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Tohru Honda was washing the dishes after she and the Sohma family had eaten breakfast, her back to the door. She didn’t know that Kyo Sohma was outside the door, wondering whether he was brave enough to go inside. He sighed. How could something that seemed so simple be so hard to do? Slowly he pushed the door open and looked inside. Tohru was standing by the sink, and she was singing again. She paused to laugh as a rainbow bubble floated up from the dish she was scrubbing, glinting in the outside light. Kyo cleared his throat, and Tohru turned sharply in surprise, the dish she was holding falling to the floor and breaking.
“Kyo-kun!” Tohru gasped, a pink blush spreading across her cheeks.
“Oh, I’m so clumsy!” she bent to pick up the broken dish. “I am so so sorry!”
“It’s ok…” Kyo sighed, drawing his right hand further behind his back as he went to help. Tohru put the pieces of the dish on the side, now furiously red.
“So…did you need me for something?”
“Uh…not exactly, it’s just-“ Kyo began, then the door slammed open and Momiji Sohma rushed in.
”Tohru, Tohru! Look what I got for you!” Momiji thrust a huge bouquet of beautiful wild flowers into Tohru’s hands.
“Hari helped me pick them out!” Momiji cried happily.
“Oh Momiji, they’re wonderful!” Tohru said in amazement. “But really, you shouldn’t have!”
“Come on Tohru, get a vase!” Momiji said, tugging at her sleeve and laughing.
“Ok!” Tohru said, and opened a cupboard.
At that moment, Yuki Sohma and Shigure Sohma walked in.
“Look at the flowers I gave Tohru!” Momiji shouted.
“That was nice of you Momiji” Shigure smiled, who had already listened to Momiji telling him all about the flowers on the phone. “They’re lovely, aren’t they Yuki?”
Yuki saw how flustered and overwhelmed Tohru was by all the attention. He smiled as well. “They’re beautiful Momiji.”
Kyo looked around the kitchen once, as Tohru put the flowers in the vase, then pushed past Yuki and down the hall, throwing his one, slightly wilting daffodil aside as he went.
this was originally a rough version done in geography
need i say more?
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awwww poor kyo... >< this is a fave!