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Sure Fire Winners

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"We are the sure fire winners
Uh-oh yeah big time hitters
We are the sure fire winners
Uh-oh yeah big time hitters
Bringing the heat and the word is out
Giving you something to shout about
We are, yeah, we are, we are the sure fire winners."
-Adam Lambert.

Heres a little catch, theres bushfires around my property so I draw my main Nordanners running from one? What.

I don't know if this would need a filter on it? Nothing happened to any of the horses..

All of these horses were young and wild, reckless and didn't know each other very well apart from both the colts were best friends, also the two mares were friends. We let them out into the huge 150 acre paddock well unaware that soon that paddock would be engulfed in flames of an angry bushfire. CK had become little Chae's mate, wanting to protect both her and Mexicoma he pushed himself even though among the smoke and running at full pace he was getting weak. With Mexicoma up rear making sure one of the mares didn't drop behind and CK up ahead leading them through the safest ways. Letty being the oldest of all four of them she was headstrong and kept trying to go her own way but she would always bolt back to them because of a crack of fire. She was scared, it was the first time she had been with younger horses, not just her parents and relatives even though she was a half sister to Mexicoma. Mexi loved his sister, always looked down on her because of his height, he was taller than her but younger. He was much stronger so he pushed to protect her. Chae being the newest horse on the property she didn't know any of them really well except Letty, they were inseparable, now it was the same with CK, she was frightened and scared of what was happening. Running as fast as they could the soon made it to a little clearing where they could finally get a bit of breath before going again. CK up ahead and Mexi up the rear with two frightened mares in the middle they raced as hard as they could against a fire that was just as quick.

We were almost ready to send out on horseback to find the young four horses, but we would've only put Circe, Threat, Tinie, Blu, Wain and Riddler into a threat as well, we couldn't have the whole herd out. We just had to trust the two stallions we had trained to get them all back safely.

Soon from watching the bush in the huge pasture burn we soon saw the white faces of the four young horses, now they were heading for their home run, faces and coats dull and grey from ashes and the smoke, all coughing and sneezing they were now safe at home, CK had soon gone down from racing as hard as he could and breathing in the most smoke from being ahead and creating the wind barrier, all three other horses stayed with him until he had awoken, Chae laid down behind him to make sure he didn't get cold while we came in every half an our to give him fluids and give the others some fluids too. He soon was to awake within 2 hours, still tired and coughing but safe and surrounded by the people and horses that cared about him the most.


Aw, why did I make it CK who got sick :tears: but he's okay now! He finally has a loving girlfriend, and two friends who love him too :dummy: Who knew?! Chae and CK :la:
I'm so happy with how this turned out. Especially the trees and grass..

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I Hate Love (CK)
Chaeyyen (Chae)
Mexicoma (Mexi)
Never Fear Death or Dyin' (Letty)

Thank you lovely stock providers :hug:

There will be more of these powerful four horses. :squee:
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