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Dad and his boys by HorrorFan6 Dad and his boys :iconhorrorfan6:HorrorFan6 4 0 Beau up close by HorrorFan6 Beau up close :iconhorrorfan6:HorrorFan6 2 5 Beau by HorrorFan6 Beau :iconhorrorfan6:HorrorFan6 5 5 Boys at play 2 by HorrorFan6 Boys at play 2 :iconhorrorfan6:HorrorFan6 4 2 Boys at play by HorrorFan6 Boys at play :iconhorrorfan6:HorrorFan6 2 0 Mojo and Beau by HorrorFan6 Mojo and Beau :iconhorrorfan6:HorrorFan6 0 4 Mojo by HorrorFan6 Mojo :iconhorrorfan6:HorrorFan6 3 2
The Dragon's Claw
The weather outside was dreadful, the wind howling fiercely and pounding on the walls of the chief’s house, rain hammering on the roof. Occasionally a flash of lightning illuminated the interior of the cozy little home, and a rumble of thunder harmonized with the stormy concert surrounding the island, forbidding anyone from sleeping. Inside, though, the fire burned brightly in its pit, throwing long shadows on the walls and casting warmth over the scene. Chief Hiccup Haddock of Berk, forty-two, was sitting comfortably at the table across from his twenty-year-old son Hamish. Both men were gazing in studious silence at the game board that sat between them, eyes flitting over each other’s pieces, strategizing and plotting their next moves. Nearer to the fire, Hiccup’s wife Astrid sat in her chair, sharpening her axe with smooth, practiced motions. Hiccup’s Night Fury Toothless was curled up at her feet, eyes half-open, hovering between wakefulness and sleep.
:iconhorrorfan6:HorrorFan6 1 3
Forsythe Road
Late one night last autumn, my friends and I were driving home from the city. We lived in a small town, the kind of place that has nothing for a bunch of restless teenagers looking for some excitement, so we had gone that Friday afternoon to a nearby city in order to catch a movie. I don’t remember what film we saw that day, actually. In fact I don’t even remember if we liked it or not. I don’t remember much of anything that happened before the ride home. Everything that happened afterward has driven those details from my mind completely. Part of that might be contributed to the accident, but I think it was more than mere physical trauma that has muddled my recollections of that night.
I do remember that Ian was driving. I also remember that it was his car, a sleek silver machine that had been a gift from his parents for his sixteenth birthday. He loved that car. And he loved to go fast. Beth was in the passenger seat, her red hair tied in a ponytail as it so often wa
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Hoofbeats won first place! by HorrorFan6 Hoofbeats won first place! :iconhorrorfan6:HorrorFan6 0 10 Hoofbeats is Now Available! by HorrorFan6 Hoofbeats is Now Available! :iconhorrorfan6:HorrorFan6 3 7 HOOFBEATS IS GETTING PUBLISHED! by HorrorFan6 HOOFBEATS IS GETTING PUBLISHED! :iconhorrorfan6:HorrorFan6 1 4 The Newest Member of the Family by HorrorFan6 The Newest Member of the Family :iconhorrorfan6:HorrorFan6 1 3
The Man in the Web
Before I begin, I want to state for the record that I’m not crazy.
Oh I know, claiming that you’re totally sane is usually a good indication that you’re totally INsane, and making such a claim hardly makes people nod their heads in agreement. And after what I went through, it would be easy to dismiss my insistences as the ravings of a lunatic.
But I know I’m not crazy. I know what I saw – or more accurately, did not see, but heard and felt – that awful day. There are gaps in my recollection, sure, likely my brain’s efforts to preserve itself from utter madness. Nevertheless, I know what I went through, and I have a pretty good idea of what happened to Parker and me that day in the Haunted Mansion.
It was the summer of 2004, and Parker and I, both Orlando locals and high school juniors, decided to spend a Saturday afternoon at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The park is comprised of six themed lands. Main Street USA is the entrance, a r
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A Defense (?) of the Haunted Mansion Movie
In August 1969, the long-awaited Haunted Mansion attraction opened at Disneyland, welcoming the first of millions of foolish mortals into perhaps the most celebrated haunted house attraction in the world. It was – and still is – a masterpiece of illusions, magic tricks, and mechanical wizardry that even nearly fifty years later is still beloved by many. Its popularity is great enough that it has been replicated at almost every Disney park to be built since, and it is always a crowd-pleaser. Its eerie, ominous atmosphere, offset by the comical sight gags and jokes, creates a unique blend of humor and horror that is both edgy and family-friendly, and through all the changes that Disney parks undergo on a regular basis, the Haunted Mansion has remained hugely admired.
In November 2003, Walt Disney Pictures released The Haunted Mansion, the latest film to be based on one of their theme park attractions. It came right on the heels of the very successful Pirates of the Caribbean:
:iconhorrorfan6:HorrorFan6 2 3
Romeo and Juliet: A Tale of Two Horses - Ch. 12
It was as if the weather shared in the collective grief that overshadowed the herd. The sky was gray and cloudy for days after Romeo’s death. The wind blew fiercely, whistling through the trees like a terrible wail of misery. Rain fell like endless tears from the heavens, and the sky rumbled with sobs of thunder.
The day after the fatal fight, Capulet found Montague standing in his usual corner of the clearing, his eyes fixed on nothing, rain mingling with the tears streaking his cheeks. There was silence for a long moment. Capulet was hesitant to announce himself, unsure of how exactly to proceed. He opened his mouth, closed it again, then took a deep breath and said softly, “Montague?”
The palomino stallion blinked and looked around at him. There was a tense moment in which the two horses just stared at each other. Capulet could see a swirl of conflicting emotions swirling in his old foe’s eyes: rage, grief, hopelessness, confusion, all jumbled together in a n
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Sketch A King Is Born by BullerThePirate Sketch A King Is Born :iconbullerthepirate:BullerThePirate 34 10 Sketch Zira's attack by BullerThePirate Sketch Zira's attack :iconbullerthepirate:BullerThePirate 33 4 The Little Mermaid silhouette painting by BullerThePirate The Little Mermaid silhouette painting :iconbullerthepirate:BullerThePirate 19 9 Lion King silhouette- First Try-Water Colors by BullerThePirate Lion King silhouette- First Try-Water Colors :iconbullerthepirate:BullerThePirate 29 9 A Pride Divided Page 86 by BullerThePirate A Pride Divided Page 86 :iconbullerthepirate:BullerThePirate 75 34 A Pride Divided Page 85 by BullerThePirate A Pride Divided Page 85 :iconbullerthepirate:BullerThePirate 101 49 A Pride Divided Page 82 by BullerThePirate A Pride Divided Page 82 :iconbullerthepirate:BullerThePirate 62 19 A Pride Divided Page 84 by BullerThePirate A Pride Divided Page 84 :iconbullerthepirate:BullerThePirate 48 37 A Pride Divided Page 83 by BullerThePirate A Pride Divided Page 83 :iconbullerthepirate:BullerThePirate 41 9 Horsetastic - Halloween Horror by DolphyDolphiana Horsetastic - Halloween Horror :icondolphydolphiana:DolphyDolphiana 1,153 0 Bay Roan by deskridge Bay Roan :icondeskridge:deskridge 1,271 86 079 : Foal Walk by Nylak-Stock 079 : Foal Walk :iconnylak-stock:Nylak-Stock 71 6 A Pride Divided Page 81 by BullerThePirate A Pride Divided Page 81 :iconbullerthepirate:BullerThePirate 52 29 Headless Horseman by feeshseagullmine Headless Horseman :iconfeeshseagullmine:feeshseagullmine 460 44 A Pride Divided Page 80 by BullerThePirate A Pride Divided Page 80 :iconbullerthepirate:BullerThePirate 63 35 Ghost train by TheguyfromNorramby Ghost train :icontheguyfromnorramby:TheguyfromNorramby 65 27


