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Planet Nirn - Realms

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A map of my interpretation of the Planet Nirn, Realms version

Note that Elsweyr is split in two - The resistance and the Thalmor supporters. Also, southern Morrowind is under Argonian occupation and Vvardenfell is uninhabitable, destroyed by the Red Mountain

Inspired from the official lore and unofficial interpretations such as mods and fan-fiction.

The cartographer's name is my real name slightly changed to sound like that of an Imperial's, and has nothing to do with any lore characters.

I would really need some help in populating more of the non-Tamrielic parts of the map. There is little to no information about those regions, and I don't really have much time to play TES anymore, so I can't find that information by myself. If you find any, especially in ESO (because I'm not playing it too much since I'm not into MMOs), please post it here, if it is solid and valid in the 4th era, I will add it to the map.

- You are allowed to bring minor modifications to this map, such as highlights, arrows, additional text or colours, etc.
- You are allowed to redistribute this map anywhere you see fit, as long as the watermark remains intact and visible, and the proper credits are mentioned.

You can check the changelog here: docs.google.com/document/d/e/2…
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Awesome Map(s). Will you also do a paper like (oblivion styled) version for printing?
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Quite possibly.
I plan on including more locations in Akavir before that though, from the EK mod.

I'm not sure when exactly this will happen tho, as such a radical style change is quite time-consuming...
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  (What's that landmass to the southeast of the Summerset Isles please? I can see the name, but I don't recognize it, or anything there, who lives there please?)
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The orange island?

That would be Pyandonea. The land of the Maomer, also known as the Sea Elves - it's kinda like an Atlantis of sorts - they ride sea beasts.
Not much is known about the island, everything we know about its geography is from a very tiny and very old sprite from TES: Daggerfall (or Arena, I can't remember). A dude reconstructed the landmass a while ago and resulted in this. It's not 100% canon since that sprite was really tiny and there is plenty of room for error, and Bethesda never confirmed this shape or size... but it is the one that's commonly accepted through the fan community.

The other island nearby is Khenarthi's Roost. An island south of Elsweyr. It appeared first in ESO, but I don't know too much about it, since I haven't played that part of the game.
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 (Ah! Thank you kindly! My curiosity is sated!)
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Important notes:
- It is not confirmed whether Roscrea is still part of the Empire as of 4E 201, but it is speculated that it is
- Morrowind IS part of the Empire, at least on paper... in practice, it's pretty much going its own way nowadays
- Elsweyr IS part of the Aldmeri Dominion, but it is split in two kingdoms. AFAIK at least one of those is denying the Aldmeri rule and is either in open or underground rebellion, but on paper, it is still part of the Dominion.
- Since all other countries are, as far as we know, independent, I kept them coloured using their original colours: the ones used in the Geopolitical version (however, I'm planning on changing all of their colours in the future).
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CzarTyrantHobbyist General Artist
As a question, what is the source indicating Morrowind's connection to the Empire?
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TLDR: There's no mention of it leaving, and any way you look at it, it wouldn't make any sense not to be part of the Empire.

Simply the fact that there is no mention or confirmation that it ever left the Empire. In comparison, there are plenty of mentions of Hammerfell leaving, and Skyrim currently trying to (this one would be quite hard to miss), even for Black Marsh (which is named Argonia since the secession).
There would certainly be mentions of it in the nords' hate speeches, and I can't stress enough about just how important this point is.

Also: Morrowind hit rock bottom during the Red Year and the argonian invasion. It would be incredibly stupid to make a Brexit at such a moment, considering that it's economy, political power, and military power are close to nothing. The Empire, while it did recall it's legions back from Morrowind, would respond millitarily if the province tried to secced, and they would most certainly be sucessful (seeing that they can easily handle Skyrim with only a minor force, and Skyrim is a region unaffected by either natural disasters or war, not even the Great War).

Oh, and also there's Skyrim ceding Solstheim to Morrowind. Certainly they wouldn't have done it if Morrowind wasn't a part of the Empire, and even if they would, the Empire wouldn't allow it since any piece of land is just too important considering the ongoing cold war which they seem to be struggling very hard to wage. If Morrowind left the Empire after it took the island, it would give even more reason for the Empire to "pacify" the province.

Now the following is just my personal opinion but I think that Morrowind took an even greater hit than Pyandonea did in the War of the Isle of 3E 110.
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