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At the moment I work on my photo-archive on my Hard-disk ant try to sort hundreds of thousands pictures....
It is interesting to see all my old Photos and remind me on my starting time on deviantart.
My first cat pictures where realy bad and I was happy when I has one god picture (sharp) on 100 shots at my beginning :-)

So I work on the old picture descriptions on deviantart, too (change some pictures...)
Some of my watchers see the old pictures in their news, sorry for that.
For all Interested people I create this Journal Entry to collect all my pictures of little Sheila.
She and her brother Alex were the first little kitten growing in front of my camera :-)
And she is the kitty in my Journal header :-)

All pictures of Sheila:

Sheila in the cat-house by hoschie       I will eat you by hoschie      HELP...She trys to eat me.... by hoschie
Sheila on the side by hoschie      Kawaiii by hoschie     Sheila in the sky by hoschie   Little Sheilas first handbag by hoschie
Meow by hoschie    Kawaiiii...    again by hoschie  Sheila by hoschie   smiling cat by hoschie

Sheila on the side by hoschie Wallpaper cat and kitty by hoschie

Name: Sheila
Gender: girl
Location: Cat house of an cad aid organisation
Status: found a new home


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Sheila was the one that "introduced" me to your works ...
... and this was the pic that did it all those years ago ...
smiling cat by hoschie
... and it still makes me smile every time I re-visit! ^^