My beloved horse Mojo passed away this afternoon from colic. I was blessed to have the best horse in the world for twelve years and I have some peace knowing that he's not in pain anymore, but I'm going to miss him very much. Good bye, Mojo, and thank you for being the best horse and best friend a guy could ever have. I love you, bud.


Christopher Weston
United States
My name is Chris, and my favorite thing to do in the world is to curl up with a good book and read till dark. My favorite genre is, obviously, horror, though I enjoy several other genres as well. My favorite book is The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux.

Another one of my hobbies...well, it's an obsession, horseback riding. I own one horse, a pinto gelding named Mojo, and he is my pride and joy. That's the two of us in the picture above, and I have some more pictures of him in my gallery, so feel free to take a look.

Here's an overview of the kind of work I do: I mostly write short stories in the genres of horror and fantasy, although I may write a mystery story every once in a while. I also enjoy writing horse stories on the occasion, and I will sometimes attempt to write a novella, posting it one chapter at a time. I have a series of comics called Pasture Pals going, which is about my horse Mojo and my friend Sam's horse Merlin and their various antics. I write film reviews in addition to my creative work, and I do take requests! Other than that, I do random poetry, mostly concerning my horse or faith, and I like to draw. So I pretty much do a little of everything.

I am a graduate of Campbell University with a degree in English. I don't yet know what I'm going to do with an English degree, though. I'd planned on teaching at the high school level until I did some observing and realized that it wasn't for me. So my future is pretty much up in the air right now, although I recently started considering writing film reviews for a newspaper or something. We'll see. I do want to publish my own work someday and am currently working on an anthology of short stories and several novels.

Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions about my work. I like constructive criticism, it helps me grow as a writer.

Also! If you're interested in reading more of my work, I have two other sites you might want to visit. First, I have a account, which features some stories I might not have posted here on deviantART. I mostly write "How to Train Your Dragon" stories, but I've also got stuff for "The Lion King," "Harry Potter," "The Nightmare Before Christmas," and others. Here's the link:…. Second, some friends and I have set up a blog where we allow our creative sides to run wild. I do book reviews under the pen name Mr. Write, and I encourage you to check the site out because my friends have some really cool material of their own, including short stories, comics, inspirational essays, and more reviews. Here's the link to that site, so please give it a look!
Yep, I have finally finished "Romeo and Juliet: A Tale of Two Horses," a story I started then abandoned back in 2013. I reposted the revised versions of the first six chapters this afternoon, so if you're interested in reading this story, whether you're revisiting it after a long break or experiencing it for the first time, feel free to check it out. There have been some small changes, mainly added scenes and altered dialogue, but it is still by and large the same story I started three years ago. The remaining chapters will be posted in due course (i.e. once I've edited them) with Chapter Seven going up early next week, hopefully on Monday. The story can be found in my gallery in the folder marked "Romeo and Juliet," and I sincerely hope you'll enjoy it. :)
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