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So, I think it is time for a FAQ. I plan to do this for a longer time but I think it is hard to make a FAQ about myself, cause I´m multi-interested and do a lot of different things. So I structured my questions in different sections, so you can choose what do you want to know =D If you want to know things about me beyond this FAQ feel free to ask!

About myself

Who are you?
I'm not completely sure about that :rofl: I'm a developing person, so I define myself new with every day...

What is you profession?
At the moment I wok as a realtime designer for big shows ( work with Ventuz, coolux, multitoch, holotouch, touchless interfaces, radartouch, projections (2d and 3d))
Before this! I have worked as full-time tutor/Teacher for years on a institute for film and TV but I also worked in different productions and I hope to get a job in this section again.

What is your department?
I am not completely specialised. I'm able to do nearly everything in media production/post production and that in a very good quality, that is both a blessing and a curse. Most people do not believe that you can be able to do so many things with quality. The good point is that you are able to combine things noone ever thought about. My biggest „quality“ is that I love learning. I really enjoy to develope my skills. The day I'll quit learning is the day when I get my last suit :giggle: But sometimes it is really hard when hobby and job mixes (the neverending battle between the „fun“ hand the „must“ part)

What are your hobbies?
Deviantart-comment-answering ;-)
I love to take pictures, no matter if the motive is a great landscape, a kitten, felt cakes or a unique cyber-girl ( I like expressive styles like cyber, gothic, visual kei, cosplay or just unique people). Painting and scribbling(my phone scribbles are epic :rofl:). Listen to audio-books and radio-stories (mostly while painting). I also like to dance (with my girlfriend, especially to gothic music ;-))
Beginning sports and diets (together with my girlfriend, we are masters in beginning a good diet and sport programms, but we tend to be a LITTLE lazy in the end :rofl:)

What is your favourite song?
My taste of music is unique! Most people tend to say that I even do not have a taste in music :giggle: It depends on the mood I am in. I like music of the 80th, especially Madonna. I like gothic music, some classic music, electronic music, heavy metall, punk,  the Spongebob FUN song...
I think it is easier to discribe what I do NOT like: Country and western, grunge, britpop, traditional german music (in German we call it „Volksmusik und Schlager“ :puke:), retro-jazz/swing style like Roger Cicero,

The song which always makes me happy is: Herb Alpers – Tijuana Taxi, that is my „happyhappyjoyjoy“ song ;-)

What brings you to deviantart
In 2006 I left a german photo-forum and search a new place for my work...  So I found deviantart. I saw the fantastic work from Suzi9mm, bitchinblack, DoSis, Girltripped, NatalieShau, wazabees and much more and must be a user of this community :-)

About my work:

Did you take all those pictures on your account?
Yes :nod: As you can see I am multi-interested in everything. I love photography and I also love to paint (digital and traditional). And my obsession is CGI and 3D.

Which camera and objective do you use?
I take my photos with a digital SLR: A Canon Eos 350D (In USA known as EOS Digital Rebel XT, in Japan EOS Kiss Digital N) and my camera becomes my third hand :giggle: I would love to have one which can take video as well but this is a future dream, cause at the moment it would be way too expensive. As objective I use the „kit“ objective (which comes with the camera) and my beloved EF50mm/1.8. The last one is able to take great pictures even with less light. I also use a VERY old hand-flash (No TTL) which I have inherited from my Dad when I am in the cat house. In my studio I use my studio flashlights, a 250WS with umbrella and a 450WS flash with a 50x50cm softbox
At the moment I work with an Canon EOS 550D

Which software do you use?
autodesk MAYA 2013, Maxon Cinema 4D Broadcast R13, Adobe aftereffects CS3 (keylight), and of course Adobe Photoshop CS2 ( I also work with Flash 8, Z-Brush, Mypaint, Gimp, Inkscape, Topmod and many more...)

Can I use your pictures?
If you want them as a template for a private drawing you can use them but that is the ONLY exception! But keep in mind that I am a VERY curious artist and you always make me happy if you let me see the result ;-) It is NOT ALLOWED to make any kind of manipulations with my work, that means no Lolcat-stuff, no captions, no glitter etc!!! Keep in mind that this is NOT A STOCK ACCOUNT. Here you can find works you can use: my stock account Please respect that. If you see that my work is used in this way or was posted on other sites please tell me. I really try to protect my work, even if it is a neverending story...

I love your wallpapers and would like to share them. Is it OK to upload them on wallpaper sites?
NO! The wallpapers are just for private use ONLY! Wallpaper-collecting internet sites earn money with those sites and I do not see a sense if other people earn money with my work ;-) They can ask to buy them so I can buy catfood ;-)
And here too: If you see that my work is used on other sites send me a link, that would be very kind!


