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Vertex Icons (Beta)


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Note: This is an unfinished beta version. It may not work as expected in some cases.

The Vertex icon theme is designed to go well together with the Vertex Gtk theme. At the moment it includes mainly icons for folders and mimetypes.


Since this theme doesn't provide application icons, it needs another icon theme to inherit them. By default this theme will look for the Moka icon theme (…) to get the missing icons. If Moka is not installed it will use the Gnome icon theme as fallback. To change the application icons, edit the index.theme file and replace Moka with the name of your preferred icon theme

For example, if you like the Faenza icon theme, change

[Icon Theme]
Comment=Vertex Icon theme


[Icon Theme]
Comment=Vertex Icon theme


Clone the theme from git

git clone git:// --depth 1

Copy the Vertex-Icons directory to ~/.icons or to /usr/share/icons for system-wide use.

Bug reporting

If you find a bug, please report it at…


All credits for third party icons used in this theme go to their respective creators:

elementary: licensed under the terms of the GPL v3

elementary-xfce:… licensed under the terms of the GPL v2

Faenza:… licensed under the terms of the GPL v3

Faience:… licensed under the terms of the GPL v3

GNOME Project: licensed under the terms of either the GNU LGPL v3 or Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License

Moka:… licensed under the terms of the GPL v3

The remaining icons are created by Horst3180 and are licensed under the terms of the GPL v3

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Have you planned to make a Dark version for UI icons ? (with light icons)

Because blacks icons on dark grey background is not so good.