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Summer Breeze

"makes me feel fineeee" aha love dat song ;D

Alright, this took so freaking long. my computer broke, i went away. ug. its horrible xD but I did it. lol. its messed up and way different then the one on my other computer but pah. oh well ;b

Urm, credits are on image but i will tag them all here ;D

~*~*~ Credits ~*~*~
background- caribbean beach stock 2 :iconvenomxbaby:
sand-off site
tail base- tail2 :iconpeachesrox-stock:
horsey- horse stock 52&63 :iconbilltokiohotel:

Thanks to :iconpoeticjustice314: for the eye tutorial

Thanks to :iconseaside6188168: for the hoofs tutorial

Also thanks :iconxxcharlie: :iconseaside6188168: for mane/tail

and :iconasadd215: for helping and critiqueig me on the long long long journey xD
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1. That horse. Is way. Too. Smudged... Mother of what. I would suggest you would lower the opacity of that smudging layer :XD: In fact, don't smudge at all. =P It tends to take away detail (look at #3)
2. there is no drama, no "epicness". I would suggest you create a light source or gaussian blur inverted of the horse (the bg, but not the horse).
3. I think you should do darker details more everywhere. The smudgeing sort of took away that precious detail. So, instead of smudgeing, de-noise it :)
4. The mane and tail look kinda fake to me. I think you smudged them :meow: don't smudge the mane/tail unless it looks natural :iconevilgrilplz:
5. maybe make the font smaller, then white, then "overlay" and move it up into the corner.
6. Also, I would suggest you use this tutorial to help you out with the manes/tails. It was designed to be used with a mouse as well as a track pad or tablet.
7. I think that you smudged the sand too under the horse, yeah... It looks "fake" as in like, not real. I wouldn't suggest you smudge the background :XD:
8.The sand looks really good (where the hoofs go), but I would suggest some more detail in it, like not smudge it as much or something :)

Really nice job! I love the overall feel, like a happy kind ;)
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lol, its a barbie horse, durr! hahahah jkay
I know, this one my computer crashed half way, so i tried to be cool and finish it anyway with nolayers, and that did not work.
the tut link didn't work ;P
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Oops! Dunno what happened [link]
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Hey;3 I actually think this is great work! They go well together, and the lighting is okay:3
I found that the horses legs seem to be quite a bit shorter compared to the body, but it may be the angle they're at. Also the body is really smudged.. Maybe put the settings on 1 pixal and 20% smudge, see how that works out, as the facial details are really not there:3
I love the tail, and the eye though;3 beautiful ^_^
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Haha thanks. yeah i was having issues smudging- so i made it barbie-doll ish LOL

Thank you for the helod :D
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Awwh you're welcome!I still love the tail though ..
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As you were going to critique my work, would you mind if I did yours too ? ^_^
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I make too horse manipulations!
Want to take a look? :D

Greets, Eleonora :heart:
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thankyou!! of course :)
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Oh yes and can I give my opinion?
It's too smudged (like me! :D)
And his legs are a little bit short, isn't it?
i think you placed him not good in the background...
His mane and tale are a little bit too simple... (just smudged?)

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of course- ahha yeah this was my first one. not that good. haha. thanks for the feedback :)
yeah- i couldn't get it looking right, oversmudged xD
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No prob and thanks :D
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