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Moving this to a Journal to make things easier on myself :P
Bullet; Red Free requests are closed for now until my backlog is smaller and I get through this list!
:bulletred: Point requests and Commissions are closed for now!
:bulletgreen: Paypal Commissions are open!

Stelios Papas - Common Swift Bird

Nina Neko-chan - Raven with blood-red eyes

candysweetx - Izzy (FNAF OC)

Kagome - Her and Dark inspired by Tangled - I See The Light

K9 love playz - Gummy (Wolf OC)

john renzi - Headless (muscular) black horse with cape that's scarlet red and flamming, jack-o-lantern head.

leathertachi - Twilight (Dino OC)

LillyMiella - Sonic OC ship w/ Tikal

1tiptip1 - Val (horse OC)

RainbowGlambert - Wolf/Fox hybrid V2

GenderFurry - Mischief (OC)

Dragondrawings - Jasiri

I always do requests in order of when I receive them.
Next up:
Stelios Papas' Common Swift Bird request!
Since I can't do polls this'll have to do...
Comment down below what colour(s) you associate with harmony.
Since I can't do polls this'll have to do...
Comment down below what colour(s) you associate with chaos.
I've been thinking of doing commentaries for my Speedpaints recently. What do you all think?
So last Sunday I went to Vancouver to see Imagine Dragons and it was amazing!

Though the events that happened before the concert were exciting too.

We woke up early so we could get the 9:00 ferry (Since it was the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend the ferries were busy) but my mom said that she wasn't feeling well. Though she knew how important this was to me (This concert was my sister's birthday gift to me) so she came anyway. Once on the ferry my mom slowly got worse. She spiked a fever, had bad abdominal cramps, and couldn't get warm at all.

When we got off the ferry my mom said that she couldn't go with me and that she would need to stay at the hotel we were in. So once at the hotel she called my uncle and asked if my little cousin, Caleb would like to go in her place. After a bit of thinking and talking to his parents he said he would go (It's his first concert too).

Though I still had a few hours to burn so I went exploring on my own while my mom laid in bed. I went around our entire block so I could find it again and then started wandering to see what was around. After finding a mall with nothing but clothing and a Disney Store in it with nothing appealing to me I came back to the hotel to check on my mom. She then asked if I could find a grocery store with diet ginger ale. Around then I found a map of the area which labeled some stores so I went to go find her ginger ale...
First store I tried (on the way back to the hotel the first time) was sold out... the second I couldn't find any way to get to because I was on an over head and couldn't see any way to get down... the third one... had diet ginger ale! So I bought it and went back to the hotel and put it in the fridge for my mom.

I still had a few more hours to burn before the concert so I went exploring again, seeing some malls on the map I had. The first one was the one I already explored, the second I found a parkade but no entrance and the third.. was completely closed! So then I noticed that I was running out of time and went back to the hotel. I had about an hour to burn still so I watched some TV until it was almost time to meet my cousins... Once it was almost 6 (the concert started at 7:30 and the doors opened at 6:30) I headed down to wait for my cousins at the front of the hotel. Now, normally when going to a concert I like to be where the line up is about half an hour early so the merch line isn't to long but my cousins didn't get there until about 6:20... and Caleb had yet to have anything to eat (he had money of his own though and a phone just in case we had to call his parents (he never used it during the concert Thumbs Up ))....

So we got to the merch table and I got a shirt and then I asked what Caleb wanted and he wanted the $90 sweatshirt XD He decided against it though because it was to much and didn't want anything else so he didn't get anything...

Front by horse14t
Back by horse14t

We then found our seats which were quite good (Thanks sis!) and we had about half an hour to burn before the concert started. About 10 minutes pass and Caleb asked me if he could get something to eat so we left the seat and got him some kettle corn and a Dr. Pepper.

Once the concert started there were 2 guest bands. K. Flay and Grouplove.

K. Flay wasn't to bad. Some of her songs were catchy and her duet with Dan Reynolds (Lead singer of Imagine Dragons) was really good!

Grouplove though... I'm not a fan. The lead male singer couldn't hit high notes at all. His voice constantly cracked and just didn't sound all that great. The female singer was a lot better though. They were also the only band that swore at all which made them feel out of place compared to K. Flay and Imagine Dragons since both of them didn't swear at all. You could hear and see the passion they had but to me they were just trying to hard.

But then came the main event! Imagine Dragons opened with a really cool movie thing and then opened with I Don't Know Why and it was awesome! The light show was amazing, the movie parts were really cool and interesting, the singing was amazing, and just everything!

At one point they got off the main stage and made  their way through the crowd to a smaller stage to do a few songs and Dan stole some kid's hat XD They wore it throughout the time they were on the smaller stage and signed it and got it back to the kid.

The first song they played on the smaller stage was a tribute to Tom Petty. They played a cover of Stand My Ground which was supper cool.
They also had smoke machines, bubble machines, confetti cannons and at one point giant balloons rained down from the crowd and to the stage.

