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Love it when horror and humor are paired together? If it's dark, bent and twisted and makes you giggle, it belongs here.

If you're like me, you've laughed when others have screamed, you seek out the worst B-movie horror flicks and watch them to indulge in horrible humor!

All horror fans of every kind are welcome here, feel free to contribute.

Everything related to the dark side...of funny including campy horror movie parody, black humor, amusing monsters and evil villains presented in comedy comics, cartoons, original characters and fanart.

Currently we have folders in our gallery featuring fan art, original art and characters, movie poster parody, artisan crafts and toys, cartoons and comics, photography and photomanipulation, evil pets and animals, stamps, icons and avatars, stories and writing, motivationals and demotivationals, the Pit-face comic series, the Matt madness comic series, horror humor holiday themed folders including christmas, halloween, easter and so on, plus the strange off topic oddities folder but still we continue to grow....
It's madness!
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1,585 Members
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Ghoulish Greetings...

:bulletpurple: Please become familiar with the group rules if you wish to contribute to our ghastly gallery.

:bulletred: All contributions must be on topic and contain horror and humor both, also acceptable is horrible and funny! (We are not tyrants!)

:bulletgreen: All Off-Topic contributions will be hunted down and moved to the miscellaneous folder.

:bulletorange: If you feel your piece has been mistakenly placed in the off-topic folder and would like it moved please send a note to the group explaining how the work contains funny and horror, maybe we didn't get it, we probably don't get out enough.

:bulletblue: The featured gallery will occasionally grow too large due to a high volume of contributions and older submissions will be moved to the relevant galleries of our group.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions send #HorrorHumour a note and we will respond.

Thanks for reading, enjoy lurking in the evil deep dark shadows of our group, but don't worry, we all giggle down here.

Gallery Folders

HalloIceScream by Championx91

Mature Content

It rex (Pennywise T.rex 2.0) by XenoTeeth3
Wretched Fan Art Mockery
Ireis 10 by mario-felix17
Pinkamena Diane Pie 2 by mario-felix17

Mature Content

Risley Law In Irias/Spengbab Art Style by mario-felix17
Ireis 9 by mario-felix17
Horribly Funny Original Artwork
Xoq, Princess of Deep Space by ZaubererbruderASP
Card2 by Ivana-Milay
Harold and Dale: Love and Loveless by LRW0077
Harold and Dale: the Lovestruck and the Sad Sack by LRW0077
The Gurch
Deadline  by TheGurch
Oi!  -- WHERE'S MAH FAMILY!?! by TheGurch
No tears please...its a waste of good suffering by TheGurch
MOUTH of MADNESS by TheGurch
Nightmare Fuel Coloring pg. 13 by scythemantis
Everted by scythemantis
Mermaid Queen by scythemantis
Organic by scythemantis
cold cereal by ctdsnark
wacky 129 by ctdsnark
wacky 131 by ctdsnark
wacky 126 by ctdsnark
Sarah vs Kaz by Kaaziel
The aftermath by Kaaziel
Spooky Artisan Crafts and Evil Toys
07.12.2018_7 by AliceGothic
07.12.2018_6 by AliceGothic
Mr. Dandy II - My pumpkin (2017) by IntuitiveMoth
Dieu Et Mon Droit by Drochfuil
Sexy Horror
Ivane the little monster (concept art) by Ivana-Milay

