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my oc Alice in her alien form ! I haven't drawn her for years and all the old art was in storage 

Her human form 

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Oh, jeez, spiders are bad enough, but ALIEN SPIDERS??? Haha, no thank you! XO Haha, but it's okay, cuz Alice seems nice. :D I kinda wonder how she transforms into her human self, and if it hurts. XD Haha, I like her tongue sticking out, like "bleehhhh!" I also think it's really cool that each of her arms (or legs, really) have different fishnets and fingerless gloves. ^^ Even though I didn't draw her spider form, I still had fun drawing her for your birthday picture! <3

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Alien spiders are 1000 creepier than regular spiders 😂 even in the alien world ,the aliens are afraid of them !! Their planet were blasted off of the galaxy ( like humans burning the spider's eggsack) and a few remaining survived . Alice got two brothers !( which I will draw eventually ) and they all transform human like with a black glove ( its kinda like a hologram to make them blend in with humans )

Thanks girl !! I really love the birthday gift you gave me !! I love her human form more than her spider form ( mainly because I can draw two hands instead of six , hands are my weakest to draw lol ) and I just love Gothic fashion !

This form she only appears to fight off bad guys , so yeah this is her superhero suit 😀