The only draw back to the experience was that me and Caleb had a line of teenage girls (because of coarse :P) who STOOD UP nearly the entire time (Like really? Sit down!)! So it was hard to see at some points but that was really the only draw back when the main show began.

Over all it was an amazing experience and I would go again!

After the show we met up with Caleb's parents and we decided to go to McDonald's (bad idea) and it was packed! We dedicated ourselves by that point though... There were so many numbers on the waiting list that not all the numbers could be displayed. Though, strangely after awhile (we waited half an hour) they stopped calling numbers and only displayed the Now Serving numbers... My cousin Richard (Caleb's dad) soon went up to the counter and apparently our order was there the entire time... They just stopped calling out the numbers for some reason...

So we got our meals and parted ways at the hotel (Caleb had a good time).

The next day my mom was still sick so we left as soon as we were ready and got onto the ferry home.
My mom dropped me off at home while she went to the hospital to get diagnosed and some pain killers for the cramping.

A few days passed and it turns out that my mom contracted some food-born illness which was why I didn't get sick.

She's doing better now though :) She was quite the trouper throughout the entire trip despite being so sick Thumbs Up
So I've been getting back into The Lion King lately and I wanted to try and do a Lion King RP. (It also gives me an excuse to use my long neglected African OCs :P)

This can include the first and second movies as well as The Lion Guard, or all of them if you want. I also want to try and get out of my comfort zone and try and RP a few cannon characters, however I expect you to pull your weight when it comes to cannon characters too!

You are allowed to play only cannon characters if you'd like or a mix of cannon and OC characters. I will be playing a mix of my OCs and cannon (I'll let you choose what cannon, main characters you want to do first.)

I have a couple ideas for plots right now but nothing to concrete so it's flexible. Feel free to suggest your own as well.


Bullet; Red No 18+! I will not RP a sex scene or tolerate fetishes! Romance can happen but if it gets to that level we skip it!

Bullet; Red Give me a reply that I can work with! No "..." or "k" tell me what your character(s) is doing, thinking, reacting, etc. If you're stuck then a short reply is better then nothing.

Bullet; Green I can work with paragraph, script, or a mix of both. I however will be RPing in paragraphs.

Bullet; Red No first person or playing yourself!

Bullet; Green Have fun!

If you read all this please put Lion Roar in your comment or Note so I know that you read everything.
So today I noticed that my neighbors were having a garage sale so I decided to check it out....

And what I found was a Play Station 3 for $60 dollars!
Untitled by horse14t
And the controller came with an adapter so I can use it on my computer! (Never used a controller on my computer before!)
Untitled by horse14t
And I've tested it and it works!
So I cleaned it and then took these pictures.
It also came with a little hockey game for free (because I didn't want it but it was already in the machine) that I'm going to sell or something at some point.

I'm thinking of getting Jak & Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and The Last of Us so far for it!
Cats, Dogs, Horses, dragons, made up, Fandom, TLK, anything!
If you have animal characters, and I'll RP with you!

Bullet; Red no 18+, smut, or sex!
I like shipping my characters with new ones but if the relationship progresses to that point we fade to black!

Bullet; Red At least 2 sentences preferably. Please don't give me a reply saying only "..." Give me something I can work with!

Bullet; Red Tell me if you get busy. Just something simple along the lines of (Got to go now, bye) or (My replies are going to be sporadic for awhile due to real life stuff)  just so I know that you're going to be gone for awhile and I don't have to worry about you not getting my Note or forgetting to reply.

Bullet; Green Have fun!

If interested please send me a Note!
So today I was listening to Pan Pizza's latest Pizza Party Podcast when I took a look at the timestamps... and one of them was Dreamworks Spirit Return!

And anyone that knows me knows that Spirit is my favourite movie ever! So naturally I then looked at Spirit's wiki page and found this:

Television series

A television series, based on the film, and titled Spirit Riding Free, will air on Netflix in May 5, 2017. The series will follow all the daring adventures when Spirit, who is the offspring of the original meets a girl named Lucky whose courage matches his own.

I also watched the trailer:

and I think it's... meh for now, though I'm not going to judge the show until a few episodes air first.
So for now the hype is real!
So I've ran out of requests (down to one now with another on hold) and would like more to add to my list!
Requests are completely free (unless you want to donate, in which case please do so by my donation pool on my page)! and will be recorded to make a speed paint to go with it! and at the top of the video's description will be links to your DA and YouTube (if you have one) accounts.
If your request is an OC, once uploaded to DA it will have a water mark to help prevent stealing. However a downloadable version will be uploaded to my and sent to you so you can download the finished piece.
You will be notified when the piece is completed and uploaded which will usually be on a Saturday.