Mature Content

The Void in/and Me by Dario-L-Art
Animated Atrocities
Orbie by JoeEyeStepOnMonsters
Disturbingly Cute
Panty And Stocking Show Us Their Minds by ReturnOfXand96
Creepy Fun Comics and Cartoons
Undyne Changes The Mind Of Alphys by ReturnOfXand96
Cosplay Catacombs
Sorry Valentine, I can't by IllyDragonfly
Morbid Giggles Photography and Photomanipula
Anubis Knows Best A by darknessofanubis
Sickening Movie Poster Parodies
they followed you home by ctdsnark
Motivationals: Degenerate and Nefarious
burnedshop_24.09.2019 by AliceGothic
Extremely Evil Pets
The Deadwood Moo by jflaxman
Ghastly Good Icons and Avatars
(c)Argarothavatarmiddle2020 by AliceGothic
Sinister Stamps
What is this... I don't even...
Self Portrait With Blinds by Sturdyman
Wish Every Day Was a Hilarious Halloween
hauntedcottage_16.10.2019_2 by AliceGothic
Happy Vicious Valentines
Hauntedmanufactory_11.10.2019_5_(21) by AliceGothic
Hare-raising Eerie Easter
Happy Easter 2021 by jflaxman
We wish you a killer Christmas
Cold Winter Night comic page 5. final by Alerazz501
Horribly NOT funny
repulsive by mrmission


Frankie Enjoying an Innocent Fag by TheParodist Frankie Enjoying an Innocent Fag :icontheparodist:TheParodist 4 1 Shaun simon pegg by TheParodist Shaun simon pegg :icontheparodist:TheParodist 2 2 shaun nick Frost by TheParodist shaun nick Frost :icontheparodist:TheParodist 2 2 carrot selfie by UglyBabyEater carrot selfie :iconuglybabyeater:UglyBabyEater 12 0 we both know what will happen next by Ms-Maggie
Mature content
we both know what will happen next :iconms-maggie:Ms-Maggie 13 2
Halloween by ziconviene Halloween :iconziconviene:ziconviene 14 3 Halloween makeup by IraNyaaasha Halloween makeup :iconiranyaaasha:IraNyaaasha 31 20 It's Agent Schtarling! by Seal-of-Metatron It's Agent Schtarling! :iconseal-of-metatron:Seal-of-Metatron 15 3 Bird, cat and the thing by MisiasArt Bird, cat and the thing :iconmisiasart:MisiasArt 81 11 Passionate by MisiasArt Passionate :iconmisiasart:MisiasArt 79 4 Magic Bird by MisiasArt Magic Bird :iconmisiasart:MisiasArt 89 9
Thirty More H's
Harry then reached into Hermoine's breast, ripping the blood-soaked pulsating heart from its socket. Grasping the heart in his hand, he took a delicious juicy bite out of it, chewed it up and swallowed it, feeling the blood flow through his digestive system. Then, Harry threw the broken heart into a nearby wood chipper, pouring the leftover bloody remains into a syringe and mercilessly injecting it into the withered folds of his scrotum.
"How does your girlfriend taste, master?" Hagrid asked.
"Like some pussy with ventricles." Harry replied.
Harry's demonic guitar, Fuckslayer, transformed into a fire-breathing motorcycle made out of space dragons with machine guns.
Using this ultimate instrument of badassery, Harry tore through the demonic zombie horde, harnessing the force of a thousand dragons to slay fucklings and people he didn't like. Hagrid got run over by Harry's Fuckcycle and was flattened into a zombie raccoon pancake. Harry thought about juice.
Harry arrived at the church. Th
:iconxandermartin98:xandermartin98 5 8
happy clown by TreborNehoc happy clown :icontrebornehoc:TreborNehoc 6 6 ZombieMation 1 by rittie145 ZombieMation 1 :iconrittie145:rittie145 4 3 Summer Job by Blades-123
Mature content
Summer Job :iconblades-123:Blades-123 110 98
Kaijus Vs. The World by earthbaragon Kaijus Vs. The World :iconearthbaragon:earthbaragon 55 26
:icongwompplz: The Horror Humour group favourites generally contains submissions we wanted for our gallery, but either time expired on the invite, or the account is no longer active. So we then submit these as favorites to the group. These are the ones we wanted but didn't get for one reason or another.


We love our affiliates, and our affiliates love us!
It's over? Really.
Really now.
You think I'm just going to let this go?
The cobwebs stay.
So do the skeletons.
All of it.
Do mind the blood, that's definitely not going anywhere.
Halloween is never over.
Not for me.

