What is This? Chapter 5

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Chapter V: In This Town


“I'm sorry it had to be this way Daniel,” I told the unconscious youth in my arms. “You were to renounce that fool you call a father and join me.” Of course the boy wouldn't cooperate, he's Jack Fenton's son and posses his stubborn streak. The boy shuddered in pain. “That is to be expected, you're being torn apart at the subatomic level. Even in this fragile state you're being bombarded with pain signals most can only imagine.”

I came to a clearing in the woods. The trees that ringed the border were decorated with ornate doors. I sling the boy over my shoulders and take out my scanner. I thought it was a natural entry to the Ghost Zone as the ecto-activity was going off the charts. “I have spy cams all over this town. How did I miss this?” The boy tries to move but advise him not to struggle.

The symbols were all emblematic of holidays on the calendar. There was one decorated with Easter egg. Another one had a shamrock on it but the one caught my attention was a Jack-O-Lantern. The knob was shaped like the nose of the pumpkin. “This seems a fitting place for you to spend your last moments of life.” I slowly turn the knob and open the door. “Requiescat in pace Daniel,” I place the body inside the tree. “What a waste of potential.”

A new thought entered my mind. “Fudge Doodles!” I hissed realizing that Jack and Maddie would be weary and wonder where he had went. “Jack is easy to fool but Maddie...” I would need to make sure they wouldn't question anything. “Farewell Daniel,” I said bowing to the tree that concealed his body and teleported back to my mansion.


“Don't worry your honor. Jack knows how to find answers,” my chauffeur said as we drove up to City Hall. “Some work is just what need to put that jolt in your steps,” he chuckles touching the battery terminal on his neck creating sparks. “I hear the banshees are really going to up the ante this year.” To be honest I couldn't think about Halloween. Too much was going on and was information swimming in my head like an angry piranha.

I walk into City Hall and head to my office, “Ah, now I can think clearly,” I sat down on my chair and looked at the papers at my desk. There was a request from the vampires to build more tombs to accommodate the newly undead. “I guess I could...,” There was a knock at the door. “Come in,” I said as Jack walked in. “Please tell me you have good news.” I say as he shakes his head.

“Aleister said those three demons were trying to get information for an incantation.” I switched to my sad face and asked if the spell I showed him can stop them. “I think we may be...,” his ghost dog phased into the room and barked at us. “Zero? What are you doing here,” Jack kneels down and see something on his collar.

“What is it?” I ask nervously. He says it's a note from Sally. It's about the conjunction tonight. According to a book on this one can free a soul from Hell using a ritual. However a soul of equal or greater value must take it's place. “What does that mean?”

“It means that for the spell to work they must have a soul that is as evil as the one they want to break out. They could also give it a soul not bound for Hell to fill the void.” Jack says he wants me to warn everyone to be on the lookout. “Try not to create a panic,” he says as I get up and tell him he could count on me.


“Why would Vlad take Danny here?” Jazz asks as we get out of the RV. “Why not his castle in Wisconsin?” I tell her that would be too obvious. Vlad's goal here is to prevent us from finding Danny. I walk up to the door and try the knob “it's unlocked!” something about this was not right.

“We have to be ready,” Jazz takes out her ectopistol as I slowly open the door and walk inside. “It looks like no one's been here in ages.” I took out a flashlight and searched the room. I take out the Fenton Finder and scan the area.

“Ghost 1 foot away!” the voice chimed as we walked towards the source of the signal. I kneel down and pick up a lock of white hair.

“Danny was...,” a beeping sound could heard as a cannon lowered and fired a glob of ectoplasm at me. I try to break free but Jazz tells me not to struggle. “What else can I do?” I ask her as I hear laughing. Skulker phases into the room and smiles. “I should have known you'd be here doing Vlad's dirty work,”

“Charming as always, human,” he says as Jazz fires at him. “Such pathetic toys,” he knocks the weapon out of her hands. She rushes out to the RV but the hunter ensnares her with ecto-ropes. “Hardly worth the effort, but Vlad doesn't want you brats interfering with his work.”

“Tell us where Danny is or else I'll...” I try to break free but it seems my movements only make the slime thicker. Jazz says I have to stay still if I want to escape. Skulker laughs saying he wishes he could stay and watch me struggle but he has work to do. “SKULKER!” I shout as he waves goodbye and disappears.

