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Hello everyone,

It has come to my attention that a number of people have been a little bit confused by the group's folder layout. I'm sorry about that, will try to clear this up!

I had always just thought everyone submits to groups by using the "Contribute Art" button (the one that looks like a picture frame) on the main home page or the "contribute to this gallery" button (on the top right-hand side when on the gallery page) and when the submission box comes up, use the drop-down menu to select the relevant open/available folder.

use the "+add to group" button on their deviation. Type the group name in the box, and use the drop-down menu there to select the relevant open/available folder

I didn't realise people scroll down the gallery page looking for the [+] on the right-hand side of the folder for submitting..... so this would be giving off the sign of "nowhere to submit" :ashamed:

Our core folders: Horses, Dragons, and Pokemon act as mini-featured folders for each topic.
These three folders are NOT open for submissions - not even admins or myself can submit straight into these folders.
Admins can only move art that catches their eye in the gallery into these folders to show off some of the talent we have here at H.D.P.  :la:

INSIDE each of those core folders mentioned above are sub-folders which are OPEN for every member, affiliate member, and/or random passer-by.

> traditional
> digital
> photography

> traditional
> digital

>x and y
>mixed gen
>fakemon, fusion and OC
>poekmon trainers (and pokemon)

every folder with the > in front of it are the sub-folders that are open

I will add a link to this journal on the home page if anyone would like to use it for future reference.

I hope that I cleared up some of the confusion - if you have any questions about the folders or anything group related feel free to to comment/note the group any time and our friendly admin crew will get back to you as soon as we are able. :)

Thanks for your time!
The Founder,
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DrachenherzenHobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much it is really helpful.
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:) No problem.