I take requests for:

Real, mythical, OC's, hybrids, anthro, made up, etc

Animals from movies and TV shows for example How To Train Your Dragon or Lion King

Unicorns, Earth Ponies, Pegasus', Dragons, Bat Ponies, Zebras, Breezies, Changelings, Alicorns, Draconequus', OCs, Cannon, etc

OC's and cannon characters.
No human characters, only animatronics or anthro characters (IE if your night guard is an anthro wolf or cat or something I can draw them)

Anthropomorphic Animals:
Werewolves/Lycanthopes, Werecats, etc

Pokemon are a little more tricky then what I'm used to. If it's a really really hard Pokemon to draw I might not do it. But don't be afraid to ask cause you never know :)
So yesterday I had a bug with DA where this submission
Feathered Dragons - Olmec Feathered Serpent by horse14t
had the 404 The page you were looking for doesn't exist error and I wanted to share how I managed to fix it for those that have the same problem with their art.

First I hovered over SUBMIT and clicked Manage Deviations:
Capture by horse14t
Then I selected the file and clicked Store:
Capture 3 by horse14t
And last I went to Storage and selected the file and clicked Unstore
Capture 5 by horse14t
And then the problem was fixed and my deviation could be viewed again without being reuploaded! :w00t:
So after work today I decided to try and catch an early bus home instead of my normal bus and then transfer to one of the same number as the early bus home (I don't have my drivers license yet, though I'm working on it.) and not only get home a little sooner but also skip the school rush (the bus gets so crowded DX) but when I got to the intersection I had to cross the bus came and I thought that I had missed it and had to take my usual bus.

But the driver recognized me from other times I've taken her bus home the past few weeks and opened her window and asked me if I wanted her to wait for me! Of coarse said yes and she waited at the stop and when it was safe to cross the intersection I ran to the bus and thanked her.

She is now my favourite bus driver ever!
So on Tuesday this week I was bitten by a horse!

Yeah so, I work at a barn on Mondays and Tuesdays (Though I had Monday off this week due to Family Day) and I get to work around horses all day! :D

But then there's this really dark bay mare named Izzy. She looks really cute but she's a biter! And she finally got me :(

Basically what happened was, I was feeding the horses in the paddocks and I came to give Izzy her lunch.
But when I got to her shelter I noticed that the hook was gone and that the previous hay net was hanging over the shelter's joist support (Or whatever, I don't know that name for it) so I took it down, keeping Izzy in my peripheral vision to make sure she wasn't going to bite. But as I put the clip on the hay net's rope and threw it over the support the rope got stuck... And in that moment when I was trying to get it unstuck Izzy bit me on my right thigh just above my knee. My yell was enough to make her let go and run away but man did it hurt! And I didn't scream I yelled, quite loudly too (and spooked the other horses).

She then tried to come and get back to her hay and I yelled at her which made her think twice and back off.
When I finished with the hay net I took the other one and put it in the wheelbarrow and then checked the bite to see the damage.

Luckily I was wearing jeans (I don't wear any other kind of pants anyway :P... or shorts) so she didn't break the skin at all. But the bite was already red and swollen and bruising.
But I kept going, feeding the other horses and cleaning the paddocks and doing my job. Even though the bite hurt enough that I was limping a bit.

I emailed my boss already about it and have yet to get a reply and I have been keeping an eye on it.
The swelling is almost gone now and the bruise is showing all its lovely colours :P But it's healing nicely and I don't need to go to the doctor at all.
It still hurts though not as much. Each day the pain and swelling is going down a little. I took Wednesday off to let it heal a little before going to the Alpaca Farm I work at on Thursday (I clean the paddocks there too.. and I'm there for longer.. on my feet).

So for the weekend I'm just trying to take it easy and not be on my feet to much and let the bruise heal.

I don't have any ill will towards Izzy, after all I don't know her past or why she's so mouthy to begin with. For all I know she could be an abuse victim and feels like she needs to protect herself (though she's mouthy with her owner too who's quite nice) or was just not disciplined properly as a filly. I certainly don't have any fear of her or horses and forgive her.
So... I'm taking a break from making speed paint videos for now...

Why? Because I'm having a seriously bad drawing burnout right now and I'm down to only one request.
I will still be taking requests but the videos will come out much slower then normal. Just finishing my White Tiger request was hard enough. I had to seriously resist the erg to say screw it and rush it (because I hate rushing my art).

So for now whenever I get the erg to draw I'm going to focus on my personal projects instead of making a drawing video.
Which includes a project for a new YouTuber that I haven't been able to work on for months because of requests and real life drama and I feel really bad for that.
And my comic which I also haven't been able to work on the past few months.

I will still take requests however but they won't be my top priority for now and may take awhile to come out until I get at least the first personal project done.
Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever you celebrate this time of year!
I was thinking of Excelerate's story line the other day and the villain will be revealed in the next couple of pages (I think in 2 pages from now).
The thing is I don't know what the villain's motive should be.
I've done things like the tragic back story trope and madness but this time I want something different.
What should the motive be?
And if you want to pitch ideas for the comic's story feel free.

P.S. the villain is not a cheetah.
Tired of not finding the gimp brush that you're looking for? Well now you can get just what you're looking for. Just leave a comment on what kind of brush you want (Animated or not) and I'll make it within the week. For free

How to install gimp brushes (Gimp 2.8)…