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March 30, 2010
naos suite by ~horst3180 Minimalistic and clean. A must have for Gnome users
Featured by mrrste
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naos suite

An elegant GTK suite with support for Metacity, Emerald and XFWM4.
Also included:
a conky config
a wallpaper (please resize it for your needs)

This uses the Murrine engine GIT version, so make sure you install it.
Please read the README file for further instructions.

I recommend using Emerald or XFWM with this suite, because i really suck at creating Metacity themes. It would be nice if someone could make a better one.

Fixed some small bugs
Changed some details

Naos for Openbox by ~ptzero [link]
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skaczmarek's avatar
what's the system name?
RedCo0on's avatar
Lovely ,thanks for sharing!
lovely, too bad can't find the openbox skin you mentioned, looks like the member deviations are gone =(
Still using your Emerald theme. :)
Thanks for your work!
supetawesomedude's avatar
Hey there, what is the widget you have at the top of your desktop? Great job! I actually love this!!!
orzyn's avatar
seems that this conkyrc won't load on the version of conky that is provided by the oneric ocelot repositories.

$ conky --config=~/.local/share/conky/naos/conkyrc-naos
Conky: invalid configuration file '~/.local/share/conky/naos/conkyrc-naos'

Conky: desktop window (4400023) is subwindow of root window (ae)
Conky: window type - desktop
Conky: drawing to created window (0x2a00001)
Conky: drawing to single buffer
^CConky: received SIGINT or SIGTERM to terminate. bye!
r4d4's avatar
Someone who has ptzero's openbox port of this theme, could you please upload themerc to pastebin or something..
acidrums4's avatar
Mastodon rules! :horns:
What font are you using? Has it accents?
horst3180's avatar
The systemfont is Sans 7 and the font in the wallpaper is called NeoSans. They have accents i think.
Great, love it, but can you make another version, with darker menus, and other backgrounds?
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Beautiful! Will be featured on
thibaut28's avatar
That's definitly great ;) :+fav:
half-left's avatar
That's a real nice GTK Theme, thanks.
oOIRAGE's avatar
AWESOME but i can't get the conky to have the black background :P
horst3180's avatar
The archive contains a folder called "conky". Copy the contents of this folder to ~/.conky and start conky with "conky -c ~/.conky/conkyrc-naos".
oOIRAGE's avatar
yh i know that its in the readme file but i don't have a folder called conky fro some reason :P
horst3180's avatar
Yes, this folder isn't there by default so you have to create it. It's just easier to put all files related to conky into one folder. You can also put the files in your home folder and start conky with "conky -c ~/conkyrc-naos".
ptzero's avatar
Konnte nicht anders... Musste mal...

Openbox Port! [link]

Leider nicht zu 100% realisierbar, aber sieht ganz schick aus... steht der *box echt gut :D
horst3180's avatar
Ja, sieht wirklich sehr schick aus. Ich verlinke den Port, wenn es dir nichts ausmacht.
Can I have openbox theme? That link is not available.
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