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lost in the crowd

I like being lost amongst the crowd.
Watching everybody go by.

A big group of ants.
I am one of them.

I like being lost amongst the crowd.
Do I?
Another picture from the sculpture of a man playing chess downtown Calgary.
This time the focus are the pawns.

What I like about this one is that if it was a movie the camera would move slowly by the pawns out of focus to, in the end, make it into a close up of the horse/knight in the back.

I like how it looks alone in the back there looking in the camera when everything else seems to look left and right.

But enough blah blah
Thanks for watching.

Here is the previous shot [link]

[update] Wow, I don't know how to thank you all for your messages and favs on this pic. I would have never expected it. Thanks!!!
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I don't know why, but that's gorgeous.
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this is fabulous! amazing focus and incredible detail-love it!
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How did you light this?
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It is natural lighting on a cloudy, snowy day. Late reply, I know but I have been away from Deviantart for some time :)
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i really like the concept. great idea, good photo
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Very amazing!! I am a fan.
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Great concept! Very recognizable in the photo.

Featured [link] here (: <3
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Thank you. Glad you liked it that much :)
Hello, I am the Associate Editor of Word! Webzine, an online magazine for quirky, artistic, and intelligent youths. I came across this photograph and thought it was more than fantastic for our next issue which is all about love. I was wondering if we could have your permission to feature it in our next issue, with full credits. You can contact me here or at our administrative email

Alexandra Savilo
Word! Associate Editor
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this is asm idea..nice work
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Profound :)
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amazing piece of art :clap:
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Love it. Makes me think.
I love how theres the broken pieces.
Also the horse looks as if its screaming, trying to be noticed.

The focus is so good.
wish I could take photos like this! ^_^
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Ωωω παρα πολυ ωραιο κομματι. Μπραβο!:blackrose:
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This is an amazing picture. It's so pretty, but it somehow feels lonely, too =S
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realy nice shot ^_^


saludos Malek
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i agree, awesome atmosphere
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awww the little pawn is lost among the big people....
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