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I eat a lot of apples, drink a lot of coffee, and enjoy reading pretentious artist statements. I'm an angry, vegan robot attack unicorn, and also a viking.
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I have found real life Pokemon! Caught in the act of evolving, NO LESS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7l79rgG9bDk I always forget how brutal school is, especially when I actually want to work on this crap 'cause I was not so smart and went into something I am enthusiastic about, euf. Hopefully I'll be working weekends this term, too?  I need to remove myself from the interwebs (...not counting DA and FB, of course...) if I'm every going to be able to keep up. No more Tumblrs for me! Ohmanohman though, QQ less, I really missed being a crazy art student. ♥ ♥ AND! This http://fav.me/d2tu7e3 totally got
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I SWAM ACROSS A LAKE. Swam forever and ever. Took me a grand total of 2 minutes to get over my fear of swimming through water plants / thinking some rotting bloated hand was going to grab my ankle. I just told myself that I could never truly be a fan of mermaids if I was going to be such a pussy. And then I spent the rest of my week at camp pretending to be a fresh water mermaid, yesssyesyesss. Being outdoors always makes me want to draw and every time I go camping I sit by the firepit with some charcoal and try and draw the flames and IT NEVER WORKS OUT. ~raegplz (https://www.deviantart.com/raegplz) Also spent a lot of time with my head stuck in hollow trunks and shit
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Out of Paper

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SERIOUSLY. Almost all of my sketchbooks are almost all filled up. There's a little cloud of irrational panic swelling in my chest. What will I do? And I just freaking decided I wanted to not work with digital. I can't get it to not feel impersonal and my computer keeps shutting the fuck down I just want to colour in some sketches arrrgrl;sdflk. Watch The Triplets of Belleville, if you haven't. You won't forget it, it's a gem. Made my eyes sparkle. : P The whole thing's up on Youtube. http://coilhouse.net/2010/07/the-fam-the-triplets-of-belleville/ And while I'm here: Machinarium. http://machinarium.net/demo/ Adorable adorable adorable an
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Fancy shit, lady! Keep 'em coming!
Thanks for adding my work to your collection!
Greetings from Peruvia.
Thanks for the watch. :peace:
I really love how you colour and shade!
oh jeez, your gallery is so great i really love it! thank you a lot for the fav and watch : D
Aw, thanks man! &right back at you! :]
Thanks for the fav :)