How many cats do you have?
Sadly I have no cats. I had cats when I was younger and it was beautiful. I would love to have one but my flat is very small and I often have days when I´m not home and I think under these conditions it would not be fair for the cat. So you could say that I love cats too much to have one at the moment ;-)

So if you do not have cats how can you make cat-pictures?
My girlfriend work for a cat-aid organisation. That organisation owns a cat-shelter were unwanted and abandoned cats live till they find a new family. At this cat-shelter I find most of my cute models and believe me it is very hard not to steal them ;-) It is a completely win-win situation because I have practice and purring-energy and in return the cat-organisation can use the pictures on their website where they present their home-searching cats. Sometimes it happens that people HAVE TO adopt a cat just because of one of my pictures :happycry: That is the biggest honour for me when people see my picture and SO much in love that they need to adopt the cat, the most wonderful feeling!
But I take cat-pictures (and dog pictures) at my friends places too (like Shirley or Sir Percy).

OK, but you´re a full grown big manly men, so why do you take cat-pictures instead of hmmm manly stuff like cars?
Hmmm, hard question. Cars do not purr :giggle: No serious: My whole life I dreamed of a digital reflex camera and then one day they became cheap enough for me. So I decided to buy one and when I hold the cam in my hand I had the problem what to do with it :?  My girlfriend hates to be my model and one day she mentioned, that the cats at the shelter would be thankful models and so the whole story began =D But as you can see in my profile, I do not take only cat-pictures ;-)

Do you have any tips and tricks for me how I could take good cat pictures?
First my biggest trick is: I never work alone. My girlfriend entertains the cats while I take the pictures. This way it is way easier then doing it just by myself. For the technical aspect I made a tutorial about that some time ago if you are interested take a look here: hoschie.deviantart.com/gallery…

What do you like most of your own cat-pictures?
I really like that my pictures are pictures of ordinary house-cats.. I´m proud of my work, cause my models were very often traumatized, scared, fearful, shy, abandoned and unwanted. But this aspect is not visible on my pictures. Taking pictures of a cat is not just an action, it is more a development. I describe a typical situation: I went to the shelter, mostly late at night when no one else is there and I enter the room were the cat lives. (Every cat has its own room!) I introduce myself to the cat by letting the kitty sniff on my hands and my camera. When the cat is too fearful I try to play with him/her what is a good way to get the cats attention. Or I try to bribe him/her with food (surprisingly not as effective as playing...) and later I pet him/her till there is no fear anymore. Then I start taking pictures not sooner. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes it is pretty fast but nevertheless it is always something special to me. And under these conditions I feel proud about how my pictures comes out and it makes me even more proud, that so many people out there like my work :hug:

Some information about the green ears Number in ears ?
Every cat which come to the cat shelter get neutered, immunized, got something against parasites, chipped and TATTOOED. Thats why they have green ears when they come from the vet. The tattoo is a registration option like a chip but it is more obvious. They get a individual number in their ears and that number is registered on an organisation called TASSO. If you find a cat on the street the tattoo is a first hint that the cat may have an owner. You can call TASSO and they can find the owner very soon. Or your cat got lost and maybe had an accident and died on the vet they can give you this sad information too.
The tattoo-paste will vanish in a view days and only the number will be apparent. All in all its a good thing even if it looks strange on the first sight ;-)

So enough of cats (strange to say that, cause I never have enough of them ;-))

Another important aspect of my work is 4 inches long, has a weight of 42g and belongs to the species of hamSTARS:

Herr Hildezart

Where does this strange name comes from?
It is really a strange name but it gives him a great personality =D When we got Herr Hildezart he was not tamed and a very mean little guy. He bit everytime and hissed too (I've never thought that hamsters were able to make noises :giggle).
My girlfriends granny is very small and very mean, too and her name is Hildegard, a very traditional german name. We thought that they have lot in common ;-) Just the fur of Herr Hildezart was softer which means „zart“ in German and so we combined both to „Hildezart“. We did not know if he was male or female but we thought „Herr Hildezart“ would have a better sound than „Frau Hildezart“

Does he have a nickname?
We prefer to call him „Hildie“ but if he annoys us or do something stupid we call him „Herr Hildezart“ ;-)

Herr Hildezart, how to heck will this name vocalize?
"Herr" sounds like "her" (He loves her)
and now it becomes complicated :giggle: Hil-de-zart: "Hil" is like the hill "de" is spoken like the DE in "DEvil" and the "z" on "zart" is spoken like a very strong spoken "C" in "Center" and art is art ;-)

How old is he?
He was born in the middle of December 2007!

What breed is he?
He is a winterwhite Dsungarian Dwarf hamster. He changed his fur from white (in winter) to grey (in summer) and this grey is calles saphire. But he stayed grey and will not change his fur anymore!

What food does he prefer?
He loves vegetables, nearly everything but his favorite is kohlrabi. He also loves all kind of sweets but he do not get them, because it is too unhealthy for this little fluffball.

my stock account

My other accounts:

TUMBLR - My sketchbook
Facebook - fanpage

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i was pretty much giggling the whole time while reading this. :lol:

and i can relate with your music taste! i have no particular favorite music genre, but i definitely don't like classical and some rap. it's easier to define what i don't like too XD i wish i could also relate with your skills, as i also like to do a lot of different things, but i don't think i'm as good as you are. i look up to your talent"s"!