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This is a screenshot of a new Gtk/Gnome-Shell theme I'm working on. It currently only supports Gnome 3.16, but I'm working on 3.14 support.

You can get it here for testing Github. If you find any bugs you can report them at the Github issues tracker.

Wallpaper: link
Icons: Quick mod of Vertex-Icons
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hello. i guess no way for windows 10 ?
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Hey how can I change the background color of the side panel for the file manager. Right now I'm using the elementaryOS desktop which I believe is Marlin(Patheon Files). I tried looking for it but I'm having trouble finding it within the CSS. I just need to change the side panel from dark to light.
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And now, you can enjoy the theme on Windows 10:
neiio ported it
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Hey man, nice work. How do you make the size slider bar for nautilus?
This is pretty much the most beautiful theme for Linux.
What operating system is this? and how did you get everything to look the way it does? i know you use the arc theme, but what about the side bar and top bar? 
The OS is Linux with Gnome 3. The top bar is the default Gnome 3 top bar, and the side one is the Dash-to-Dock extension for Gnome.
The OS is Linux with Gnome 3. The top bar is the default Gnome 3 TopBar and the side one is the Dash-to-Dock extension, customized.
Looks amazing!
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Are the icons available somewhere? It all looks really nice!
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Very nice theme!
I don't if is a issue of your theme, but some application (like firefox or chrome apps) show Adwaita decorator theme.


I think is related to Wayland Session, in X session i have your decorations  :\
I think I do something wrong, because I haven't transparency and bigger windowframe on my GNOME-based Cinnamon.
I guess you use Mint?

Mint uses GTK 3.10

This theme's transparency and "bigger windowframe" (that's GTK header bars) depends on GTK 3.14.

Wait for an update (around April, when the next Ubuntu LTS is released).
Brilliant theme! Essentially 1 guy on par with (maybe better than) microsoft's or apple's design team.

What are you using for that top panel? Is it another gnome extension?
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I didn't do anything special to the top panel other than using the Arc gnome-shell theme. Or are you referring to anything specific?
Is there any way we can get a copy of "Quick mod of Vertex-Icons"?
Looks great, will there be a dark variant, or will this theme respect the "Global Dark Theme" option in tweak tool?
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A completely dark variant (dark GTK3 + dark GTK2) has been available for approx one month now (see Github link). The light theme will respect the Global Dark Theme option too, but this won't make GTK2 app dark ofc.
Hi Horst,

zuerst möchte ich mich für das Teilen deiner fabelhaften Themen für Linux bedanken. Top Arbeiten, immer weiter so!

Nun zu meiner Frage. Wie schaffst du es in der Seitenleiste von Nautilus eine fette Schrift und in der Ordneransicht eine normale Schrift anzuzeigen?

Das ist doch die Schriftart "Futura Bk Std Medium" in deinem Bildschirmfoto, oder?

Bei mir ist die Schrift überall gleich dick und wenn ich einen "Bold Font" wähle wird Dieser nicht angezeigt (bzw. "gerendert" ?!?!).

Meine Distribution ist Arch Linux.

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It's possible to have the light version (Arc) with gnome terminal decorations light too?
The release in the image and the one that i used last month have already this.
I ask you this cause the dark variant and a Gnome 3.16 mutter bug makes terminal borders squared and very ugly.

Thanks in advance.
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If I recall correctly you can change that from the gnome-terminal settings. It should something like this…
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YES! Thanks for the "trick" :)
Hope a fix for mutter bug so I can use your Vertex and Ceti themes too.
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Hi! In the dark variants the corners of the terminal window are squared.
How I can fix it?

Fedora 22 (Gnome 3.16).

Thanks for this theme! :D
How did you create the dock on the left? Is it plank or a Gnome-extension? :)
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