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WWMA part 3

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I forgot to mention that Oliver and John are 13 in these pictures 🤷‍♂️ the ghost is 15

So Oliver is trying to find a way to show John that his sister is here with them. John is skeptical 🤨 so of course Oliver had a great idea to have a tea party at the abandon house that they visited( at part two ). Oliver found some abandoned utensils, cups and pot and started using it. He uses magical to built a fire and the tea started boiling . Oliver had a bag full of treats and tea already and started setting the table  up. John already was spooked out by the creepy house but he didnt wanted to disappoint his new friend . He didnt like using old dusty dishes and especially when it was owned by a dead person ,but he still played along .  Oliver told john not to freak out because he was going to show him that his sister is here . John held still and calm. Oliver's chair started to float!! John's eyes widen , he wanted to scream but he covered his mouth and still watched in shock and amazement . Then the nasty dishes started floating , and then the desserts and then so on. That's when John started to scream and bolted out the door. Hus sister was disappoint and lost focus , so that Oliver fall out of his chair and tea spilled all over him 😒... Part four maybe ???
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