Jazz looks around the floor, “Gotcha,” I ask her what she's doing. “Getting free,” she takes a piece of glass and positions in her hands. I hear the ropes break freeing her hand. She picks up the shard and cuts the other ropes. “Now for you,” she walks over to me and removes a small pill from her pocket.

“What is that?” she says it's liquid nitrogen from one her mom's experiments. She places it in the ectoplasm. The force of the slime breaks the small container. A second later it freezes. She tells to kick with all my might. The frozen slime shatters into a millions pieces freeing me. “Nice work,” I say catching me breath. “Maybe we can follow Skulker in the RV?”


“I should have went with the halfwit,” I tell Shock as we get ready the chamber for the ritual. She asks my why, he'd mess it up even if I was there. “True, but it would be fun to watch him drown in quicksand,” she says we have more important things to attend to.

I walk over to a bubbling cauldron, “We're only missing the last ingredient,” Shock says as I stir it. I ask if the manacles will be enough to make sure that our victim won't escape. “Not even a werewolf could break them. Once we get him we'll make sure he's comfortable,” she cackles as we here the sound of a motor above the hideout.

“This is a warning! All residents are advised to stay inside. This is not a drill!” the Mayor's voice called out. I looked to Shock nervously worried the that rat was caught.

“Barrel has the intelligence of slime mold, but even he knows not to be caught,” Shock says looking at a clock on the wall. “He better be back soon, the brew will be ruined without...,”

“I am back,” the doors open and the imp comes in carrying a large pail filled with mud. “Sorry, the swamp monster swallowed me,” he says as I turn to Shock and smile. She takes the bucket and pours it in the pot. “Are we having a snack?” he sticks his hand in the brew only to be slapped by Shock. She tells him it's for the ritual. “Speaking of that shouldn't we go and look for this halfa whatever he is?”

“Paimon said we would know when the time is right. For now we must get everything ready for the ritual,” I tell him as I set up the altar. “Let's see we have the book, the black chalice, and the knife.” Soon the universe will belong to us and nothing Jack or anyone else can stop us.


Pain. Pure unbridled pain, that is the only way I can describe it. Even when I closed my eyes it was there. “I...,” I manage to lift myself up for a second and look around.

“This...isn't...,” was all I could get out before the pain racked me again. If I don't do something I'll give myself away. I remove my left glove, the flesh on my hand was peeling off. It reminded me of how Dracula turns to dust at the end of the movie. I stick the glove in my mouth as tears streamed down my eyes. Why couldn't Vlad just, “because...,” I see a figure approaching, a familiar one.

Wulf, Estas mi Danny! Bonvolu helpi min!" I cry out. The figure approaches I see it is not my friend. It was a werewolf wearing a flannel shirt. He looks at me for a second and asks what I said. "I said...," I sink back to the ground as he walks away. "No....," I try pull myself up but am too weak. "I need to find...a...," a chill went up my spine. "Damn it!" I hiss crawling to a tree and hid the best I can.

"Hey watch it!" a voice said as I looked it and saw the tree had a face. "You're getting blood on my roots," it said. There were no leaves on the tree but the skeletons hung from the branches. It got up and moved away. This was it, I was finished. Just please free me from this death, I beg you. "Sa...," was the only thing I could get out before I sank into the darkness.

Mort the ghost

"Did you ever hear from your uncle in Limbo," my friend, Reve, asked curiously. I nod telling he gave me some info on the war against...."Come quick!" he shouts pointing to his grave. Laying beside it was a severely injured human. He looked no more than 15 and dressed in a black and white jumpsuit. "Who is he?" Reve asks as I shrug.

He had a large wound on his abdomen that seemed to be growing larger. It was like a sink hole swallowing up the ground around it. Reve asks what we should do. "Go to Jack's he'll know what to do," my friend nods and takes off for the Pumpkin King's house.

He had a white glove stuffed in his mouth, "He must put in there to stop from screaming," I gently remove it as he lets out a moan. "It's okay," I tell the youth as he shudders. He says something about hiding. "You don't need to hide." White hair was matted with blood mixed with a green slime. "What is this," I gently place a finger in the green substance

"Ectoplasm?" This was getting weirder by the moment.

"No...," he shuddered as I told him no one would hurt him. I tell him my friend is getting help. "Hel...," he says as tears run down his face.

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