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You Monster...



This is GLaDOS. I'm sure you've heard of her. She starred as the antagonist in Portals 1 & 2(to an extent). And she is amazing.

In honor of Portal 2, I started working on this. Some unfortunate events slowed my progress, but I'm satisfied enough to call it done.

Now, you may notice that I took a couple design liberties. Some, like the removal of the third wire attaching the midsection to the upper body, were the results of me liking the design better without it. Others, like the red strip on her midsection casing, are just me adding my own touch to her design. Also, the mostly blacked out second wire and mid-section-to-body wires are the product of some laziness, but I think they fit in style-wise still.

Colorcube Analysis says 20 colors, it took about 10 hours of total work. Progress gif:
Original Sketch: [link]
References: Just go google "GLaDOS". I think I used the image from wikipedia's GLaDOS article the most.

Simple crits will be incorporated, complex ones less so.

Now I only want you gone.... So go play Portal 2, and don't forget that little fave button on your way out.
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you should try to do a big daddy over the summer... that is all.