring the new stupid "Fair/popular" system (some years ago).
Instagram is the wrong place for artist. You can use it as profile for actual works, not more. 500Pixel is fine for photographers and arstation is great for Illustrators and 3D artists.
I don't know a place for creative photographers who edit their works ....

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If you don't edit A LOT (as in heavy manips), 500px is a good place for your pics, even if sometimes they admit also some manip, I saw a contest lately that it was mostly surreal manips. :)

Judging by your gallery, your pics totally would fit 500px (and, I would follow you there too :D ).
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well I'm pretty basic sort of person with my works, nothing entirely fancy, just things that seem pretty
if you ever do find some other, please send a note my way with infor or drop a message etc and exchange and email in a private message
I just hope you continue doing what you do and use it to it's full potential!
there is currently a group up on dA expressing how they plan to make a new art site, intially I got confused by it thinking they were working alongside dA but I was (thankfully) mistaken I am hoping they will do something brilliantly
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Agree, will do the same - off with the old site. 
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I don't understand this step, most of the users using the old da and the da team will kill it...
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