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Welcome to HARPG!


This is the official Deviantart community for the Horse Art Role Play Game

A fun Art-based game, HARPG encourages creativity and the on-going practice of one's art. Here in this group we encourage practicing equine art, and horses you create can be shown off here. Roleplaying horses is also a good break to get away from commissions, life or school.

We are open to, and have members of, all levels of art; from beginners, to teachers and even published illustrators. We accept all forms of HARPG-related art, including model horses, digital work, traditional pieces and photo-manipulations.

This is also a wonderful place to meet and find other equine artists/lovers on Deviantart.

Due to the success of our group, a great many sister-groups have blossomed, all ranging from wolves and cats, to show dogs and fantasy, and even farm animals and camels!

Our very baseline rule is, "It doesn't exist until you draw it." So, let your dreams take wing!

Official HARPG Newsletter

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We ask that you state in the description any visual resources used as reference material for making your art.

:bulletorange:Didn‘t use stock? Put "No refs used".

:bulletorange:Used lots of stock for generic research but no one specifically? Put "various general sources used".

:bulletorange:Used stock? Provide a link to it.

:bulletorange:Used Google or Pinterest? Find the original source. :bulletred:Can‘t find the original source? We cannot accept this piece of art without the original source from the rightful owner (photographer, etc.)

(This applies to all submissions including stable maps, sales, and references)

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With the change of groups' layouts, affiliations are no longer a facet of group functions. However, we didn't want your groups, breeds, activities, etc. to go unnoticed. We have compiled all previous affiliations within the HARPG community alphabetically within categories: Stable Groups, Breed Groups, RPG-focused Groups, and Other Equine Groups.

If you would like to have your group added to this list, feel free to send the group a note titled "Affiliation Request" with a link to your group! We'd love to add you to the list as we want to help promote all good things HARPG. :heart:

See Affiliations Here!

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Group Submission Guidelines

These rules only apply to submitting art to the group gallery. They do not dictate how you may play the game outside of this group.


Please read the guidelines before submitting! Full guidelines may be found HERE. Some important reminders:

:bulletorange: We do not accept art using non-stock photography as reference. This means when you use a non-stock photo and copy it, not when you use it for research on how certain details look/move. We ask that you state in the description of your art any visual resources used as reference material for making your art. We will not make any assumptions on your behalf.

:bulletgreen: Please make sure to credit stock artists if you have used their work. If you haven't used any, just write "no refs used" in the description of your art or comment on the group submission so that we know. If multiple resources have been used as inspirations, but not one strictly used, you can state that as "various resources used".

:bulletgreen: We do accept shows and contests. These shows must be traditional art-based contests, so no raffles.

:bulletgreen: All forms of art (traditional / digital / photomanip etc) are accepted in this club's gallery. Keep in mind that it should be your own artwork and related to HARPG (not re-uploaded commissions or deviations that aren’t by your account)

:bulletorange: We accept horses for sale if they are preexisting characters with their own original reference and information. We do not accept adoptables, breeding sales, breed imports, unfinished YHHs, or "looking-for" ads.

:bulletred: We do not accept premade linearts, or art made with premade linearts/bases. Please see the full guidelines for exceptions to this rule.

:bulletred: We will not accept any Pay-to-View content such as premium content or subscription-based content.

:bulletred: We do not accept AI-generated art. This includes backgrounds.

:bulletgreen: Please keep it a family-friendly environment and avoid excessive vulgarity or graphic art.

Remember to have fun and not take it all too seriously, it's just a game after all!

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Did this group stop posting newsletters and whatnot? Is it just the posters that are active?

The newsletter is not currently active. Galleries are always open for submissions. :heart:

hello, i was wondering if this group is still active, as id like to have my horses in a  group other than HARPG on amino.

Yup, very active. Just be sure to look over the rules before submitting :heart:

that's great! thank you so much, i'll do that.

Where would I post an advertisement about searching for a stable logo designer? I'm struggling with choosing a folder :/

Hello! Thanks for asking! We currently don’t accept "looking for" ads. We’d recommend finding groups that focus on the sales of horse art. :heart: