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Friend or Foe? by HeatherAfterCosplay
Spring break by RinDragon
-= Secret Santa - Magic winter =- by Naia-Art
Jackson by Ulltuss
-= We will fight + SK story =- by Naia-Art
Crystal Skies by Spotty001
Huawei Dragon by kelpie-monster
Nokia Dragon by kelpie-monster
I'll leave the light on by Fucal
Random midnight  by FlyingMidnite
Dragon fan art
Abyss by SilverSabotage-Draws
I've Had Enough Of You - Part 11 by jackyleo738
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010623 sketch comission by wilddancesinfo1
Equilion adopt (open) by ILisAmil
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Mutant Apocalypse in Equestria: Xenith by MlpTmntDisneyKauane
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Mutant Apocalypse in Equestria: Littlepip by MlpTmntDisneyKauane
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Cosmic Mystery by Eternity9
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Shinx used flash by KoriArredondo
Alola Pokemon - Sun and Moon
Primarina in front of antique store (23 Oct 2022) by K4nK4n
Primarina in liminal space (23 October 2022) by K4nK4n
Primarina near palm trees by K4nK4n
Primarina (10 October 2022) 4 by K4nK4n
Pokemon Gen 8 2019
Commission: Watching The Dancing Lights by Eternity9
Jelly by Eternity9
Lucky Wooloo by MeMiMouse
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Foal base [P2U] paypal points by PacificNoir
Taur boardingIt was the newest sport craze, made to enhance relationships between the bipedal and taur races. Those being races with a “Centaur” like body makeup; humanoid torso with 4 legs with a body behind them. This included centaurs (horse), cervitaurs (deer), Chakat (cat) and the 8-legged drider (spider). Any bipedal race over 5-foot was able to compete on the board, any shorter and the lower center of gravity make it unfair. There was however a below 5-foot division for your shorter bipedal races pared up with smaller taurs such as centaurs whose horse parts resembled those of a pony. The rules of Taur boarding were simple, the humanoid held onto a tether held by a taur. They had a board strapped to their feet which was practically an offroad skateboard. The Taur would complete a trail course dragging the humanoid behind them being pulled by the rope. There were points for speeds but a one second penalty for hitting a cone and a 5 second penalty for not completing obstacles (think slalom, tight turns, weaves, etc.) correctly. The humanoid had to stay holding the tether the whole time. Each competitor got to run the course twice. They set a time and they had a chance to beat it. There was also a bonus point if the first time you set was not beaten by anyone including yourself. This led to some competitive strategies. This brings us to our main characters. Helen was a piebald cob centauress. She wasn’t the fastest, but she was agile; she had done a bit of dressage, the taur version of ballet, as a kid. Brad was a half-gorgon, he had snake hair but had not inherited his mother’s snake body or ability to turn people to stone. He was a skater and musician. He had a punk look, ripped jeans, baggy shirt, leather jacket and his snakes were naturally yellow and red. For this story we will follow bradYou and Hellen had been friends for a while, but you thought this sport would bring them closer together. you had a cush on her, and you knew she had feeling for her but of her friend stuck up their noses at you (especially Temanka, a goblin with a particularly long nose). They said a half-breed humanoid was not good enough for her. Despite this you got Helen to agree to the race and you entered an amateur level competition, with a grand prize of £300. There were a few other competitors competing, you got a good look at the competition as they lined up at the start. Amelia a reindeer cervitaur from Canada who had moved to the UK after finishing collage. Her partner was her fiancé, Percival, a tall spindly elf with shining golden hair. There was James, a white stag Cervitaur and his best friend David, a human. Jasmin, a tiger chakat and her partner Glev, a faun. Alesia, a cheetah chakat sprinter and her partner Dev, a lion anthro windsurfer. They were the favorites; however, the biggest competition was Aris an ex-racing centaur giving the new sport a try as a way of staving off retirement. He was partnered with Tony a hawk aarakocra (bird humanoid) and pro skater. There was a commentator giving play by play commentary over a loudspeaker. He sounded like a stereotypical equine race commentator. You had been practicing with Helen for weeks. Helen was not the fastest especially in the tight turns but this helped you keep your grip and use your skater skills to weave around the cones. You hoped that a good time with no penalties would be better than a fast time with penalties for mistakes. You also knew you had no chance at the bonus point but hoped to brake someone’s chance at it, forcing them to try harder and hopefully mistake. Up first was Jasmine and Glev for their fist run. Jasmine was graceful and agile; Glev used his springy goat legs to ride or jump the bumps and weaved they set a time of 64.35 seconds with no time penalties. Next was James and David. James was nimble and fast. However, he was too fast. David lost his grip and let go of the tether as they went round the slalom. They would have to wait until their second chance to set a time. “Careful not to go too fast. A good team will balance the speed of the taur with the grip and skill of the humanoid. Loss of grip in a turn is the most common cause of failure. Lucky this pair has about round to set a time.” The commentator advised. Next the Amelia and Percival. Also being a cervitaur was also fast and nimble but Percival was able to hold on just hitting two poles. For a time of 65.30 seconds with the two second penalties. The favorites, Alesia and Dev were next. They showed impressive skill, speed and no faults. Clocking in an impressive time of 62.39. This would be hard to beat and almost secured them the bonus point. “Alesia and Dev take the lead and set a hard time to beet. I wonder if they will go for the bonus point come the second round.” The commentator speculates. You and Helen were up next. This is what you had been training for. They went steady and set a good time