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Black widow wife



Got a  new tablet to test it out and I love it.

Now I can draw more evil villains. I have drawn some evil dudes so where are my evil women at? 

This is Annis Black. She is a tricks rich men into marrying her so she can steal their fortune and she makes sure that they die in mysterious circumstances. 

She also is in a secret coven. Yeah she is an evil witch that serves the dark lord.

Her next victim was a man name Emrys. They had two kids together. 
Emrys father found out what he was  actually the one who confronted her. He was unfortunately was killed by her and she burned his mansion down the ground. 
Family portrait

She didn’t a chance to kill Emrys  since someone turned him into a vampire. She manipulated him to leave after he turned into a vampire  because he wasn’t safe to be near the kids.  Heartbroken, he left. 

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