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TF: Mask by HorsuhAnon TF: Mask :iconhorsuhanon:HorsuhAnon 25 1 TF: Necrolemur by HorsuhAnon TF: Necrolemur :iconhorsuhanon:HorsuhAnon 14 19 Improved Pg. 7 by HorsuhAnon
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Improved Pg. 7 :iconhorsuhanon:HorsuhAnon 37 1
Improved Pg. 6 by HorsuhAnon Improved Pg. 6 :iconhorsuhanon:HorsuhAnon 45 0 TG: Ben 10 by HorsuhAnon TG: Ben 10 :iconhorsuhanon:HorsuhAnon 665 38 Improved Pg. 5 by HorsuhAnon Improved Pg. 5 :iconhorsuhanon:HorsuhAnon 58 1 TF: Aegyptopithecus zeuxis by HorsuhAnon TF: Aegyptopithecus zeuxis :iconhorsuhanon:HorsuhAnon 20 3 Improved Pg. 4 by HorsuhAnon Improved Pg. 4 :iconhorsuhanon:HorsuhAnon 61 3 TF: Proconsul (colorized) by HorsuhAnon TF: Proconsul (colorized) :iconhorsuhanon:HorsuhAnon 27 0 Going further (colorized) by HorsuhAnon Going further (colorized) :iconhorsuhanon:HorsuhAnon 74 1 Improved Pg. 3 by HorsuhAnon Improved Pg. 3 :iconhorsuhanon:HorsuhAnon 79 3 TF: Aegyptopithecus zeuxis by HorsuhAnon TF: Aegyptopithecus zeuxis :iconhorsuhanon:HorsuhAnon 9 0 TF: Proconsul by HorsuhAnon TF: Proconsul :iconhorsuhanon:HorsuhAnon 12 0 Improved Pg. 2 by HorsuhAnon
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Improved Pg. 2 :iconhorsuhanon:HorsuhAnon 133 7
By surprise by HorsuhAnon
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By surprise :iconhorsuhanon:HorsuhAnon 61 5
Going further by HorsuhAnon Going further :iconhorsuhanon:HorsuhAnon 54 2


What's up? What's down? And what's in between?
I've got a bunch of lil' things to talk about in this journal, let's first off simply start with how things have been going over here. Spring has arrived, and with it I'm breaking my record of 1000 sneezes a day, bloody hell.
My parents have been coming over lately, two times in one month, believe me, that's quite unusual, we even took a picture at a barbeque site in the woods a couple weeks back, I put it on twitter.
Some of the events from last christmas and new year ended up having some sad ramifications later on, but well... I just gotta move on from that.
It's been almost 10 years since I left my country of origin, to where I've never had the chance to return since, that... Will quite possibly change later this year, I was thinking late August, since I left the 20th of August of 2007 from there and arrived here the 21st, I think it'd be appropiate to travel the 20th from here and arrive the 21st there.
:iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 4 44
Hey it's this wonderful m8's birthday
Hey guys
Just wanted to let you all now today LnD's resident artist and really good friend of mine Poneh Anon is celebrating his birthday! He's a really awesome guy I've been working with for close to a year now and It'd be really awesome if you'd stop by his DA/Tumblr pages, check out his stuff, and leave him a happy b-day message of some kind!
Thanks all!
:iconlnddeviantart:LnDDeviantart 2 0
thought i was dead? not even close bby!
before starting this journal and explaning my absence i would like to thank both my girlfriend MentalCrash  and my bolivian sealess friend HorsuhAnon for their help and supportnow that's has been take care of let me explain that due to some personal problems regarding family and other stuff ive had to be outside of deviantart for a while, ive worked on a few commissions on the go and other personal project with my friends but since this has been quite troublesome i pretty much wasnt able to post any of it, but now that things are going much more smooth ill be posting all the stuff i have done in these days
and actually i have been lucky with it because i had the chance to explore more of the great stuff deviant art has to offer, including age regression and animal tf, note that this doesnt mean ill stop doing transgender art, just that i might be expanding my repertoire
speaking about transgender and expanding the stuff that i do ill be participating on the new contest @flashkil
:icontheschatte:theSchatte 2 20
Status of things, commission changes and more
Hey there!
In case anyone was wondering what I've been doing these days, I've been drawing my entry for the Reverse Corruption Contest, organised by flashkill455, go here to know all about it, there are 300 USD in prizes, and still have 22 days (March 15th) to draw/write your entry!
As the title says, I've finally gotten around updating my commission prices, something I've been mentioning for months, if you're interested  just click the banner at the bottom of this journal to view them.
About new stuff, you've seen I've mentioned a project coded NH for quite a while, with both theSchatte and HorsuhAnon, you should know more about in the upcoming weeks.
What's next, IISY of course, I wanted to get the Reverse Corruption comic done for a while but right now I'll finally get around finally updating my comic :T afterwards I'll be opening commissions ag
:iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 3 22
Reverse-Corruption Contest With $300 in Prizes.
There is a good deal of corruption work out there both official and fan-made. For some reason many of us delight in seeing the good guys be forced to serve under their sworn enemies. But I’ve always wished that there was more material depicting the alternative, the hero subduing and taking control of the villains.
The goal of this contest is to create a piece displaying the idea of reverse corruption. This means drawing something originally evil converted to the forces of good. The rules are as follows:
the official start date is January 5th and the official end date is March 15th.
This contest accepts both art and writing. You may use pinups, comics, sequences, short stories, captions, or anything else you want to use to depict your idea.
You may use any character for this contest. Official works, OC’s or create someone new specifically for this contest.
You must be able to prove to me and the judges that the character is evil. For official characters i
:iconflashkill455:flashkill455 46 73
Secret Santa TG by Escafa Secret Santa TG :iconescafa:Escafa 156 14
Virus TG Checklist
Welcome to my Commission journal. Below all the ideas I have for genderswapping Megaman are listed. The First link on each line will take you to the virus or enemy named there. Next to the virus names are the transformation ideas I have. The Virus names in bold are ideas still up for grabs while those which are only underlined have been assigned to another artist and remain unfinished so far. Near the bottom of the page are transformations involving a group of viruses instead of 1 or 2. At the bottom are links to all completed commissions where you too can be listed once you complete one of these pieces.
 Megaman Emblem
Megaman.exe Virus Series
:iconflashkill455:flashkill455 41 89
Commissions -ON HOLD- and More

