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Glistening aloud,
all of the blades are wet
with the morning's dew.
:iconhopeswings777:HopeSwings777 12 1
Can you feel that cold wind blow
down the street and through your soul?
I won't miss it when it goes,
til the sun has fried my nose.
:iconhopeswings777:HopeSwings777 5 1
look up
you can see everything
my eerie paleness
my pits and scars
my rocky void
the only thing
I hide from your eyes
that I've ever hidden
is my dark side
never ever
will I let you see
that part of me
well, yes
a full half of myself
you know nothing of
and never will
it is for the best
:iconhopeswings777:HopeSwings777 3 1
starlit satellite
tiny, cold, and lifeless,
alone in all this silence,
strange little moon--
where's your world?
:iconhopeswings777:HopeSwings777 2 1
no writing
no talking
no more
yes, I want it
if I could be,
I would be.
but if I were,
i'd probably fight it.
For an anemic I sure am iron-y.
:iconhopeswings777:HopeSwings777 1 1
Let Me Make It Better
avert your mind
from ugly memories
wounding words
the snubs
avert your mind
from  wild conjectures
what I might say
what I might not do
avert your mind
from me
whatever you think about
or think of nothing
just steer clear
and be happy
:iconhopeswings777:HopeSwings777 1 1
No Pardons for You
You don't have the right  
To threaten someone's life  
Just 'cause you don't like  
The art that they sign. 
:iconhopeswings777:HopeSwings777 4 1
Not My World
Toadstools in the gothic gloom
Majestic trees stand in the mist
 A flapping, a buzzing,
Some snapping, some shuffling
Of all the things that go unseen.
With only half-light and no wind
An outsider enters the Woods
:iconhopeswings777:HopeSwings777 6 1
Dear Senator
From now on,
please keep your hands 
where I can see'em
--A Staffer
:iconhopeswings777:HopeSwings777 1 0
warm, moist, chocolate cake
but my belly is already full
of regrets
:iconhopeswings777:HopeSwings777 3 0
Just a Thought
Instead of being angry at women and the news media for bringing up sexual abuse at the workplace, why don't you try to be angry at the culprits? Blame the ones who are doing wrong, instead of the ones victimized? Just a thought.
:iconhopeswings777:HopeSwings777 3 0
I'm Not Your Prey, So Stop Being My Predator
Why do so many men find it impossible to keep their hands to themselves? Are they animals, with animal instincts? Inborn, unthinking compulsions beyond their simplistic control? Are they impostors of humanity? There's no excuse. None. The good friend who cops a feel, the colleague who corners you, the male relative who acts so loving then destroys your trust forever. Perverted creeps are everywhere. I don't want to be prey anymore. Their "attention" doesn't flatter me. When will men get it? Can they get it? 
:iconhopeswings777:HopeSwings777 1 0
The Impatient Stranger Behind Me
Snack machine
Many options
:iconhopeswings777:HopeSwings777 0 0
To the Men
I do NOT want
to see or touch
your PENIS.
If I did want to see or handle
that ugly, smelly, slimy organ,
then I would ASK you to display it for me.
You can safely ASSUME
that ALL other girls and women
feel the same way. 
Is that clear,
unambiguous enough
for you guys?  
PLEASE NOTE: It is irrelevant to me if you're a "nobody" 
or a self-described great, important, rich, powerful, famous, or gorgeous thing.
:iconhopeswings777:HopeSwings777 3 0
D r o w s y
I'm drowsy.
A slug could learn from me.
If I had a bathtub-sized
cup of hot coffee,
I would submerge myself. Ahh!
But I doubt doing so would
cure this lethargy in me.
Loud Christmas carols
played beside my head?
Maybe that'd help.
Treading a dog turd? Perhaps.
Aww, forget it. I'm destined for bed.
Sleeping is living, too, you know?
And there's a chance I'll dream.
Then, I might just remember that dream.
Time well spent!
:iconhopeswings777:HopeSwings777 2 0
Bees and BUtterflies
A bee stung me once when I was small
as I picked clover flowers on our front lawn.
Wow, did it hurt! My poor little finger!
I know that bees pollenate the plants,
flowers and fruits and trees,
the wholesome and comely necessities of Life:
That I should appreciate them
for the good they provide us,
but I can't forgive that long ago sting.
And they aren't pretty, are they? Bees?
Not like a beautiful butterfly--
Stained-glass wings that flutter with softness,
so delicate and gentle, harmless!
So what if butterflies like  to drink
blood and tears when given the chance?
They've never hurt me. And just look at them!
Like mobile flowers, like living gift bows, a garden's jewels:
They are Mother Nature's blessing to us. 
:iconhopeswings777:HopeSwings777 2 0


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A Tantalizing Taste of My Extensive Favorites Collection
It's been three months to the day since my Mama died. I miss being able to converse with her. I also miss my old cat, who's been gone even longer. Ignore me. I'm just feeling sorry for myself. Everybody dies, right?


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