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Mario Brawling

Some of Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Mario line-up batteling each other in a 4-way brawl. Had a lot of fun with this one, and I LOVE BRAWL.
Here's hoping Waluigi's in the next Smash.
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This is great! It makes me remember how much fun I had playing Nintendo with my friends back in the day. I love the "dorm room" setting of this! The poster of the classic Mario Bros game on the wall was a nice touch. Waluigi is funny in this, lol. Great work!

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Toad's snacking on some popcorn.
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Lol Daisy just drags Waluigi back under the couch, before he can cut Mario's wire, and beats him up.
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
Simple yet fun and amusing.
Fan-For-A-Long-Time's avatar
I like how you squeezed so many characters into one lively scene!  Waluigi looks like he's up to no good...:diabolic: 
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Wario is my favorite in this one, but they all look amazing.
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peach's like "what I'm supposed to do?"
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Watch she'll end up getting a smash ball and beating everybody
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:l that is if she knows how to activate it Twitch Emoticon - Kappa 
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What's Waluigi doing?
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He's cheating as usual...
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Peach isn't really into it
Luigi is just scared
Wario is competitive
Mario is skilled.
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Waluigi is a dick.
MamaWeegieSwag's avatar
Don't Even Think About Waluigi!
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Dat Waluigi :evil: I love it~!
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Luigi's controler dosn't even have a wire lol..
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That's because it's the "Wave Bird", a model of GCN controllers Nintendo put out which were wireless and ran on batteries from a large pack on the back, hence the greater girth of his controller. This wireless controller's most common color was silver.
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