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Welcome all zombies, lurch on in. Vampires, stop by for a bite. Werewolves leave your coats at the door.

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trandyplex Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2020  Professional Interface Designer
I am Christmas lover
IllyDragonfly Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Sending this message in a bottle to every dark soul who survived to Eclipse and this madness named 2020.
At The-Lunatic-Asylum the show is going on and we have the Halloween contest up. The theme is Cabin Fever. 
We are still collecting prize donors so if you cannot participate, which is totally fine (the theme may be a bit triggering) 
please consider to spread the word about it. The more weirdos we are, the better.
The Quicksands of Loneliness: Cabin Fever,Greetings, lovely patients and casual visitors stopping by the Asylum.It’s that time of the year again, Halloween is upon us and this year despite a lot of incovenients -like our man of letter counselor Dr Syn gone missing during a dangerous mission, or an enraging change in the lands of deviantART which makes gathering funds harder and in general anything more frustrating- we are holding a contest and I hope you’ll find time and inspiration to join us.Now without further ado, let me illustrate the contest:ThemeIf you’ll browse through DSM-5, the very thick Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, not only you’ll experience the alarming suspect to have many of these disorders, but you won’t see anything named “Cabin fever”. It is not an official diagnosis since it’s not a defined psychological disorder. Nonetheless, it is generally acknowledged by mental health professionals as a very real problem.The expression has been around for well over 100 years. Originally, it described the irritable feelings of people who lived way out in the country and who were stuck in their “cabins” due to winter cold and snow, without the ability to get roads plowed. Without phones, or mail, country people in those days often lived in isolation for weeks, even months at a time. Their only social interactions were with the people they lived with. Over time, people got restless, bored and irritable. They felt sick with loneliness, no wonder it was called a “fever”!But country people are not alone on this lonely boat.Researchers going to polar expeditions also generally undergo psychological changes resulting from exposure to long periods of isolation and confinement, and the extreme physical environment. Aviators sometimes suffer hallucinations during long, monotonous flights. Moreover we don’t have to look to such extreme situations to see what damage isolation can do. All we need is to walk past the daunting gates of a prison.The experiences of prisoners held in solitary confinement—the despair, the disorientation, the hallucinations—are well documented. During the ’50s Donald O. Hebb, a professor of psychology at Montreal’s McGill University, set out to study how sensory isolation affects human cognition. The results were dramatic. Depriving a man of every sensory input, he soon discovered, will break him in a matter of days. A series of cognitive tests showed that the volunteers’ mental faculties were temporarily impaired. While in isolation, for instance, the subjects were played tapes arguing that supernatural phenomena, including ghosts and poltergeists, were real; when interviewed later, they proved amenable to such beliefs. They performed poorly on grade-school tasks involving simple arithmetic, word associations, and pattern recognition. They also experienced extreme restlessness, childish emotional responses, and vivid hallucinations, visual, acoustic or even tactile (like reaching out to touch a doorknob and feeling an electric shock).Indeed, “Cabin fever” is a series of emotions or symptoms people experience when they’re confined for extended periods of time. As said above this may be due to a variety of circumstances, such as a natural disaster, lack of transportation, or even willingly social distancing for pandemics like Covid-19, basically anytime you feel isolated or disconnected from the outside world.The symptoms can go far beyond feeling bored or “stuck” at home. They’re rooted in an intense feeling of isolation and may include: restlessness decreased motivation irritability hopelessness difficulty concentrating irregular sleep patterns, including sleepiness or sleeplessness difficulty waking up lethargy distrust of people around you lack of patience persistent sadness or depressionRecognizing the signs and finding ways to cope with these feelings may help make the isolation easier to deal with. Coping techniques can vary, from spending time outdoors when possible, exercising, to following a structured routine, meditating, or like for this contest, expressing your creative side.RulesHere are the general rules to abide by: I. You have to be a patient The-Lunatic-Asylum to