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Getting away with it

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So this is somewhat of a redraw a Drew last year 🤔 I think I improved 🤷‍♂️
I didnt wanted to redraw this piece completely . So I kinda made a sequel to it . Will definitely draw a part two to include my other character 

Its friday the 13th old art 

So Oliver knew Pine was behind the tree. Of course why wouldnt she be here ? After all Oliver and Johnny bured her husband and she needs to recover his remains 😉 ( her husband is a skeleton anyways ).

Oliver set a trap to capture her since  she isn't easy to catch. The reason he wants to catch her is to test her and make potions out of her . He would love to have the power to shapeshift !( Oliver can only turn into a bat ).

You see many years ago, Pine and Dakota tried to scam Oliver by selling him magic potions made out of food color water and mud . Oliver enraged , he took revenge and destroyed their business in a smug  way that embarrassed the couple and made them out of buisness for good and gave them a harder time trying to scam . Pine and Dakota wanted to get him back for that ! So they want to take Johnny and get a random for him . But when they found out Oliver is looking for a bigger bounty , they will find any way to sabotage him and take the reward for themselves 
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It's neat to see how your style has changed since the last time you drew this picture! :D

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HornedKingVelesHobbyist Digital Artist

Yes !! I hope the change of the art style is good 😂

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Shy-SteamerHobbyist General Artist

Oh, it definitely is! ^ ^