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Redesigning the Vertex Gnome Shell theme and showing off some Gnome 3.16 features.

Wallpaper: Alone by memovaslg
Folder icons: selfmade, not finished and not released (I'm making some progress, though...) 
Launcher icons: White Pixel Icons by darkdawg
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I just noticed one of your older screenshots has the tabs blended into the header bar like I was asking about?… Did something change in the newer version of gtk?
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That only ever worked with nautilus and even then it caused bugs. Since gnome 3.14 it doesn't even work with nautilus anymore.
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Looks nice! I'm hoping to give it a try tonight. Would it be possible to have the tabs blend into the headerbar or would that look bad on some programs?
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It's not really possible to do that with current gtk versions. Maybe it will be with gtk 3.18, though.
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Best 3.16 theme so far.
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fasntastic bro.
i'll be back to work on this port hahahah
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best theme in ze vorld
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Looks promising! Is the inactive tab theming finished?
Nur so weiter!! :)
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Thanks. The inactive tab theming is finished for now, but I have thought about making it a bit more interesting before.
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Maybe it's just my taste, but a lighter gray color for inactive tabs would be more appropiate, in its current state it's a bit too much contrast for me :)
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I wish cinnamon was as beautiful as this :(
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Gefällt mir ausgezeichnet :)
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Fukken smuuth!
What are you running it on?

Btw, what font is that?
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Thanks, I'm running it on Arch within a JHBuild session. JHBuild is pretty handy, because the Gnome 3.16 install doesn't interfere with the rest of the system and I have native performance unlike a Gnome install in a vm.

The font is Futura Bk BT Medium.
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Where can I get that font? Confused 
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