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Candy with candy

Older picture from my last shooting in my atelier... I really need to take more pictures but on the other hand I have a lot of forgotten pearls ;-) 6 weeks of work from monday to monday for around 12- 17 hours :faint:

Candy, the Dog cute dog with the even cuter name belongs to the wounderful :iconlollyodiamond: She is such a lovely and well trained dog-girly :giggle:

Cake and setdesign by: :iconberryland:

Name: Candy
Location: Ollier (atelier from Oliver Pietern Hoschie) in Jun. 2010)
Status: Living together with the beautiful Lolly
Breed: Puggle a pug WITH nose for a better living :aww: (you can not breath without nose, have you ever tried it out ;-))
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And this one was featured too : [link] :aww:
MsDinoGoat's avatar
I still love this photo <3 Adorable puggle!

btw I alwso found this picture being used as a "loldog" image. just so you know: [link]
Trixie822's avatar
That is amazing. I love the background! Was that with a green background...or something else?
Drastique-Plastique's avatar
das ist mal ne Party ;-)
tenko72's avatar
This is such a sweet scene. I like the colors and all of those stripes.

I like the pugs with noses. You used to see them more, but then, the noseless ones got more and more popular. Awww!
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caaakkeee cup cake
doggy <3
imaginary getaway place
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Adorable picture!! :love:
blackxblack's avatar
awww, the set is great!
Zuboff's avatar
Coole Party und Candy ;)
KatTragique's avatar
It's so cute!
I wish I could have one of those cake plushies and actually use it as a pillow :meow:
yeaok's avatar
awe a puggle :D
Yukkabelle's avatar
Awwww ... Awwwwwwwwww ... :faint: :iconsomeredhearts:
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LollyODiamond's avatar
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah meine Candymaus!!!!!!! :D
mintymelonfox's avatar
Awww, never thought a pug with a nose would look so cute ^^
IzaPug's avatar
omgsh ;A;
that's so cute!!
midorico's avatar
Wow! Love the detail of everything! The dog is So cute!!! :heart:
TsukihanaChan's avatar
so adorable!!! gosh, decor is also amazing!
Mimi7789's avatar
Awwww.....she's cute.
Zombie-Matrix's avatar
Puggles are funny looking. In a good way. :)

This picture is very cute. Is the food actual food or is it made out of felt?
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Beautiful photo, love her outfit, cute name, looks like a birthday party
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