Feathered Dragons - Mishipeshu
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Tried something different for the line art this time. Instead of using single lines and just using Stroke Path I instead used the paths to create basically a bubble and filled it in. It's a bit more time consuming but I like the way it came out.

Also I based Mishipeshu's colouration on the Canadian Lynx since Mishipeshu's name translates to "the Great Lynx" Also he has a white underbelly (you can see some of the colouration on the snout) but the shading with the airbrush kind of camouflaged the colours together... Oops.

The island behaviour is inspired by Michipicoten Island which (according to Wikipedia) is supposedly the home of Mishipeshu.


For Colour:

Mishipeshu is a water dwelling, wingless dragon mostly found in deep lakes and rivers. It sinks to the bottom and walks along the lake floor similar to what Hippos do. They have four webbed toes on each foot, closable ears and nostrils, and are a bit smaller then a horse. They also have a water proof coat of protofeathers and powerful limbs and tail.

Mishipeshu are generalist, carnivorous feeders though they mostly eat fish and unlucky water dwelling mammals and birds.

Mishipeshu's long, powerful tail can help propel them in the water however males will mostly use them in splashing contests where two males will surface to the top of the lake or go on land and splash their tails in the water and hiss and grunt at each other. The bigger and more powerful the splash, the more dominate the male and the more females they'll attract.
Females tend to favour males with longer tails, shinier horns and scutes, and longer horns.
The horns and scutes of Mishipeshu shine similar to copper due to their microstructure and how light reflects off of them.
Females also have smaller horns and scutes then males.
Males will also roar loudly during mating season to call out to rival males and attract females.

Mishipeshu also possess "ear tufts" behind their ears which are actually not for hearing but for communication. A Mishipeshu will puff up these tufts of feathers when angry, curious, or cautious as a warning that it's alert or ready for attack.

While Mishipeshus live most of their lives in water females will surface and go to land to lay their eggs, usually 2 or 3 at a time and to take care of their young.

In lakes with viable islands in them they'll tend to favour them for safety and food. The chicks will almost be completely land dwelling for the first few months of life as they develop. Though they may play or relax in smaller water sources or puddles if available. Slowly building up their ability to hold their breath.

Depending on what environment they raise their young, mother Mishipeshu will either hunt in nearby water or on land near the nest. The mother will then go back to the nest and regurgitate a chunk of meat from her crop for the chicks to eat. Mother Mishipeshu will take care of their chicks for the first 3 years of their life.

Mishipeshu will fiercely protect their young, charging, biting or clawing at any threat in the area. Their large claws are ideal to do a lot of damage. Though they also use their claws to dig in dirt and mud for anything they may eat like sand dwelling fish or mollusks as well as fighting each other.

In winter Mishipeshu will surface and seek out a safe place to hibernate. Some will even form small groups and huddle together for warmth and safety during hibernation. Once spring comes Mishipeshu will wake and go back to the rivers and lakes they reside and hunt. The small bands breaking up.

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Thank you :)
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Anytime ^^
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Looks kind of cute.
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That he is ;P
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This one kinda reminds me of an axolotl and I love them ♥️
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Lol, didn't even cross my mind :P
They are some strange and adorable creatures!
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