What is This? Chapter 6

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Chapter VI: Ora Pro Nobis


“Plasmius! You here?” I ask as I phase into his office. “I took care of the humans,” there was no answer. I walked over to his chair and found it empty. “Excellent work, Skulker,” I said imitating the boss' voice. I tell him it was easy. “You obviously deserve a reward for your hard work,” I notice a bottle of scotch on his desk. I take a shot glass and pour myself a drink

“I didn't know ghosts liked alcohol?” A cold voice asked as I spit out the drink. Vlad was standing behind me. “A job well done?” he asks as I place the glass on the table. He walks up to his computer and enters something into the terminal. He turns the screen around showing the humans driving away from the cabin. “How do you explain this?” Before I could answer he grabs me by the neck and throws me across the room. “You had one job! One! And you can't even do that.” he charges an ectoblast and fires at me.

“I can go back and take care of them. It will be no trouble,” Vlad's eyes glow red with anger. “I can bring them to you and...,” he says that would be even worse. He sits down on his chair and massages his temples. He tells me to get out before he pummels me. “What about the...?”

“Why in the name Tom Brown would I do that? So you can mess it up again?” I knew it was useless to argue and left the room.

“No one robs Skulker of his prize,” I said phasing out the building and went to go teach those humans what happens when they mess with the Ghost Zone's greatest predator.


“What is it you went me to see?” I ask Reve as I follow him into the cemetery. He's says we're not far from him. “Who,” I ask racing over to grave. A young boy laid on the ground. He was dressed in a black and white latex suit. His right hand clutched a large wound on his abdomen. “Where did he come from?”

“I am not sure, I was going to my grave to show my friend something when heard him,” Mort says as I kneel down and place two fingers on his neck. The ghosts look at me worriedly but I assure them he has a pulse. “Thank the devils. Who could done this to him,” I shrug but whatever did this wanted the poor boy dead.

“I think I recognize him,” Reve asks looking at the youth as I take out a first aid kit. I slowly open one of his to check his pupils. “By all the demons! It's him,” I ask Reve what he's talking about. “The white hair and green eyes. It's the halfa!” The two ghosts looked dumbfounded at him. “I can't believe I am seeing with him my own eyes,”

“Who's the halfa?” Mort says he's famous among the dead. He keeps bad ghosts from causing havoc in the world. “Do you know anyone who would hurt him?” the ghost says he has many enemies in the world of the dead but also many friends.

“It's said he even knows the ghost of time and talked to him,” Reve comments. I remember Jack saying that a ghost was in charge of all the time in the universe. He was a recluse though and seldom dealt with any beings living or dead.

I take a syringe and fill it with a blue liquid. I roll up his left sleeve to find the skin was peeling away. “Now this might hurt,” I tell him injected the liquid into his arm. He starts to shudder. “Shhh, it's all right. This will keep you stable and prevent further decay,” I gently stroke his hair before picking him up. “He'll be safer at the house,” I tell the ghosts as we leave.


“This doesn't make sense,” I said looking at the GPS on the RV. “Danny's trail is going in circles,” Sam says it could be trick. “If it is, Vlad has become smarter or someone is doing this.” She says we could find him better if we go on foot. “I am not sure, there could be traps out there. I don't to mess with whatever is behind this.” I go to open the door when a voice declares 'Time out!' a portal open in front of us and comes a ghost in purple robes. A glass door was on his chest revealing a ticking clock inside.

“I have a better idea,” he says coming over to me and placing a medallion around my neck. I back away and warn him that every button in here is a ghost worst nightmare. “Ah yes, but you don't how to operate them. You've tried twenty times and still can't it right.” I gasped, how did he know that. “I know everything,” he admits turning into an old man before our eyes.

He goes over to Sam and places another medallion on her. She unfreezes and gasps in shock at seeing the ghost. “Clockwork? What are you doing here?” she asks. How does she know his name. The ghost, now a little child, looks over to me and assures me that he means no harm.

“I came to help you,” I ask him how can he help us. “First off, by avoiding this,” he adjusts the hands on the clock staff he was carrying. An image projected in front of us. I was trapped in quicksand up to my face. I called out for help but no one answered. Tears rolled down my face as I soon vanished beneath the mud. “That would be ten minutes from now.” he said as the image disappeared. “Now why don't go some place more familiar,” he swing his staff opening a portal. “Ladies first,” he says bowing.

