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Judit in the Black Light - a FreeView 3D :iconhoremweb:HoremWeb 20 2
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Random from Sheer Perfection

This is just one image from those favourite artworks that I consider as (almost) perfect in any sense. Browse the collection to meet exceptional artists and their works or simply get an idea about my preferences.

Random from Other Favs

In The Catacombs Of Arkham by aegiandyad In The Catacombs Of Arkham :iconaegiandyad:aegiandyad 9 4 Circle of stories by Tuile-jewellery Circle of stories :icontuile-jewellery:Tuile-jewellery 11 4 Folk geometry mirror by Tuile-jewellery Folk geometry mirror :icontuile-jewellery:Tuile-jewellery 3 0 Gothic study by Tuile-jewellery Gothic study :icontuile-jewellery:Tuile-jewellery 8 0 Glass Panel by Tuile-jewellery Glass Panel :icontuile-jewellery:Tuile-jewellery 14 2 Chamomile tea by LiigaKlavina Chamomile tea :iconliigaklavina:LiigaKlavina 1,389 50 Glass panel color by Tuile-jewellery Glass panel color :icontuile-jewellery:Tuile-jewellery 10 5 Plaster dust circles by Tuile-jewellery Plaster dust circles :icontuile-jewellery:Tuile-jewellery 11 5 Fields and lands tiles by Tuile-jewellery Fields and lands tiles :icontuile-jewellery:Tuile-jewellery 11 0 Folk tiles by Tuile-jewellery Folk tiles :icontuile-jewellery:Tuile-jewellery 7 2 Lotus thali version 5 details by Tuile-jewellery Lotus thali version 5 details :icontuile-jewellery:Tuile-jewellery 18 2 Lotus thali version 5 by Tuile-jewellery Lotus thali version 5 :icontuile-jewellery:Tuile-jewellery 4 0 Lotus thali version 1 by Tuile-jewellery Lotus thali version 1 :icontuile-jewellery:Tuile-jewellery 39 7 The friar and the dormouse by fluffypallas The friar and the dormouse :iconfluffypallas:fluffypallas 6 6 Lotus thali version 4 details by Tuile-jewellery Lotus thali version 4 details :icontuile-jewellery:Tuile-jewellery 5 0 Lotus thali version 4 by Tuile-jewellery Lotus thali version 4 :icontuile-jewellery:Tuile-jewellery 1 0
Here you can find those faves of mine that are not photograph. DA is full of exceptional artists of the other kinds, why don't you take a look?


HAPPY 179th BIRTHDAY, dear Photography!
Dear Everybody who took care to fav my works: Unfortunately I am rather low on time to reply and say thankyous to each and every feedbacks as I used to do… But I must tell you that I very highly appreciate your feedbacks, especially the comments and critiques and any time a new name appears on my wall I check out their works and try to manage a walk-around in their galleries… Ain't no happy wiz dat :( But this is what I can do for now.
Have nice day life, and let your creative energies flow! (Would you mind to visit—and submit to—my new group :iconfacegroup: ? ;) )
:iconfacegroup: set sails and started! This is the group I planned as a successor of :iconportrait-to-us: — feel free to join if you create portraits of any genre. This is not photography-only as its precedessor. 

I also commited my first big fail :) as setting the privileges I successfully closed myself out from the admin area. Thank you for the Help Desk for the help within 24 hours. Lately I read so many complaints that I feel obligatory to mention the positive experience. 
My very talented friend, make-up artist and model of many of my works Milendoria achieved a long sought for success on the Nyx Face Awards.

I am crossing fingers for her on the next round!

Here you can see her on my works (just a few examples):
Reading a Dead Mind by HoremWeb

Mature Content

Fairies of the Murdered Woods Part III Series III by HoremWeb
  Eryn Ethuil by HoremWeb
One of my groups where I participated as admin, :iconportrait-to-us: is dead. I tried to keep it alive, invite new admins, contact the founder, etc. in vain. After a year of struggle I let it go, let it die.

