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Working on a gnome-shell theme for Vertex. It's coming along nicely but apparently it's impossible to draw a panel shadow with gnome shell that isn't overlapping the windows, so i used conky to do that. I also hacked the net speed extension to support colors for the up-/downspeed labels and made the text less jumpy.

Wallpaper: link
Folder icons: selfmade mod of link by Metalbone1988
Launcher icons: White-Pixel-Icons by darkdawg
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Really nice work! I like it a lot. Out of curiosity: What Linux distro do you use?
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Thanks, I'm using Arch Linux.
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Perfect theme! Waiting for upload!
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how get the mini taskbar? only changing the icons?
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You need the dash to dock extension. In the preferences you can set the icon size.
standard gnome font?
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ok thx - if someone want I make a mod here
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modded wall please
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Hi, see my comment below.
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might share your wall mod?
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thats no wall mod. It's an overlay and it's rendered by the UI.
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looking forward for the release ;)!
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strike that I saw that you already release it with the new update for Vertex :)
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Yes, I decided spontaneously that it was good enough for release. It may still contain bugs, though.
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Looks awesome!
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That is awesome.  Love it.
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