“It's okay Jazz,” Sam says as she walks through the gateway. I look at him for a second, he changed into an adult again. I place my hand through the portal and back out again. It seemed safe and walked through it as the ghost followed behind.

Jack Skellington

“What is going on?” I asked as I approached my house and walked up the steps. Ghosts were huddled around as if there waiting for something. “What are you all doing here?” I ask one of them. He tells me excitedly that the halfa is in there. “The halfa?” The ghost said Mort and Reve found him in the cemetery. They got Sally and brought him here.

I open the door as Sally come down the steps and asks me to follow her. “What is going on?” She says word got out that he was here and every spirit wanted to a look at him. We arrive upstairs and enter the guest room. Laying on the bed was young man. “Where did you find him?”

“In the graveyard, he was beat up and brought him back here,” I look over the youth. Sally was right, he was in horrible shape. His skin was peeling off like a vampire in daylight. “I gave him a potion to stop the deterioration and deaden the pain.”

“Does he have any ID on him,” she hands me a black leather wallet. Inside was a picture of the boy with two others. A young woman dressed in black and purple and a young man with dark skin wearing a beret. There was an ID hidden behind it. “Daniel Alexander Fenton,” I read looking at a young man with black hair and blue eyes. He bore a startling likeness to the child on the bed.

“Is it true?” a voice said as a banshee came in the room. “By the moon! It's him,” she tries to get close but Sally got between her and the boy. “It is him! It's halfa!” she squeals with delight. I ask her if she sure it's him. It could be someone in costume. “Look at the picture,” she points to the wallet. The two with him are his friends. They help him fight ghosts.”

I gasped in awe, “The halfa,” I said shaking the cobwebs out. “I would appreciate if you would keep this to yourself. He needs to rest.” The Banshee says I have her word and takes off.

Jack Fenton

“Maddie! Look what I found! The notes to our first proto-portal. Ah, the...,” I look around but she's gone. “Maddie,” I call walking up the steps. I hear something in the living room. “Freeze ghost! No one harms...,” Maddie is on the couch looking down at her necklace.

“Mads, you okay?” she mutters soothing but I don't understand it.

In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancte. Amen,” she crosses herself and looks at me. “Jack, I have the most terrible feeling about Danny,” she says trying not to cry. I tell her that the ecto-flu is nothing to worry about. I got over it and...”No Jack something else,” she says as I put my arm around her. “I've tried to ignore it...,” the phone starts to ring. I look at the caller ID and see Vlad's number. “Please Jack I don't want to deal with him now.”

“Mads, Vladdie is our friend,” I tell her picking it up. “Hey V-Man what's up?” Vlad says he needs to talk to us. “Sure thing, Vlad,” he says it would better if we come over to his mansion to talk. “Sure thing Vladdie, we'll take the GAV and...,”

Maddie taps on my shoulder and says Jazz took the GAV out for a drive. “No problem we'll take the Creepy Coupe. I've wanted to test it ever since we overhauled the engine to run on ectoplasm. Maddie looks at me pleadingly. It was if she didn't want to see our dear friend. “Maddie we can't ignore him. What if something's wrong?”

“That is precisely what I am afraid of,” she says as I hang up the phone and comfort her.


“Are you certain you can read the incantation?” Shock asks as me as I flip through book. I tell I can decipher any ancient language. “Dixit stulte superbe,” she mutters but I shake it off. “Soon he will come back and...,” the room begins to shake.

“What's going on?” Barrel asks as the lights flicker on and off. The image of Paimon rises from the floor.

“The time has come,” he says as an image of a boy sleeping at Jack's house appears. “Now is the time to strike. If you wish to complete the rite get him.” The demon vanishes as I smile at my siblings.

“Come on let's go,” Shock says as we leave the main chamber and run into the armory. I ask her what kind of weapon do we use against someone is who half dead. “The other half is alive and we can easily take him with our standard fair. Should that fail, I have a secret weapon,” she takes a spirit board out of her trick-or-treat bag.

“Are we going to play again?” Barrel asks picking up the planchette trying to figure out how to use it. She slaps him and says it's to catch our prey. “How?” She says it's a surprise as we get into the bathtub monster.

“It's time to collect our prize,” Shock says as we take off to find the halfa.

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