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By hosagu
Hello, CRPhotography members!
I'm particularly glad and honored to present to all of you
the photography category 
that will be spotlighted this month, which will be: street.
If you entered August's contest, be aware that the winners will
be announced in the middle of the month!

:heart: So... What's the theme?

  • Street, as in DeviantArt's photo category. Street Photography is about people in context, in candid, unposed, and unstaged situations in public places, with no or minimum post-processing.

  • Some examples are:

102 by sevron Wintershopping by sican Half and Half by Jinnger
Embraced in Light by Miguel-Santos Grown-ups by iNeedChemicalX Instant 94 by SUDOR 

  • Check out the group's gallery and get inspired: this gallery countains very inspiring beautiful street shots, like gems :love:

  • You can check out also these useful journals with shots, tips and features to introduce you to this category and some beautiful examples throughout excellent curated journals. You'll discover there are many Devious Artists doing great Street photography, and that it is absolutely not an elitist part of photography :) That Street photography is fun and artistic...

Origins of Street Photography and Jazz MusicStreet Photography
“A photo is a small voice, at best, but sometimes – just sometimes – one photograph or a group of them can lure our senses into awareness. Much depends upon the viewer; in some, photographs can summon enough emotion to be a catalyst to thought.” – W. Eugene Smith
The Origins
Play this while you read the article Heart
Jazz and Photography. The Street. They are one.
I am a pianist and have studied the instrument for thirteen years, learning the very foundations and all of the precise, rigid rules and techniques that Classical music demands. I have played Rachmaninov. I obtained my medal and diploma to teach music and Classic standards. But... it turns out that the thrill of a Charlie Parker's free sound, or the Thelonious Monk's inventivity, took me
  Tips and tricks for handling light and shadowsStreet Photography Week
Many street photographers use the technique of photographing people against the light to get silhouette images. I love taking silhouette photos because they are featureless and provide enough food for thought. Silhouettes are not about specific people but about human beings in general. Their solid black color brings weight, drama and emotions. Silhouettes make images look more artsy and painting-like, leaving viewers to use their imagination to complete underexposed details. It is very easy to take silhouette photos if you know couple tricks. I want to share some with you.
The general rule is to find a light background, it can be sunset, doorway, open sky or sunny wall with shadowy area in front of it (see the image below). Your object will be black-lit, photographed against light.

Use manual exposure mode on your camera. Set aperture on F/8-11 to get in focus both subject and background and meter the brightest part of your p
  An architect on streetStreet Photography Week
Hello, my name is José Calheiros, and I am an architect that really loves to take street photos.
I don't like concepts or labels on things, I really think that feelings are the most important thing when we take photos on the street or when we are in the middle of the action or even far away. After that I think composition is very important. My architect genes come out and speak to me saying so, so let's see what I can tell you
I only take one photo of the subject, because that is, for me, the right moment and not the moment after. If the photo is wrong I delete and move away, I was not able to catch it.
When I am ready to go out and take photos, what do I do first?
What i do?
I first choose a lens. Usually I have my 24/70 mm (2.8) but when I travel I also use my 14/24mm (2.8)
My destination is unknown if I am in Lisbon I just go. If I am in a new city, I do my homework and study the best places to take photos (and for sure have the touristic/architec
  Cliche's in Street PhotographyStreet Photography Week
Street photography isn't about judgement, it is about visual impact. There is a tendency among some viewers to make hasty cliché presumptions about Street photography.  Most of the major painters copied others at the early stages of their careers. Photographers photographing clichés is just a natural step in their development. Sometimes even the photographers do not know if their shot resembles another one. The journal "Similitude Street" is a perfect example where two different photographers' photos resemble each other in a very close way.
Clichés are not necessarily bad. It's the emotional element that turns mere cliches into works that are relevant and emotionally resonant.
It's this emotional aspect that breathes life into all work, cinematic, photographic, or what have you, no matter how many times they have been visited in the past.
The great themes in life never go out of fashion, after all. While our en
The Masters: S. Leiter and A.Fellig (Weegee) Street Photography
What is Street Photography?
There are so many things that Leiter and Fellig, two great photographers, have taught us. They are two photographers who are the antipodes and perhaps not even street photographers. I don’t think street photography can be taught, and I guess that the best way is to follow your own instincts. But certainly by looking at the images of these two great photographers you can reflect and learn ways to get to know yourself . The most important thing is for your work to have its own personality and never let yourself be influenced by styles, fads and definitions.
Here we have two opposite characters: one who seeks the beauty and not seeking success while the other wants to describe the crudity of reality and said that he was the best (with some irony).
(thanks a lot to Eric Kim ).
  Contemporary street photographers: Lukas VasilikosStreet Photography Week
“I became a photographer because it’s the easiest way for me to tell things about myself. My view of coming into this world, living and eventually dying.” - Lukas Vasilikos
“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life,”  said Picasso. But what is art, what is reality, and what is the relationship between them? Does art help us to escape reality or force us to face it? I think it does both.  Moreover art and reality could be interchangeable, mixed into sharp slices of everyday life.  We can see it in the works of one the most interesting and original contemporary street photographers, Lukas Vasilikos.  His images are visual proof that the world is a theater and men and women are merely actors playing their roles. 

“The street is a field with endless possibilities, where surprises always hide behind the next corner. When
  Emerging Talents in Street Photography - DA ArtistStreet Photography
The street photographs on DA
I hereby on DeviantArt enjoy watching many different street photography Artists. Some of them are total street photographers, dedicating their passion to it... And others are doing street but not only.
I find interesting that there are many styles emphasized through their shots, showing eventually as alreaday seen during the week that Street Photography is not that narrow and can be very eclectic, in its own representation and definition...
So who are they?
I recommend to watch and give love to all of these artists... Heart
  Streetside Stories: Life ImpromptuGone with the Whimby - Jinnger
Nine Chairs
by - IFedorovskaya

Instant 3599photo by - Nils Labadie | presented by - SUDOR
Untitled by - Fruity-Nut-Bats
Two Citizensby - PatrickMonnier
Mutantby - Jinnger
Taken measureby - EyeDance

:heart: How to enter?

  • Please make sure that the photograph you submit to the contest is uploaded to DeviantArt in August 2015.

  • We would appreciate it if you mention in the artist's comments that it is an entry for the CRPhotography contest!

  • DEADLINE is: Wednesday 30th September at 11 am PST (7pm GMT). Then the admins of the group will judge the entries and we'll let you know who the winners are with another journal entry in the following month.

:heart: What are the prizes?

There will be three winners, and each of them will receive a 3 month Core Membership!

:heart: Spread the word!

If you can contribute to the prizes we'll truly appreciate it! You can help by offering features, points, llamas...
Help us spread the word: Fav this article, share it with your friends... The more the better!
And don't hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or problems submitting your entry! :hug:

Enjoy and have fun! Share with us your love for Street Photography!

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Does the photo to enter /Have/ to be recent? 
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Hey there :heart: recent is awesome. Contest is made for shots dedicated to it :)
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Wouldn't say so... :)
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Thank you Houman !
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Hey Monsieur, plaisir! And hope you'll be in ;)
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How is it that the photo has to be on DA in August already??? Then nobody can enter, cause this journal was only published today...
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Hey there, from september of course... Thanks for kindly noticing :)
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