On the other hand I see many groups dying and I don't really know a good quality group that is oriented to portrait photography. So I consider to start one. If you feel that you could participate on a daily or weekly frequency and you have the portrait skills, and ability to give useful critiques, you're welcome to participate. If you think that the whole thing is in vain, just let me know your 2c. :)

Hello and Welcome on the :iconfacegroup:!

Here is a short story about this starting group.
:iconportrait-to-us:. once was a group of portrait photography, and also a good of good reputation. It started eight year ago and had thousands of members and watchers. But that group started to fade years ago and only few admins kept its ship afloat even without founder and co-founders. We had a hard job because we had to maintain the group with almost no rights to change anything. After a long time I had to admit that I was left alone as admin, that made the things impossible: the submissions needed two (for some folders even three) votes to get in and everything has been expired. The group died despite my efforts to find other admins, "wake up" the old ones and even getting contact to the founder who was my compartriot. All my efforts were in vain.

So I thought it is just not right. Most of portrait groups I knew were dead, too, and the old one still got several submissions. To make it worse, we received many drawings and traditional media portraits despite that we were a photography-only group. So I decided to start this new one, called FaceGroup, and try to serve those who still need group appearance and want to benefit.

I am heavily counting on You and I am heavily depending on You. Starting a group and making it known is always a hard job. But if you help it is possible. If you were member of the portrait-to-us you may find a new home here. If your drawings or paintings, or even digital media works and manips were rejected there, you may find a new place here for your art. Please feel free to join and submit your best!

Meanwhile this is not an accept-all group but I plan to focus on high quality works. You may be a beginner and find your way in, but you may be a pro and got rejected if your works are not your best. Call it elitism if you want, but I have the goal:  I wish the members will be proud of being part of it. The standards will be about the same as in the old group (but I will try to keep it more constant and reliable).

What can you do here?

Show your works, and got featured. You can give this a try, too, even though you won' lose anything with joining. 
  • If you're not a member, you may test whether your work will meet our expectations: you can submit 1 deviation per month. This is for the start-up period that is planned to end after a year.
  • If you're not a member, but you're a member of an affiliate group, you can submit 1 images per week. We would like to support our affiliates, too, and co-operate with them for our mutual benefit.
  • If you're a member, you will be able to submit 3 works per day to help to build up an attractive and representative gallery. This is only for the start-up period and it will be changed if necessary.
You can submit to the Favourites, but it must be somebody else's work, as is usual with most of the groups.

There is a quite detailed folder structure, with by and large self-explanatory folder names. Feel free to suggest name changes if you feel it would be more self-explanatory. If you open each folder, you will find the detailed description of them and you may want to check them before submission. If you cannot find the right folder for your work, you're welcome to ask. But you may proceed without the delay of asking and waiting for reply. There is folder with a very silly name  Aarrgh I am confused put it somewhere and you can submit there and ask us to move your work to the right place. Please don't over-use it, because if it places too much workload on the admins, it will be closed. 

How can you co-operate?

Oh, thanks for asking! There are many ways to help the group to start!
  1. First of all: spread the word, let others know about this! You may want to fav this journal, share a status post to announce that you've found this group, and tell it on the chats, facebook, twitter, and all... Every publicity helps (except the the necrolog)!
  2. If you have the time, will and skills, you may participate as an admin. This will need a few hours a week, and it mainly consists of voting on submissions, submitting new ones if you find them appropriate, and so. I hope I will be able to do monthly features and even contests with prizes, and all. But first let's start!
  3. If you have a group or you admin a group, feel free to send affiliate request! We will accept it happily if your group is not too far from our scope. I mean, we focus on portrait and fotography, traditional and digital media. Fan art and cosplay is a borderline, but usually acceptable. OCs, MLP and anime is a bit off and it is not sure that we could help each other. It is nothing agains the genres themselves but there are different public for them. ;)
  4. Watch the group, give faves and comments to the featured artists and show them that it is good to be in this group.
  5. Put a badge or the group icon to your accepted deviations' description and show your pride.
So, that's all for the first run. I hope you'll help and FaceGroup will be the Portrait Home of DeviantART soon ;)

Have nice lights (as Hungarian photographers greet each other) and let the art flow!