of 64.50 with only one penalty as you got distracted towards the end and hit a pole. In training Helen had worn a normal skirt and panties over her equine rear. For better movement for the race she had worn a short skirt. Towards the last set of cones, a flick of her tail reveled she had worn no panties. This was not uncommon for racing taurs and due to their tails was not considered indecent. However, in this particular new sport, one tail flick gave you a quick glance of Helen’s exposed rear end. You kept your composure well considering. “What happened back there?” Helen asked as you got back to the waiting area. “Why didn’t you tell me you went pantiles?” you asked. “I didn’t want you staring at my sexy ass the whole time and miss an obstacle.” Helen teases. “ok, but next time a bit of warning.” You replied as you got ready to watch the next part of the race. Finally was Aris and Tony. Aris speed away from the start and took the fist turn at impressive speed. His strong racehorse legs propelling him round the course. Tony’s light body and streamlined feathers helped reduce drag thus reducing the force needed to hold on. He kept low to lower his center of gravity, making it easy to stay balanced but harder to see the course coming up. This didn’t matter as they completed the course in 62.50 just milliseconds off the lead.“It’s time for the second round. This is where the clever tactics and mind games come in.” the commentator explains. Jasmine and Glev’s second run was good. Improving on their score at 63.30. James and David finally were able to set a time of 64.45. They were happy with that. Amelia and Percival made vast improvement at 63.50 with no penalties this time.Alesia and Dev didn’t want to beat their last time so went round slower and carefully they still got a good time of 64.40. “Looks like they played it safe, going for the bonus point. We will see if that pays off.” The commentator said over the loudspeakers. “If you focus on the race for the next minute and a bit, you can have a close up and personal look at my rear over at my house.” Helen gave her ultimatum. That was all you needed to concentrate. Helen also seemed motivated to win or at least show they you didn’t need a racers body to win something like this. Her legs were more powerful and pulling you was no problem. You set off at a faster pace, Helen haven gotten use to the rough ground from the fist time round. You were also familiar with the bumps. Helen slowed her pace just slightly on the tight curves to give you more control. You followed Tony’s example and kept your body low, relying on your memory of the course from just a few minutes ago. You flew through the slalom, weaving perfectly. Helen put on a burst of speed for the home straight as the commentator and crowd cheered.“62.30 they’ve taken the lead and the bonus off Alesia and Dev they must regret not setting a new time with the competition so close.” Said the commentator. “Only one more pair to race, could Helen and Brad take this?” Aris and Tony stepped up to the start and Tony strapped into his board. “Dude, you’re going to lose to an amateur cob.” You taunted Aris, hoping he would push himself too far.Aris teared down the opening straight, his hooves thundering. He leaned his human torso as he cantered around the fist corner. Tony was swung so fast he hit a cone and bounced into the air. Luckily, he was skilled enough to recover before the next turn but had earned them a penalty. They completed the next two turns withs no issues. Then came the slalom, Aris needed to go one way and Tony the other. However, at the speed that Aris was going Tony had no slack to control the board. This failed the slalom. There was just the final turn and dash, another cone hit, this time by Aris as he miss-stepped too tight. Tony just made it across the line before hitting a bump and letting go as he faceplanted the ground. Staggering up Tony joined everyone waiting for the time to be announced. “That’s a spectacular time of 60.20.” the commentator said. “However, with 6 seconds of penalties that takes us to 66.20. This just goes to show that speed isn’t everything. Also, no matter how the skill of the boarder is, if you don’t have your Taur focused it can all go wrong. This does however, mean that the winners are Helen and Brad!” “WE WON!” Helen shouted, bucking and rearing with excitement. “WE WON!” She grabbed you up and swung you round. She placed her on her back (a great privilege for a centaur to let you ride on their back) she trotted over to collect the prize. The excitement slowly wore off as you ate an ice cream and stood next to Helen, having been joined by Amelia, Percival, Jasmin, Glev, Alesia and Dev, David but not James. You were discussing the race and how you got into the sport. All having a good time and enjoying the rest of the country fair. “It’s so nice to meet more people who are into the sport. With it being so new, its been hard to talk to people about it with out them giving you odd looks.” Glev. “I know, right.” You replied.“I like how it doesn’t matter what you look like or what’s your body size, you need speed, skill and precision.” Helen remarked. “So true.” Jasmin replied. “So, anyone fancy taking the party back to mine, I went to school in America, so I know how to party.” Amelia proposed. “I made a promise to Brad, that I have to keep, another time maybe.” Helen replied. The others took Amelia up on her offer and they started heading to the exit. Despite Helen’s offer, you wanted to stay a little longer before heading off and she was ok with staying so long as you were around....
Adoptables. Imports. and YHH -YDH
Horse adopt (open) Fixed price! by ILisAmil
Miscellaneous and advertisement
I want to talk to your Manager! by Eternity9
CLOSED - Entries for Art of the Month
Commission #85 - Brutus Reference Sheet by DelusionalPuffball
Art of the Month ---Winners 2016
Crystal Empire Rarity Plushie by dollphinwing
Breed Sheets
Have you ever entered in a contest, show, event, or RNG, only to have the host (or judges) go M.I.A / Disappear without a trace? 
Put in so much effort for your piece of art/s for them to sit in limbo without receiving placement / character development & history / bonus points for your horses? 
Have an entry that is difficult (or near impossible) to enter in another show? 


