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We will meet again part two

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oh boy 😵. I never drew a part two for a piece before 

Part one <da:thumb id="849714882">


 Oliver (blonde boy )uses his powers to see the unknown . However Oliver isn't allowed to monster hunt or play on his own mainly because Oliver's family is in a secret monster and crypt capturing business.His father is over protective of him , afraid that Oliver might be taken away by people and  be used to summon something evil or be killed by the unknown ( thats how his mother died). Oliver fed up being a sheltered child and cooped up, sneaks out of the house and visits the cemetery to visit his mother and talk to other ghosts ( of course he comes home before sunset so he won't get in deep trouble with his dad ). Him talking in the cemetery gave Oliver a reputation as crazy child and many people told his father to lock his son up or get medical help for him. Nobody really were allowed to play with him and if some of the Kids tried to bulky him, Oliver would just summon something to haunt the kids,sending them a curse , or even kicking the bullies butt. Oliver is pretty sadistic with his revenge so nobody really messed with him. John however , like a reject in this world ( he is socially awkward and he is a  immigrant  ) became friends with Oliver . He is afraid of Oliver in a sense , because Oliver has dark powers but he see that Oliver is a good friend and will stick to the end . Oliver really appreciates John being the only person not to judge him and defends John from bullies as well. 

John doesn't see the ghost so he wonders who is Oliver is talking to . The Boys are both in a haunted house  trying to find out who is haunting the place . John's dead sister follows John making sure that he is safe . 
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