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Welcome to HARPG!

Harper by Horsepoint

This is the official Deviantart community
for the Horse Art Role Play Game

A fun Art-based game, HARPG encourages creativity and the on-going practice of one's art. Here in this group we encourage practicing equine art, and horses you create can be shown off here. Roleplaying horses is also a good break to get away from commissions, life or school.

We are open to, and have members of, all levels of art; from beginners, to teachers and even published illustrators. We accept all forms of HARPG-related art, including model horses, digital work, traditional pieces and photo-manipulations.

This is also a wonderful place to meet and find other equine artists/lovers on Deviantart.

Due to the success of our group, a great many sister-groups have blossomed, all ranging from wolves and cats, to show dogs and fantasy, and even farm animals and camels!

Our very baseline rule is, "It doesn't exist until you draw it." So, let your dreams take wing!


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Group Submission Guidelines:

These rules only apply to submitting art to the group gallery. They do not dictate how you may play the game.

Please read the guidelines before submitting! Full guidelines may be found HERE. Some important reminders:

:bulletorange: We do not accept art using non-stock photography as reference. This means when you use a non-stock photo and copy it, not when you use it for research on how certain details look/move.

:bulletgreen: Please make sure to credit stock artists if you have used their work. If you haven't used any, just write "no refs used" in the description of your art or comment on the group submission so that we know.
:bulletgreen: We do accept shows and contests. These shows must be traditional art-based contests, so no raffles.
:bulletgreen: All forms of art (traditional / digital / photomanip etc) are accepted in this club's gallery. Keep in mind that it should be your own artwork and related to HARPG.

:bulletorange: We accept horses for sale if they are preexisting characters with their own original reference and information. We do not accept adoptables, breeding sales, breed imports, unfinished YHHs, or "looking-for" ads.

:bulletred: We do not accept premade linearts, or art made with premade linearts/bases. Please see the full guidelines for exceptions to this rule.

:bulletred: We will not accept any Pay-to-View content such as premium content or subscription-based content.

:bulletgreen: Please keep it a family-friendly environment and avoid excessive vulgarity or graphic art.

Remember to have fun and not take it all too seriously, it's just a game after all!


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TheWolvenEstates Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2021  Professional General Artist
I want to use 3d model assets obtained through my drawing program, clip studio, as references for posing and skeletal tracing and such. Would that count as a form of stock and how would we credit that?
Examples Discovery
Drasayer Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
For sure, that is perfectly acceptable use. There are other users that regularly do the same method of posing 3D models. Proper credit for admins of this group to understand would be simply stating in the description "Reference used: 3D models posed using -insert name of program-" :heart:
TheWolvenEstates Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2021  Professional General Artist
Sweet! Thank you!
Fools-Ghost Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2021   Digital Artist
do we need to register a barn / show place?
Drasayer Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
You are not required to do any sort of registry to participate in this group:heart: it is purely optional if you wish to feature your created stable.
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