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Chao: God of Chaos by horse14t Chao: God of Chaos by horse14t
Full body of Chao from here:
Dragon Gods
(Pronounced: Chow)

Chao is believed to be a mischievous, childish god. Often messing around with the other 5 or sometimes with the dead or living. Chao is often associated with birth defects, good bad or neutral. Extra digits, organ deformities, floppy ears, mismatched eye colours, and so on are often blamed on Chao.
It is believed that when deformities occur Chao is simply wanting to play around, though sometimes his game goes a little to far which creates a deformity that could be fatal or shorten a pup's life.

Though if a Lycanthrope is born with extra fingers or toes it is believed that they are blessed by Chao since Chao is the only god with extra digits. As such they will often posses purple coloured jewelry since purple is highly associated with Chao.

Chao is also associated with the weather and the changing of seasons. Mostly because the weather and seasons are so unpredictable.

Concordia is Chao's opposite. The Goddess of Harmony. Concordia is believed to put Chao in his place from time to time when he starts to get "carried away".

Chao's breath weapon can vary between tribes. Some say his flame is multicoloured (usually black, dark red and purple), some say his flame is more like harmless smoke or steam, and still more think that his breath is a single colour or he may not have a breath weapon at all.
His symbols are the colour purple, spirals like his horns, or a loop that resembles his curled tail.
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