enter the contest. Not a patient? Click "Join the Group" on our homepage and embrace the insanity!II. All medias accepted. This includes all visual media (drawn or taken with a camera), literature and artisan craftIII. Start date: 21st of September End date: 31st of October Time zone: GMT (conversion clock here )IV. New entries only. Your deviation have to be submitted from 21st of September to the 11:59 pm of 30th of OctobeV. Add to top of your description what your work was done for The-Lunatic-Asylum (click add, choose Avatars and the scroll down until you see it, sadly when I try to type the name it says 'no result found'. Seriously Eclipse?) Thank you.VI. Entry have to be your own. No line arts, no baseVII. For photomanipulations: If there was used any resource (such as stock photographs or textures) they have to be credited in your descriptionVIII. If there are collaborations the prize will be given to just one of the participants and then they'll have to divide it.IX. Please respect the theme during your creative process.X. The judges can inspire you with a work, however, they do not count as participants and cannot win.XI. Submit in 'The Arena' folder. You can enter as many times as you want but you can win only once.Prizes (prize donors are always welcome and they are eligible to win)-First prize: 100 points from IllyDragonfly / one cosplay bust up shot from IllyDragonfly (with a sign or another prop) If we have 10 or more participants (Judges contribution excluded)-Second prize: One creepy/eerie short story or poem from IllyDragonfyAll winners will be featured at The-Lunatic-Asylum 's front page and their winning works will be put in the 'Featured' showcase.Judges Dr. A. Psychic, Forensic psychiatrist and Medical director C. Syn, D. Div., guest consultant (if he comes back in time, fingers crossed)EntriesCannot wait to see what your twisted mind will come out with, don't be shy and start creating!Also,Some words about the current situation...Either you join this contest or just enjoy as as part of the audience, this year more than ever we need to stay united and get the best of a bad job. Just because we are living in this big and scary place (which could be an Asylum in the dark land of deviantART, or the world experiencing a global pandemic) doesn’t mean we cannot have a good time.Some of our patients know well how to tread carefully in the Quicksands of Loneliness, some may experience these symptoms for the first time and feel very helpless, overwhelmed and scared (and rightfully so)… while some know this treacherous land way too well and fear to not be able to escape it unscathed this time.I’m just a humble human being and I don’t have all the answers, but what I can do is to do my best and that’s what the staff and I expect from all of you as well. You can slipper and fall, but don't sink without asking help. You are not alone in this.If we stay calm and united without being selfish or reckless we’ll make it.It will be alrightWith love,,“Loneliness will sit over our roofs with brooding wings." Bram Stoker
Thank you
Dr Psychic Astrea
IllyDragonfly Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hoping you won't mind me leave this small reminder:
:iconthe-lunatic-asylum: is organizing a contest for this Halloween and the theme is 'Fear of Dolls'.
The contest will start the 15th od September and we are looking for prizes and entrants.
L'enfant Terrible: Fear of Dolls
Drochfuil Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2019
Hidden by Owner
DyslexicGamer Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018
I know it says to send a note if I have any questions but I'm afraid it may get lost and it seems that people get responded to in the comments also so, I have one image that I want to submit and to others that I could possibly submit.

The image that I want to send 1st I made in SFM and it's not really funny and scary but it is spooky and I know you can submit just scary but I guess you could technically see it is kind of funny in and they don't know what's really coming sort of away.

I also have a de-motivational poster that can go into that category or the sexy horror category along with this very short video I made celebrating Halloween. Someone could check them out to see if they're right for this group,

This is the name of the one I want to submit, Gaze Through The New Window.

This is the name of the de-motivational poster, Halloween the devil's favorite holiday.

And this is the name of the video, Halloween the best time of the year
Fezdani Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2018
Did you submit your stuff? Go for it! It's all welcome in our filthy pit of despair. 
DyslexicGamer Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2018
I'm doing one every couple of days has not too flood things
Chaosfive-55 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Did anyone answer you on this?  I say go ahead and submit it!!! :)
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