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A few notable changes that I recently made for my map of Planet Nirn:

1: Aldmeris
I decided to remove the continet of Aldmeris - the reasoning is simple, and is based on either of the following points:
- a. The continent never existed, it is just in the minds of the elves.
- b. The continent did in fact exist at some point, but was somehow lost (disappeared, sunk, destroyed, etc...), as there were countless expeditions and none managed to find it

Either way, considering that the map is made for the year 4E 201, the continent of Aldmeris does not exist at that time, hence its removal from the map.

2: Akavir
I completely recreated Akavir, and all the island nations between it and Tamriel. The reason is that when I made the map I was under the impression that Akavir is much larger than Tamriel. I then discovered that it is mentioned in the lore that Tamriel is the largest continent known on Nirn (the only larger one being Yokuda before its destruction).

Instead of making something completely new, I decided to use another fan-made version that already exists, the one from the Elder Kings mod for CK2. Why? Because that version is the most complete out there - with detailed geography, and cities spread around it.
While at it I also included the islands of Yneslea, Esroniet and Cathnoquey from the same mod, and for the same reasons - and because they fit very well with that version of Akavir that I was going to use anyway.

I also brought Atmora from the same mod - I was never satisfied with my version, and I chose the Elder Kings version because it is populated with cities, and is one that makes a lot of sense.

Initially I used the island of Roscrea from that same mod, but then I switched to the one from the upcoming mod for Skyrim called Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea - Voices from the Deep. I did it simply because that mod is going to come out one day, just like Bruma, and it is probably going to be very popular among TES players (unlike EK which is a mod for a strategy game), and thus it is probably going to be the de facto standard for how Roscrea looks like, even tho unofficial. It is also just better IMO, as they spent a lot of time designing it, and as a result it is very detailed and intriguing, with a very rich history.

3: Summerset Isles (Alinor)
I decided to update its shape based on the maps from Elder Scrolls Online.
Summerset differs in shape in pretty much all maps, even the official ones. The other provinces suffer the same problem, but here it is very pronounced.

I figured that the map from ESO is the most accurate, considering ESO is the latest game in the series, and that map is the latest one released by official sources.
It also brought new lore around some of the changes from the prvious shapes, which was canonised.

While at it I also added the new island south of Elsweyr, also from ESO.

4: Others
I decided to add a lot of new text on the map for things like mountains, forests, deserts, etc.
This led to the map being overcluttered with text, so I had to also reduce the size of the fonts. Not only this solved that issue, but the map now looks much cleaner and feels much bigger than ever.
Also, I finally removed Vivec from the map, and replaced it with Scathing Bay.

I'm thinking of making a v3 of the map, in 4K resolution. What do you think?
I'm just a romanian guy who likes Elder Scrolls games alot \m/