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Bros VS Bros

OK, so Nintendo's never said the Was were bros, but whatever.
I wanted this to be a lot more stylized. They look too much like their in-game likenesses here.
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But who will Waluigi play as...?
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I want to say the Mario Bros will win, but Wario has A bob-bomb, and waluigi has a star, so it could be them
HoppyBadBunny's avatar
It will be a close one :D
megamaster135's avatar
Seeing as it's mario and luigi, do they get starlow on their side, like before?
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Well, Wario and Waluigi could be bros in spirit! Sneaky, double-crossing spirit!
RandomSpaceExplorer's avatar
Wario is such such a boss he doesn't need a power up and great job on the artwork I wish a battle would happen between the bros
HoppyBadBunny's avatar
thanx! Yeah, wario's hardcore
BooDestroyer89's avatar
If only...If only...
Juicydeath1025's avatar
Lol mwArio doesnt have a powerup! :XD:
HoppyBadBunny's avatar
Mario or Wario? Wario's just got a bomb, but that guy's so tough, he barely needs a power-up. really.
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really are good enemies, the battle begins! :D
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The Wah bros, as I call em.
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That's pretty much what I call em too.
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