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Christmas Eve in Seattle by metacom

Call of Duty

Here came the new year and new challenges! The only trouble is that our group admins faced more and more deeds IRL that sometimes even the voting on new submissions got endangered. We had a call for new admins previously and this is still alive. If you would participate in the group's daily life, want to give your two cents in the submission process and wish to help keeping this group alive that has already five years of history—please don't hesitate! The Photography World needs YOU!

First of all, you will need time to participate in the group's life. It is a daily deed but gives a lot of fun and good moments to meet the beautiful works that our members submit to us. Of course you will meet those submissions, too, that cannot receive the necessary votes, but this will help you, too. In long term this will help you develop your own style and refine your ability to avoid clichés and caveats. Did I mention that it is fun, too? :)

Please see more in our original call "Looking for admins", and we are looking forward to work with you!

Icy Days by FlorentCourty

Rules, Clarified

As you may already know, we updated our collection of rules to a probably easier to use set. There are no new rules or restrictions but we tried to make the existing ones clear and self-evident. You can find the set under the title Rules Check List that really states the main purpose—please read them and keep them in mind when submitting your wonderful artwork!

Little Angels by Wayman

January Hall of Frames

Er... sorry if this sounds a bit dumb. :) Here are some of the best images we got in January. Lots of thanks for the artists for their marvellous works! There were lot more candidates but we had to limit the number of featured images to give value to the feature itself, too... It was awful hard to select the best of the best from the lot we've got! This selection is just a short sample and there are even better works left out to keep the series balanced.  
  Winterforest by joe279

Escaping winter's grasp... by JamesRushforth
Glacier lake Fjallsarlon by TomazKlemensak  Mercury by A2Matos

Stacy - 6923 by grodpro 
 The forest of the silent whispers by CopperyGlare  windows to the soul so they say.. by Harpyimages It's taking over by Homunculi92   
# The Muse by Mishkina 
Hunter - Rahan, son of the dark ages by Carancerth 
Last One Standing by Aquilapse 
Magic Novi Sad by mannromann  Sunday Evening Liubliana by BerarAdrian 

Motivated Cycling by valkeeja
134 by tolgatacmahal 22 by nazmikomus  
Club26, In the rain of sunlight by Vint26

The Caped Invader by snomanda Elephant hawk moth eye by MBKWildlifePhotos 
The Garden Gnome by alexgphoto 

Congratulations for the DD:

A Blissful Friend by matthieu-parmentier

Our Admins' Works

Long-tailed Tit I by HoremWeb Southern Globe Thistel by Sabbelbina 

Keep on shooting and being genial—we're waiting your very best! ;)
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Thank you very much! :huggle: