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Rogue and Gambit

New cosplay debut!! Here is my 90's tastic Rogue from X-Men cosplay, featuring my good friend Mike as Gambit!!! 

He and I have been friends since like... 2007, and even back then, we always talked about wanting to do these two. They are our favorite mutants! So alllllll these years later...we finally did them~! We wore them to Dallas Comiccon's SciFi Expo...and it was a blast! I really love how she turned out, and I plan on wearing her at many cons in the future!

My jacket was borrowed from the amazing Amaya, thanks again girl!
My twin :iconxhee-heex: styled the Gambit wig! She did an amazing job!
Gambit cosplayer:…

Photo by :iconapertureashley:

For progress photos and more of this costume, visit my FB page!
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Gorgeous cosplay!
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Beautiful artwork! 💙😁
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does mike have a facebook page or deviant art ??
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Wow! You guys pulled this off beautifully! I love that one of Rogue's gloves is off. :)
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PERFECT *-----------*
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PERFECT GAMBIT !!11:happybounce: :happybounce: Heart Heart Heart Excited Happy2 Laughing Bonnie laughing 
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Is his hair shopped as well? 

Awesome job,  have seen only a couple Gambits as real as this one! I think you're awesome! 
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Nope, the wig was done for him by my twin :iconxhee-heex:!
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Amazing! May I Ask Where You Got The Contact's For Gambit?
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The Gambit's eyes are shopped here
kenny241100's avatar
Ah, I Thought They Were Sclera,
Hopie-chan's avatar
Not these, though he should be getting some soon!
kenny241100's avatar
The Price's Have Gone Down For Them!
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Wow, this is just amazing! I always loved Rouge and Gambit, and this picture gave me an old feeling... :D I also love the wigs, both are gorgeous. :heart:
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Thank you so much!! :)
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Please tell me he can do the accent.
Hopie-chan's avatar
He sure can, shug~
This is almost scarily realistic. Love the contacts and the hair  If you dont mind my asking, where did you get your rogue costume?
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I made it, thanks for the comment! :)
You made it! 0_0 wow
It's one of the best rogue costumes I've seen, it's such a pain trying to find a decent one and yours is amazingly detailed. 
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Thanks very much!
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