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Out-of-Time Square

This small square-like place, called Via Portico d'Ottavia is an enchanted place in the (Jewish) Ghetto of Rome, Lazio, Italy. This is out of our Time with seconds running fast, minutes passing slowly and eons are walking on the cobblestones among people, often in a human disguise. The half-ruined, half-reconstructed ancient buildings have some Time Square-ish advertisement possibly from the Roman era and the Jewish pizzeria Il Portico (named after the nearby Portico d'Ottavia, that was under re/construction when I visited there) bears the clearly visible traces of a "Drogeria" sign. In the planked-up windows invisible souls sit and watch the living people passing by and sometimes you hear a faint but strange sound over the murmurs of the crowd, as a randomly roaming century stops and remembers its own time and manners. If you try to look for the source of the sound, you'll see a pigeon or a seagull or an orthodox Jewish man in his traditional garment and a very small Japanese camera. The square serves as a patio for Il Portico, tables are laid under sun shades and waiters wait. Perhaps they are waiting for another customer who wants to try kosher Italian food (it is very good there, I've heard!), perhaps they are waiting for another century to turn up, and tell a secret story about time that doesn't work on this place. It plays, rests, tells tales and makes practical jokes with architecture and masonry. You cannot percieve this all, if you walk there as a tourist and behave as a visitor. Open your eyes and ask the walls about their past and to show their memories and they will share the magic with you too. Don't hurry.

This is a small tribute to all my Jewish friends all over the world on the last day of Hanukkah (2017)

It is mine, my friend. Please don't do anything that would imply otherways. This image is timelessly copyrighted. If you have any funny idea about using this picture, well, you can ask me for terms and conditions. Please don't infringe my rights.

Stop Art Theft Before Art Theft Stops You Stamp by HoremWeb  

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What a fascinating image and a beautiful write-up.  Thank you.
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Thank you, too :bow:
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Wonderful work by VladNoxArt  and truly an awesome shot!

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Most heartful thank you! :D
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A capture with history. I think  I can hear the strange sounds and the murmurs of the crowd. Maybe also the slow passage of time...
An interesting capture. =)
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Thank you, Alejandro! Just imagine that I was there in July and since then I dream every night about roaming Rome and planning new visits again and again... It is very surprising for me because I've been there some ten... er, wow! – twenty years before and then I left untouched. And this place was one of the most interesting ones. Arco degli Acetari brought me even a DD (presented in Frozen in Time—another timeless location). When I was here, I was actually on the run, having an appointment, and meantime hanging on the phone with an accountant of our business partner, hunting for traces of a lost payment that they sent, we received, and all its documents vanished somewhere... Imagine the situation, as I rush through the street with phone on my ear, camera in hand, than time freezes, I simply (and unexpectedly) hang the phone, stop, look and listen, then start shooting. Slowly. Spending way too much time there, concerning the coming up event and the partner's accountant. (I advised him at the start that I am on holiday, and abroad, with schedules. I did not tell him that the schedule is indefinite. :D ) I was half hour late from the appointment and thanks to God this was in the easy-going Italy and not in Germany :D
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