:spotlight-left:  Dream Drifter's Recovery Show. :spotlight-right:

Where I will be accepting works of art from all abandoned and un-judged shows and I WILL have them judged as soon as possible! :happybounce: 

:flame: Bigger shows that have a set judging rubric +a bunch of entries (eg. BS Spring Event 2016) will be judged by the rubric set by the original host for the show to the best of my abilities.
If I (DreamDrifter91) have an entry in one of these effort shows I will automatically place last or lowly if I can't find someone to judge fairly 

:flame: Abandoned RNG shows shall be judged by RNG

:trophy: Prizes  (art, points, imports, breeding slots ect) 
I will get in contact with prize givers (if applicable/ if possible) to see if they are still available to complete their offer for prizes.
if not, I will organise a prize call if anyone is able to donate something or I can offer up slots to my horses or blinking horse animations or possibly organise imports.

:trophy: Prizes  (Trophies and ribbons) 
 I have made some trophies / plaques to use for all competitions, events and RNG revived here.
Trophies / Plaques can be used for EVERY event revived 
Recovery Show First Plaque by DreamDrifter91  Recovery Show Second Plaque by DreamDrifter91  Recovery Show Third plaque by DreamDrifter91
First Plaque    |     Second Plaque     | Third plaque
Ribbons will be made for some event as well 



Xmas Lights Divider (P/W) - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x Next show coming soon  Xmas Lights Divider (P/W) - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x

[Link here]
Originally posted - [Day - Month - Year ] 
Original deadline - [Day - Month - Year ] 
Host disappeared in - [Month]   

Results Journal here:  [coming soon] 

Xmas Lights Divider (P/W) - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x Next show coming soon  Xmas Lights Divider (P/W) - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x

[Link here]
Originally posted - [Day - Month - Year ] 
Original deadline - [Day - Month - Year ] 
Host disappeared in - [Month]  

Results Journal here:  [coming soon]  


Xmas Lights Divider (P/W) - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x Festival of Kings 2015/2016 --- Judging  COMPLETE    Xmas Lights Divider (P/W) - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x

<da:thumb id="541141135"/> Festival of Kings *OPEN*
Originally posted - [25 - June - 2015 ] 
Original deadline - September 21st 2015?? Extended to December 2015 [ Extension to 8th May 2016 ] 
Host disappeared / stopped replying since Jan 2016[Link here]


