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Black Folders for Faenza Icons by tiheum [link]

Faenza Icons [link] have to be installed, as this theme only replaces the original folders.

To install the icons, extract the .zip file to ~/.icons or to /usr/share/icons for systemwide use.

If you want to use the Faenza-Dark version, you have to edit the "Inherits" line in the index.theme file to "Inherits=Faenza-Dark,gnome,hicolor"

version 0.3beta

License: GPL
© 2011 - 2021 horst3180
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The download no longer works.
I answer myself, fuzzy icons due to the fact that they are in PNG format instead of SVG.  This is especially important for icons sizes 22x22, 24x24, 32x32.
In the picture above you have other icons than the icons in your archive. Could you give me these icons or
created theme?
Please, tell me what you use for convert images from SVG to PNG? And as you do resize images?
I wanted to make icons more clear and added to the contours of SVG, but when I convert them to PNG and change size, they become blurred (Icons 16x16, 24x24, 32x32).
More or less clear (sharp) are obtained with dimensions 48x48, 32x32.
Here are the icons that I remade:…

I would be very glad to receive your reply or help. Thank you!
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Very nice icons!
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Finally found a Faenza Black that works with light panels! Good Job! :D
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They are great..!!
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