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Hello, CRPhotography members!

I'm on fire!

I'm as always very proud and glad by pursuing in 2016 to present to all of you
the photography category 
that will be spotlighted during the month, and for this second month of 2016, which will be: 

If you entered January's contest, be aware that the winners will be
announced in the middle of February!
(and thx all for your massive participation! :squee:)

Heart So... What's the theme?

  • Darkroom, as in DeviantArt's photo category. While most photography galleries on dA have pieces that are judged based on the merit of the technical aspects in-camera, darkroom invariably takes it a step further and considers how it looks as a finished unit - a slide, a print - and as such, submitting to darkroom is like saying "this is my work as it should be viewed in real life". By putting work in the darkroom gallery, you're making the statement to viewers that the way you processed the photo is as important as the subject, in terms of making the shot express itself in a specific way. (isthisthingstillon delivered me this wonderful definition :heart:)
  • The different categories you can apply for in this contest for this category are:
    Bullet; BlueDigital: which includes digital overlays, HDR and other processes,
                    Bullet; BlueTraditional: which includes alternative process, intant film and traditional processes.
  • Some examples are:
Crystal by Lilyas Amor Fati by JaimeIbarra Bridge Over Troubled Water by werol
:: Rainbow drops' :: by Liek last leaves of the fall by Writto Solitaire by EvilxElf
untitled portrait by equivoque Freedom is Slavery by nickdul Laria by orjatar-321

  • Check out the group's gallery and get inspired: this gallery countains very inspiring beautiful street shots, like gems Love

  • You can check out also these useful journals with shots, tips and features to introduce you to this category and some beautiful examples throughout excellent curated journals. 
Film Photography and DarkroomF I L M . P H O T O G R A P H Y
The first photograph was an image produced in 1826 by Nicéphore Niépce on a
polished pewter plate covered with a petroleum derivative called bitumen of Judea.
Produced with a camera, this image required an eight-hour exposure in bright sunshine. Niépce later switched from pewter to copper plates and from bitumen to silver chloride. French painter Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre continued Niépce’s pioneering work and in 1839, after Niépce's death, announced an improved version of the process, which he called the daguerreotype.
Early photography in the form of daguerreotypes did not use film at all. Eastman Kodak developed the first flexible photographic film in 1885, which was coated on paper and the first transparent plastic film was produced in 1889. The first photographic film was made from highly flammable nitrocellulose with camphor as a plasticizer (celluloid). Beginning in the 1920s, nitrate film was
  Must-Haves For The Photoshop Digital DarkroomDisclaimer
This article is designed for the person who knows enough about photography to take decent pictures without a manual in hand. A basic knowledge of film processing techniques and Photoshop may be helpful.
Digital darkroom photography, as defined by dA, is the approximation of film and darkroom techniques in digital photography using filters, textures, actions, and other resources, either user-made or stock. By definition, this category includes images composed of only one photo (with the exception of textures); any image containing elements of two or more photos are photomanipulations.
More practically, digital darkroom, in its strictest sense, is doing to a digital photo what could be done to it in a traditional darkroom.
Remember, if you use any stock resources in your digital darkroom work - be it actions, textures, brushes, anything at all - follow the stock providers' rules, and be sure to credit them in your artist's comments
  Lightroom/Darkroom: DreamcatcherAn Interview with Photographer Bruno Mercier
If you should chance upon the superlative photography of Pixydream while browsing deviantART, you will immediately recognize it as his own if you are even a bit familiar with his work, for this deviant is imbued with artistic individuality and a singular vision that cannot be mistaken for someone else's.  What's even more remarkable is that, within his recognizable style, he manages to provide enough variety to keep us entertained again and again with his photography.
Offline Pixydream is Bruno Mercier.  He resides in Normandy, France where he lives on the seaside, a place he describes as "a daily pleasure" for his eyes.  He is not a native, however, to his current residence but was born 45 years ago in Versailles.  At the age of 12 he already knew that he wanted to pursue the life of an artist, and good fortune was his.  He was able to begin studying art with
  Welcome to the Darkrooms: Digital and TraditionaThe Need for Change
Creating and maintaining categories that meet the needs of audience and artists alike is always a challenge.  Photography, as it has been since its inception, is constantly changing, as its tools and methods evolve.  The introduction of the digital production and storage of images radically altered the implementation of photography forever, and while we do not encourage the general division of photography into traditional and digital, it is important to create spaces where photographers feel comfortable posting their work.  One way that we can address the needs of the photography community is to divide the darkroom into two subcategories, digital darkroom and traditional darkroom.  Since this popular umbrella category is defined by process rather than content, it does, in this instance, make sense to distinguish between the digital and analog tools that achieve the intended results.  In fa

Heart How to enter?

  • As this is a Darkroom photography contest, your submission should be located in one of DA's Darkroom galleries.

  • Please make sure that the photograph you submit was specifically taken for the contest in February and is uploaded to DeviantArt in FEBRUARY 2016 (too :) (Smile)).

  • We would appreciate it if you mention in the artist's comments that it is an entry for the CRPhotography contest!

  • DEADLINE is: Monday 29th February at 11:59 am PST. Then the admins of the group will judge the entries and we'll let you know who the winners are with another journal entry in the following month.

Heart What are the prizes?

There will be three winners, and each of them will receive a 3 month Core Membership!

Heart Spread the word!

If you can contribute to the prizes we'll truly appreciate it! You can help by offering features, points, llamas...
Help us spread the word: Fav this article, share it with your friends... The more the better!
And don't hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or problems submitting your entry! Hug

Enjoy and have fun! Share with us your love for Photography! 

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