 Horse of the Year 2015 --- Judging  COMPLETE 

Originally posted - [2015 ] 
Original deadline - [December - 2015r ] 
Host disappeared with no  

Results here:

Show Jumping

1st ---  022 / Zip / Osheen Burns / Astantine Stables / Belgium Entry ; Extra ; ExtrExtra (extra images worth 30pts)
2nd ---  001 / Home Of Demoole / Keenan Cristo / Vechnyy / USA Entry ; Training
1st ---  002 / Oscuro Fantasia / Alison Smart / Fire Forest Stables / Ireland Entry
2nd  --- 009 /  SLS Der König / Kyle Lukane / Silver and Leather Stables / USA Entry


1st ---  006 / SLS Southern Belle / Catherine Smith / Silver and Leather Stables / USA Entry ; Training


1st ---  006 / SLS Southern Belle / Catherine Smith / Silver and Leather Stables / USA Entry

Barrel Racing

1st --- 025 / FDD Shadow Moses / Elsa Swiftrunner / Fort Dream Drifter / Australia Entry

Xmas Lights Divider (P/W) - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x Indigo Acre's - JUDGED  Xmas Lights Divider (P/W) - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x

Originally posted - [May - 2014 ]  // Original deadline - [July - 2014 ]  // Host never judged

Results here: 
1st ---   #010 - Silver Brooke Stables - Echo From The Past - Jake Marshall - Entry
#018 - Midnight Dream Stables - #245 MDS Beyond the Sun - Trina Salgado - Entry
1st ---   #010 - Silver Brooke Stables - Solo Symphony - Savannah Mordan - Entry
2nd --- #021 - Wildflower Hill Stables - Wildflower's Zepplin - Rosa Preston - Entry
3rd ---  #019 - Midnight Dream Stables - HW10 MDS The On Coming Storm - Levi Leonardo - Entry
HALTER (adult):
1st ---   #003 - Hawkheart Stables - HHs Midnight Zephyr - Teagan Hawkheart - Entry - Training - Arrival
2nd ---   #007 - Sector 8023 Equestrian Centre - Muller's Spiral - Shayne McKnight - Entry x
3rd ---   #018 - Midnight Dream Stables - #245 MDS Beyond the Sun - Elizabeth Jones - Entry
4th ---   #020 - Midnight Dream Stables - MDS 021 Shadow of the Night - Alora Weisnicht -Entry
HALTER (foal):
1st ---  #012 - King Simon Stables - Scarlett Horizons - Chase Raymer - Entry


 Anchored Peak RNG 2016 - - Judging Complete!  

Originally posted - June - 2013
Original deadline - Not specified
Host disappeared/moved accounts in - April 2016    


This event is RNG based. Every entry will be judged using
:star: RESULTS! :star:
Revival Results - Anchored Peak RNGRevived by  Dream Drifter's Recovery Show - March 2017
Original journal: Anchored Peak RNG Show! ~ 
Host: Left the acount April 2016
Some entries have been sitting without placement since 2013/2014 
Judging! - "RNG Gods"
Trophies and ribbons you are free to use to display on your horses/dog's award wall / trophy room ect :) 
1. -------- SECOND 
2.AS Ares Commission by ShadowKuri(#3) ---- FOURTH
3.Your Horse Here Chibi 4 by RainbowGraffiti ----

Revival Results - Anchored Peak RNG


 BS Spring Event 2016 - Judging Complete! 

BS Spring Event 2016
Originally posted - 2nd of April 2016
Original deadline - 30th of June 2016
Host Flamerie disappeared in May 2016   

Judging: Effort. (rubic in results journal)

:star: Revival Results: :star:
Revival Results - Spring Event 2016 Prizes: 
Trophies: First Plaque    |     Second Plaque     | Third plaque

New ALL CONFIRMED  as of Feb 13th 2017
 ✔ = Confirmed that prize is still availble 
1. Ribbon | 20 Points from me DreamDrifter91  [sent] | 25 Points from Zlesdin  ✔ | free&

Revival Results - Spring Event 2016

:new: previous prizes from original show:  ALL CONFIRMED
For details of prizes and ribbons/trophies see Revival Results - Spring Event ^^  


Xmas Lights Divider (P/W) - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x Next show coming soon  Xmas Lights Divider (P/W) - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x

[Link here]
Originally posted - [Day - Month - Year ] 
Original deadline - [Day - Month - Year ] 
Host disappeared in - [Month]   

[Link here]
Originally posted - [Day - Month - Year ] 
Original deadline - [Day - Month - Year ] 
Host disappeared in - [Month]  

:flame: If the original host were to return and judge.... ?
At this point, I'm honestly not sure how that would work as I haven't seen a show quite like this done before so we will learn as we go.
, I suppose you could either chose to go by the original host's judgement OR the outcome of Dream Drifters Recovery Show. 
It could be up to the original event host and/or the artist involved to decide.  
I am open to discuss it, and any ideas, and happy to try my best to resolve any issues that may arise.  
I am not in any way trying to step on anybody's toes or begin fights or a war - I am only doing this show to help.

