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If you are using Gnome 3.14, download the 3.14 version of this theme here

The GTK3 theme supports Gnome 3.8, 3.10 and 3.12, but the Gnome Shell theme only works on 3.10 and 3.12. Also the tabs you are seeing in nautilus, gedit, etc. are only for Gnome 3.12 due to the reworked tab system in this version.

A Chrome/Chromium theme is included.

Get the absolute latest version at Github


gnome-themes-standard package for the GTK3 theme. Murrine and pixbuf engines for the GTK2 theme.

For installation instructions please read the included README.

Other Info

Wallpaper: bridge by FknvermiLLion
Check- and radioboxes are from GTK3+Gnome Shell - Faience by tiheum
Icons used in the preview:
White-Pixel-Icons by darkdawg plus some additional icons i made with inkscape
Folder icons are recolored elementary Icons by DanRabbit

Licence: GPLv3


Initial release

Gnome-Shell: Fixed ibus candidates list
Gtk: Added tab styling to the dark theme
        Proper chromium frame colors
Added alternative metacity theme (buttons in maximized window are now visible)
Minor bugfixes and improvements

Nicer tabs
Improved assets
Unity window decoration support
bug fixes
© 2014 - 2020 horst3180
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Any chance you could support Xubuntu with this theme? I installed it anyway and it looks amazing with only one issue. The sound and wifi indicator on the taskbar have a white box around them, other than that it looks great!

I'm aware there's an updated version of this theme out but the taskbar goes dark with this version and it looks so sleek.
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I have some problems with interface in all non-default apps include LiberOffice. 

Default apps:
www.dropbox.com/s/1e6ax2z8yk7x… - Files
www.dropbox.com/s/1anhgjxzebg6… - Terminal

Other apps:
www.dropbox.com/s/ozutdmbgcp9g… - LiberOffice - Look to the header panel
www.dropbox.com/s/xaokpfpp5oz6… - Sublime Text - also header panel

And great troubles:
www.dropbox.com/s/918g36zs59r7… - FileZilla
www.dropbox.com/s/emukgkidq8u3… - Dropbox Installer

How can I fix it?

Ubuntu 12.04
Gnome 3.10
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I really love this theme! Is there a possibility to get it in GNOME 3.18 running? :)

And of course newer Shell versions.
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One of the best themes I've ever seen. I am using it in Fedora 21. Thanks!
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Beautiful theme my friend!, but please more dark than white! (gtk2 is white) :(
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It's really a beautiful theme. I've only found a little bug. In my Ubuntu Gnome, with Gnome 3.14, using Libreoffice, when clicking the menu names, like Format, File ... the name is in a light colour and so does the background, so its difficult to read. This does not happen while hovering menu's options.
I don't know if you know what I mean. My English it's not very good.
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Thank you so much such a nice theme.  I am using it on Ubuntu-Gnome 14.04 and it is great ! Very best wishes and thanks for Ceti :)
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I really like this!   Great Job!
One thing, the permissions have to be changed when installing, you may wish to look into this.
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Hi. I'm running gtk 3.12 + cinnamon and when I maximize any window I can't see control panel with close/maximize/minimize buttons anymore as if it would integrate with unity panel. Also nemo breadcrumbs are in silver color. Is there any chance to see an update for that? I really hope so because it is the best theme around! Thanks.
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there is an alternative metacity theme in the "Ceti_alternative_metacity" folder which doesn't hide the controls in maximized windows. And I will fix nemo.
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Thats great! I really appreciate the answer. Cheers.
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This theme is awesome. Is it possible to make it compatible with Ubuntu 14.04?. I'm using your other theme "Vertex" in Ubuntu and it looks great. :) (Smile) 
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An update that adresses this (and some other things) will be coming soon.
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Hereby I declare that this is the best theme for GNOME I have ever seen. Very space-saving to hide the window decorations when maximized.
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Can you make a version for atom dock? With bottom dock, dash looks ugly so i can't use it. :/
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Thanks for reporting. I will look into it.
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Great job! Really love it <3
What fonts are you using? :)
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Hey, can you tell me how I can start that ibus candidate-popup so that I can style it? For the love of me I can´t figure it out ._."
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You could install the ibus-anthy package for japanese input. Then go to the Region and Language section in the system settings and add Japanese (Anthy) as input source and activate it from the input menu in the panel. Then type someting for example in gedit and press space until the candidate-popup pops up.
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Pressing space doesn´t do anything. It only adds space in the text like usual.
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That's strange. You may have to re login to make it work. It's been a long time since I set this up on my system but I don't think it needed some extra configuration.
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