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King Scarheart by horse14t King Scarheart by horse14t
Well... it's about time I redrew my canine king :P

Also the flower he has in his mouth is a wild rose, though the colours are symbolic, for I am confirming Scarheart to be an Aromantic Asexual! Aromantic Paw Asexual Pawprint

(.... It also gave me an excuse to show Scarheart's more playful side XD)

Name: Scarheart
Age: 5,165 years old
Species: Black Wolf
Gender: Male
Orientation: Aromantic Asexual
Mate: None
Mother: N/A (deceased)
Father: N/A (deceased)
Siblings: N/A (deceased)
Height: 3ft (92cm)
Home Land: Mayan Wolf Pack Territory
Rank: King
Personality: Devious, Trickster, Leader, Wise, Warrior, Playful, Mentor, Cryptic, Traveler, Historian, loves kids
Mortality: Neutral
Birth period and Place: 3150 BC - Egypt

King Scarheart is a strange and very old Black Wolf. He is not only the oldest living animal known but is also well traveled and very wise. However he will only share his knowledge with those that he feels are worthy; and even then he will most likely be cryptic about his answers... unless you're lucky.

It is also well known that Scarheart is Functionally Immortal, meaning that he cannot die of old age but can die by other means. Scarheart says that he became immortal by accident after a spell that was casted on him went wrong. Unfortunately though he found out long after the original spell caster had died leaving Scarheart to be unable to die of old age permanently.

However Immortality in Scarheart's eyes has many costs. He has to sit and watch those he loves, including friends and allies die over, and over, and over again through the ages, and since wolves only live 3-6 years on average this happens frequently. He also has to constantly adapt to changing times, social norms, and changing laws as well as keep himself busy to prevent what he calls, Ever-Living Madness. Which is a mental disorder that happens to animals that live to long, usually in those that are immortal like him. This type of insanity is slow to start and often ends in the animal committing Self-Death if left untreated. Scarheart says that to prevent Ever-Living Madness he has to keep busy, and that being a king helps distract him from the reality of how long he's lived for. Though some say Scarheart does have a version of this madness, but much more controlled then most because of his busy lifestyle.

This old wolf is also a well known historian and has over his lifetime gathered quite a collection of various things including slates, stone tablets, scrolls, and books. He can also speak, understand, read and write in several different languages from all over the world. As a result his library is quite massive and animals from all over, including his closest friends and allies come to him whenever they need something answered.
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MetellaStella Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hm, for some reason this reads more as a melanistic jaguar than a wolf. 

This is a lot like how I envision Toriel and Asgore from Undertale, immortals who have gained a ridiculous amount of knowledge, and also have to fend off malaise from the nature of being immortal. 
horse14t Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I fail to see how he looks like a black jaguar :?

Lol, yeah I can see that. Though I've had Scarheart long before I even heard of Undertale :P
MetellaStella Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, and about Toriel and Asgore: since immortality was little more than a mention, and didn't get much thematic or character development involved in it, I don't think your ideas are similar. Just similar to my musing on the subject. 
MetellaStella Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm no expert in animal anatomy, but I could try to express some reasons. Hm. His right ear looks exactly like cat's, though his left ear doesn't. His face, and especially his muzzle, is very round, and he has chin fluff which is reminiscent of felines, especially tigers and lions, whereas canines have very receding chins. He has a very visible neck (cats tend to have this, whereas wolves are sufficiently fluffy to hide it somewhat. Also, the neck is probably a little too long for either type of animal, more like a stoat). His body is long and bulky like a big cat- wolves tend to be slimmer. Same goes for his front legs- bulky. His back legs do look more canine. 
horse14t Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well part of it is my style though the other is that Scarheart is a Black Wolf. A species of wolf unique to my universe. They have a slightly different build to them then grey wolves. They're also bigger and more muscular since they tend to go after bigger prey. The chin fluff is a sign of age though not all Black Wolves end up developing it. It depends on genetics.
And the nose shape is because I have a lot of trouble drawing a canine nose :P I'm still learning. Also big cats have rounded ears while canids have more pointed ears.
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