Have an unjudged show entry you would like to see judged here?
Simply fill out this form and I will organise a way to get you some results! :party: :eager: 

Event link:
Hey guys! It's that time again :la:
(I'm not sure how we are already two week into May but... time escapes me, again. This year is just FLYING by)

Crystal Empire Rarity Plushie by dollphinwing Rise and Shine by VisionarySerpent

Tears Of Life by Jade-Viper Latias by Sunshineshiny

:spotlight-left: Announcement :spotlight-right:
We now have a folder for the Pokemon from the new Sun and Moon games. The folder is called "Alola Pokemon - Sun and Moon" for now (will be changed to Alola Pokemon + the Pokedex number associated with that region when it's released)
You will also find that it is 'outside' the main Pokemon folders as we are no longer a super group  and can't create sub-folders....

:flame: let me know if you have any trouble submitting to the folder  

If you would like to see your art featured here for "May's Feature" please submit your art to the
Entries for Art of the Month folder
Hey guys! It's that time again :la:
(I'm not sure how we are already over a week into April but... time escapes me)

Luxray by ShirahFirestorm 4.5/4 Kaaring by Exotic-Orchid
Rainbow goop Skeletor by Marl1nde Neo Epical Black-Curse draconer by thefastzza
GA -- The Triumvirate by Navarose Diamond Princess by Jade-Viper

If you would like to see your art featured here for "April's Feature" please submit your art to the
Entries for Art of the Month folder: horsesdragonspokemon.deviantar…
More Journal Entries


Our Fantasy brothers, Pokemon Masters, Elite Equine and brony/pegasisters
:iconfavarikund: :iconcomment-my-equine:
:icondragonswolvesfantasy: :iconindiefantasyartists: :iconfantasyflyersunited: :icondragontraditionalart:
:iconpokemoncreativity: :iconh0rs3sr0ck:

Newest Members

Group Rules/Info

Member Join request and Affiliation requests are automatically accepted.

:bulletred: We do NOT accept any kind of art theft, bullying/trolling or aggressive behaviour towards each other/the community/group ect

:bulletblue: Members can submit four deviations per day
:bulletwhite: Affiliate group members and people passing by can submit two deviations per day (but cannot enter in our Art of the Week feature)

:bulletblue: ANY and EVERY form of art is accepted!
Note* If your art has mature content (eg. nudity or extreme gore please put the mature filter on it. We would like to keep this a fun place for all ages

:bulletblue: Please submit to the right folder.
If you are not sure where something goes feel free to ask us. :)

:bulletblue: We also accept other animals from Equidae/Equus family (donkeys and Zebra, ect) Hybrids, & Non-pony villains/allies from My Little Pony:FIM & Non-dragon side characters/villains of Spyro

Please check out/support your fellow artists and most importantlyHAVE FUN!

:pokeball: Group FAQ
:pokeball: Submission - help

~group avatar by :icontrollgirl:


:iconshinyponytaplz:Current contest ~ N/A

:bulletgreen: piece must contain a Pokemon, or horse, or dragon.
:bulletgreen: the group and / or contest should be mentioned in the artist comments
:bulletgreen: piece should represent the theme.
:bulletgreen: All levels of art accepted.
:bulletgreen: All forms of art accepted.
:bulletgreen: Members of our affiliate groups can enter as well.

:iconridingplz: ART OF THE MONTH :icongyaradosplz:
Members can submit a piece into the 'Entries for Art of the Week
Entries are automatically accepted.

:bulletpink: Members only.
:bulletpink: One entry per member, per week
:bulletpink: You are allowed to enter more than once if you wish, but keep in mind that in order to keep it fair for everyone you cannot get more than one image featured each month.
:bulletpink: Featured artists to be announced on the end of the month (~Australian time~ GMT +10:00)


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