TGH E#3 You Are What You Drink

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Ally was a little nervous as the pair walked through the halls of the research guild. She was not usually nervous as she walked here but today they were going to help out with another errand; one she did not like the sound of. Drinking potions with unknown effects did not sound like the best idea, even though they had been assured they were safe.

Beside her, floating along was her constant companion, Wirrin. Unlike the amaura, he was not phased at all by the possible results of the potions. Walking through the doorway to the room where the tests were being held, Ally kept her head down, gaze on the floor as they passed the other pokemon who had already taken some of the unknown substances. Wirrin however was looking around in awe and a few giggles. Some had colour changes, some had grown feathers and some had even changed types!

The guild assistant greeted them with a smile, “Ah, more test subjects, welcome!”

“Hi! So where's that stuff we have to drink? I hope I change colours, or types! How could would that be!” the hoppip was clearly excited at the prospect.

“Right here. There's one for each of you,” she handed over a bottle of potion to each of them. “Drink it down and we'll see what happens.”

“Will do!” Wirrin took the glass quickly drinking it down.

The amaura looked at the glass warily, but she too drank it. Looking over at her partner her eyes widened in surprise. The hoppip was no longer his usual redish purple colour. Instead he was blue with yellow spots. A smile slowly made its way onto Ally's face. It grew until she was softly giggling, that growing until she was on the ground, her eyes closed she was laughing so hard.

Looking at himself Wirrin started to chuckle as well, finding his new colours to be amusing as well. “I do look pretty funny.” Glancing over at his partner he gasped, “Ally! You have hair!”

Pausing she opened her eyes only to see that she could not see. A mop of fur was covering her eyes. “Eeep,” she squeaked, using a foot to move the hair out of her eyes. Ally found she was covered in fur. “Oh gosh...”

Beside her Wirrin kept giggling, both at his own colour change and her fur growth. “You're so fuzzy,” he reached out a blue paw to stroke her fur. “Haha, if only it wasn't temporary.”

After looking over herself, a grin grew on her face. “Hehe, well even though it's not too bad, I'll be glad to not have this fuzz in my eyes.”

Client: Chelle
Errand no: #3
Date Issued: 3rd May 2014
Date Due: 7th May 2014

Wanted: intrepid test subjects for alchemical experimentation. Yes, I know it may sound intimidating, but as Head Professor of the Researcher's guild, it would be extremely unwise of me to ask such a thing of civilians unless I was 100% positive no harm should come to them.

Even so, this errand may not be for the faint of heart. Due to an error on the part of one of our record keepers, a series of 'tier 1' compounds has been mislabelled, and I'm told it's been this way for several months now. While these may be fairly benign mixtures, we cannot have this, and for that reason we are going to need to document their effects again from scratch.

I will require willing test subjects to ingest a series of potions and then report for examination. Rest assured, none of the catalysts used to create these mixtures are lethal or even dangerous. Expected results include temporary discoloration, random spontaneous fur growth, temporary type conversion, and...mild to extreme discomfort of varying degrees at a possibility of 30-40%.

Those brave enough to assist me with this task will be awarded one Star Coin and our medics in training will be on hand to restore you to your previous form after your examination. Those outside the Researchers guild, consider this a fine opportunity to dabble in the delights of science.

Team Glacial Herb
The title was too good to pass up XD
Anyway, so Ally and Wirrin are finding the potions to be a little amusing.

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