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FUTAKUCHI-ONNA (two-mouthed woman)

By horinue
Yokai , japanese monster
Carbon pencil,colored pencil and graphite pencil on fabriano paper
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© 2017 - 2021 horinue
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Stumbled upon this on Facebook.  Stunning, gorgeous details, fascinating juxtaposition. 
renishv8's avatar
Love this drawing.
ellebieg's avatar
Wow, really interesting idea and great use on black and white and color
Nobert-Stanel's avatar
Sick, lets feature in our groups :iconspectrum-of-art:
gokuxvegeta4ever's avatar
INCREDIBLE detail and great use of mixed media here. I'm amazed. It's equally beautiful and eerie. 
Volinfer's avatar
Well, this is fucking disturbing. Amazing details and I'm pretty impressed by the fact that this one is drawn traditionally o:
ERASERHEAD0's avatar
Sweet mother of weird scary things.
This is nasty
Good job
HoshisamaValmor's avatar
holy shit! This is amazing
JDGr's avatar
I've seen this image circulating on Facebook without credits, suddenly browsing stuff I've found its source here!
Ankoku-Neko2's avatar
This was also how game freak got there inspiration
for a pokemon called Mawile
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* ¡Fantástico trabajo! Lo hemos destacado dentro de la carpeta "Featured nº5 o Destacados nº 5" en Special-Groups. (Es la carpeta donde se exhiben los mejores trabajos del grupo).

:artist: Trophy Emote 2 

* Fantastic work! Featured in Special-Groups in folder Featured nº 5. (Best works of the group). 
the self portrait Gold Medal Emote
horinue's avatar
Thank you so much for the featured no 5!
roundtower's avatar
A real pleasure dear friend! Hug Heart 
Aeneys's avatar
This is quite disturbing and awesome at the same time
MillieHo's avatar
Woah, I love it! Nice touch with the yellow teeth.
Cyle's avatar
That level of detail is pretty incredible.
skyler-grimm's avatar
That is so cool!!
PlasmaDragonite's avatar
Jesus fuck, that's horrifying.
seanalvinsquires's avatar
This is absolutely amazing!! Truly a great imagination.
zanderednaz's avatar pants! tis awesome !:)
labirynt's avatar
Glorious. The demon mouth reminds me of facehugger eggs from the Alien movie.
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