First off, commissions have been reopened, as usual I'll be taking five slots plus the non human TF one, you can read all the info, rules and prices by click riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight here
Slot 1 - :bulletblue: Done goldwyn11
Slot 2 - :bulletorange: Paid TFloving
Slot 3 - :bulletred: Planned Jaker17
Slot 4 - :bulletred: Planned BisectedBrioche
Slot 5 - :bulletred: Planned Nimeyal
Slot 6 - :bulletblack: Planning bonzor
EDIT: All slots are currently being planned, but you can still send me your commission ideas, just know yours might not be taken if all people in the list confirm their slots.
Second off, as you saw I've just made an alternate version of a previously drawn picture, I had never considered that idea before, but it sounds, c
:iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 1 13
What's going on
Quickie quickie, I've been drawing IISY these days, it's been taking longer than usual because of a couple reasons, one of the was the fact that I sip way more rum than I should last night, and tonight I have some more partying scheduled >3>
Other is that I took a couple days off IISY to draw that halloween picture you saw yesterday night.
Other is that I've been meaning to update the cover for months now, it's more than two years and severely outdated, so I'll be uploading the new one a couple minutes after this journal is up.
But aside from that... Well, let's hope those IISY pages are done soon, I've been doing the lineart for them, I'll go ahead and say the update will be five pages long, and I'll most definitely be working on these exclusively these days, unless I have to draw some birthday gift, I guess that'd be the only possible interruption.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, one last thing that I've been meaning to do, my friend HorsuhAnon has been making a bunch of TF relat
:iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 3 40
Devious Journal Entry

For your own viewing pleasure try marking deviant art to show deviations with mature content, since most of my gallery have age restrictions.
Name's schatte and i am a aspiring nsfw artist thats into gender transformation, Age regression, Weight gain and a shit ton more, so now that you have been warned why dont you check out my gallery?

i bet you love amazing fetish related art so
why dont you check my amazing pals then? 
999999999 visitor gets a free ipad!

:icontheschatte:theSchatte 1 10
three tg artists working together now?!
i know this might seem like a long journal but i would appreciate if you read it.
there's no news that the names HorsuhAnon and MentalCrash  get repited a lot on this deviant but did you know that three of us know each other for a long time? 
about horsuhanon, well he was fond of a friend of mine, so we ended up knowing each other around late 2013, we started talking a lot and by early 2014 me being inspired by his art i decided to give it a try as well, to be honest i was really jelaous of his stuff and browsing his tumblr account was an amazing experience, and i knew i wanted to do that too, sometime later we both started talking with mentalcrash and he was the first to fall by her horrible influence by making his deviant account. he was not first of many that she tried to engage in this horrible fate
now mentalcrash is a bit different story, i met her somewhere in the web, in a place whose name i do not care to remember arou
:icontheschatte:theSchatte 1 7
Momepo by MentalCrash Momepo :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 121 66 Momepo! by theSchatte Momepo! :icontheschatte:theSchatte 28 10
$300 Video Game TG Contest
That's right everybody for better or worse I am putting this contest in motion. Your goal as an entrant is to create a fake game cover or poster for a TG themed game you come up with. There is almost no limit to what you can do as video-game box art is a pretty varied thing. 

The contest will start on August 15th and end 2 months later on October 15th. This means you have plenty of time to do this so no rush.
All entrants are tasked with creating a video game poster or box cover, the catch being of course it should include TG.
You can base it on an existing game or create your own.
If you choose to base it on an existing series make sure it is one originally created for games. Things like Pokemon, Sonic, Uncharted, Mortal Kombat and so on. Not things like Marvel, Naruto, Lego and so on.
If you choose to create a game cover instead of a poster you can draw the box or use a template. Only the front cover is necessary.
:iconflashkill455:flashkill455 58 117
When the Full moon call (collab) by Tomek1000 When the Full moon call (collab) :icontomek1000:Tomek1000 73 34 Custom Gallery Folder Icon Tutorial by Gasara Custom Gallery Folder Icon Tutorial :icongasara:Gasara 3,824 448


HorsuhAnon has started a donation pool!
199 / 9,001
Hey, if you ever feel like dropping some points, it would be amazing, maybe i could buy myself a premium account one of these days~! :3

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