HoremWeb's Profile Picture
Kostyál, Zsigmond
Artist | Photography
Egész új fotós honlapom
My Quite New Homepage on Photography:
HoremWeb's logo

Please visit and give me a feedback. And please share it! Thank you!

A képeim / My Gallery ( <--- kattints rá! / click it!)

My Prodigal Muse III: Art Omnia Vincit by HoremWeb

I am taking photographs for decades, started at the age of 6. Had several film cameras from pocket ones to SLRs. I assisted the rise of digital photography: my first digital camera has an awesome max resolution of 320×240 px. :) It is most probable that as a shop assistant, I sold the very first digital camera in Hungary. (Unproven!) Sometimes I draw, either digitally or by hand. I am not that good in it, though.

Note: I have some eye difficulties, and the small texts on the screen sometimes give trouble. While I am a grammar nazi, I frequently make typos, just because I don't actually see the individual letters. I apologize for these mistakes.

I am founding member of Hungarian Tolkien Society, and I am established Tolkien fan. I was founder editor of KEMET, once most popular Egyptology site of Hungary, and study ancient Egypt since 1999 or so. There are very few things that I cannot relate to Egypt. :)

I am fluent in Hungarian :) and somewhat in English, babbling a bit in Italian, learning some Spanish, picking up a bit of Cymraeg (dw i'n hoffi dysgu Cymraeg!) and know some words in German.

Please visit my page on RedBubble and buy as much as you want ;)

Tutanhi by HoremWeb


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Please support our groups PhotographyWorld and EnvironmentPhotos keep running! We would use your donation to run contests and sponsor prizes, and if we can reach a suitable amount, then revert them to supergroup. Your donation is vital for us and your help will support artists to be visible, and artworks to get found. Any amount could help, so if you have a single point to spend or a load from a Swiss bank, we will be happy to use them as wisely as we can, pro bono publico.

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Please don't give me random llamas and especially not for llama trade.

I am glad if you give me a llama for something that you think awesome, e.g. if you find any of my works worth to be awarded with one or you find my works in general worth for it. (You may consider a meaningful comment, even a watch, too...)


I may give you a llama, too, if I am so fond of your works. That is a prize from me, not a "llama in return". Sorry guys!

Journal History

________________________________________________________________ <--What is this? 

5 deviants said Intensity of my mental processes before the morning coffee
4 deviants said Killroy wasn't here (yet)
3 deviants said Deep space depicted in one dimension
2 deviants said A vertical line on holiday
1 deviant said Seven meters (detail)
1 deviant said A certain level
No deviants said The horizon, drawn with a single line


Owls scare each other

If you speak (read) Hungarian, you're welcome to visit my blog Bagoly mondja: HU

Show yourself!

You don't have to say thank you but when you want to say thanks for a fav or feature or even watching, or you give me a llama (even if I don't really want them), you're most heartily welcome to make yourself visible!

Especially when you thank for fav, please DO ADD THE THUMBNAIL or link of the work I fav'd.

I did fav you to support and I am glad if you promote yourself on my wall, too. Same for the features!

When you start to watch me or you give me a llama you also present yourself by this act and it is most probable that I will want to see your works. Don't hesitate to present your works in a visible way!

Of course it is a matter of courtesy to not spoil this page with tons of thumbs. Keep their number as low as necessary, but don't be shy to show your BEST!


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I loved this, actually! The lights, the make-up, the retouch works make a whole thing. The costume is fine, too, but her hair and face steal the show. Won't you mind if I invite it to my starting-up group FaceGroup ? This is small but I would like to keep quality works there and perhaps it won't give you too much help, but your image could give me a lot :D 
Makingscalemodels Featured By Owner Edited Jul 19, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks lot for kind words ! its easy make good photo when model is amazing. I join to you group willingly
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It's okay if you don't want to, the points are yours and that fine!
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