Kitty, kitty..
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I know uploaded something similar long time ago but I found this picture on my fixed disc and I think it is too cute to hide =D

And I want to upload something cute for my cute-kitten fans ;-)

Kitten shootings were always something special and very exciting cause kitten love new things and are way too curious so Alex had to explore my girlfriends handbag ;-) (No kitten were stuffed in a handbag for that picture, he did it by himself :giggle:)

Some other pictures of Alex:
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All  my pictures of Alex on deviantart: Alex

Name: Alex
Gender: little boy
Location: Cat house of an cad aid organisation
Status: found a new home
PictureIndex: IMG_16_5386


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Absolutely great photography!
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FluidGirl82's avatar
Awwwwwwwww-ACK! *thud!*

(that was me dropping dead from extreme cuteness overload. My ghost is now typing this)

Just kidding. But he *is* adorable! I love kitties!
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Lupsiberg|Hobbyist General Artist
Lovely :love:
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LadyLeomon|Hobbyist Filmographer
Aw! An adorable kitty with a plushie kitty purse, cute and teeny too!
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Esraa-chan|Student General Artist
Awww how cute>w< great shot!
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Nerosus's avatar
Its like a kitty within a kitty :P
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LuckyAndMazzel's avatar
LuckyAndMazzel|Hobbyist Photographer
So cute :D. He looks like one of my kittens, but he's very cute!
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hisame1311's avatar
He's so cute! He looks just like one of the cats I use to have.
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EREX94's avatar
That's so adorable:)
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Very cute...fine work...
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purrrplcat's avatar
Very precious! I love cats and I love Hello Kitty! :kitty: :heart:
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itszMaheax3's avatar
cuuuuute . <3
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ValitaTheWolf's avatar
very very cute : )
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Damn that's cute.. xD
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One-Winged-angel-5's avatar
I just love your kitties :love:
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AnnaGiladi|Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, Kitty :D
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Sabattier| Photographer

This awesome photo has been featured in my news article - A if for Animals! :aww:

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xPika-Pika's avatar
this is so cute : )

by the way, would you mind if I uploaded a picture that I drew of the kitten in the hand bag ? :P : D
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hoschie|Professional Filmographer
It is ok to use my picture as reference for a painting. Please send me a link of your work when it is online :-)
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